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 #12075  by James Potter
Location: Hogwarts Express • Date: Start of Summer Holiday

Another year had come and gone and James had never been more excited to return home. Sixth year was a bit too stressful his liking. It would be good to sleep in the comfort of his own bed again, to not worry about waking up on time or stress over excuses as to why he was running late for class. He was looking forward to his mother's homemade cooking, lazy days with Sirius, and not having to deal with the drama brought on by teenage girls.

Before he could start his summer, however, James decided he need to attend to his unfinished business. Said unfinished business was somewhere on the trail in one of the many compartments on the Hogwarts Express. Thankfully he had time on his hands- it was quite the long journey back to King's Cross Station - and thankfully there were only so many places she could be hiding.

So James searched the train for Lily Evans, checking every single compartment and train car along the way.
 #12078  by Lily Evans
Lily was glad to see the end of the school year arrive. She loved Hogwarts, she really did, but sixth year had proven to be quite the year for her. All she wanted was to relax at home, and hopefully Petunia wouldn’t be too horrid to her.

She had been sharing a compartment on the train with Marlene and a couple of other friends, but they had all gone to find the trolley lady. Lily had of course been invited, but she had opted to stay behind.

Sitting with her back to the window and her feet up across the seats in the compartment, she pulled out the latest muggle novel she was trying to read. After tying her hair back, out of her face, she opened the book and started reading.
 #12082  by James Potter
James suddenly stopped when he spotted her red hair through the compartment door window. He stood there for a few seconds summoning up the courage to talk to her.

“Here goes nothing...” he mumbled to himself, reaching back to give his hair a good ruffling before he slid open the door.

“Hey, there, Evans,” he closed the door behind him “Mind if I join you?”
 #12118  by Lily Evans
Lily glanced up at the sound of the compartment door opening. Her face fell when she saw who was standing there. She had been doing her best to avoid him ever since they had kissed in the broom closet, doing straight to her room while she was in the common room, sitting on the other side of the room during class, and at the other end of the table during meals. The only time she had really interacted with him was when she had to during class.

She had tried not to be directly rude, of course, which was why she didn't want to turn him away. "Go ahead," she said softly, swinging her legs around and sitting up straight, gesturing towards the seat opposite her. She fell silent. It had been no secret that James and Meiriona had broken up, and she couldn't help but feel responsible. "Looking forward to summer?"
 #12121  by James Potter
“Thanks,” said James, forcing a smile. The atmosphere in the small cabin was a bit uncomfortable. He could easily tell that she didn’t really want him here, and a part of him felt guilt about that, but it was imperative that he talk to her before they parted ways for the summer.

When she asked him if he was looking forward to the summer, James nodded. “ Yeah,” he said honestly, “Sixth year was a bit…” he trailed off and cleared his throat.

“What about you? Any plans this summer?”
 #12124  by Lily Evans
Lily set her book on her lap. "Yeah. Same," she replied, not able to meet his gaze. "It'll be nice to be home, away from magic for a while."

When asked about her plans, she shrugged and turned to look out the window. "I think we're going on holiday in Spain, though Tuney might not come. So it'll be Mum, Dad, and myself. Otherwise..." she trailed off, unconsciously shifting her shoulders so she was even more closed off from him, "Nothing much. You?"
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Her body language didn’t go unnoticed by James, but he was determined to make things right between them.

“Spain? Oh, yeah, Spain’s nice. You’ll like it. We’ve gone there a few times,” He was trying to sound as causal as possible, though, his heart beat so rapidly that James was concerned it might jump out of his chest at any minute.

“My mum and dad like to travel. We usually go sightseeing every summer. My mum sees it as bonding time for our family. This will probably be the first summer we aren’t going anywhere. My dad is a Potion’s Master. He’s been working on this project and mum is so busy fretting over Sirius staying with us that she’s pampering him left and right. I’m looking forward to a lazy summer, actually.”
 #12130  by Lily Evans
Lily's lip trembled as he spoke. Part of her was remembering an old conversation they had once had about summer. That had been a simpler time, when things hadn't been so crazy. When they had been friends, and he had been dating Meiriona Davies, and nothing bad had happened. Now, it just felt awkward, being around him, knowing that he had feelings for her, and she had feelings for him, and he had broken up with Davies not too long after everything had surfaced. She didn't know exactly when it had happened, but the storm cloud around the Ravenclaw had been hard to miss.

"That will be nice," she managed to say, catching his reflection in the glass and quickly dropping her head so she was staring into her lap, instead. "Lazy summers are good sometimes. Very relaxing, and a good way to de-stress." She almost wished she could have a lazy summer instead of going on a big trip, although at least the trip would keep her away from Severus.

Her breath caught at the thought of her ex best friend, and she bit the inside of her cheek.
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“Yeah. It will be nice…”

James fell silent with his hands in his lap, his eyes cast downwards as he stared at the laces of his shoes.

“I wanted to talk…about what happened at the lake that day,” he said quietly.
 #12134  by Lily Evans
Lily finally looked over at him, green eyes cautious and searching. Honestly, she would have liked to pretend that that day had never happened, but her brain had other ideas. Often, she had found her thoughts drifting to that day while sitting alone, as much as she tried to stop it. She just couldn't keep him out of her head.

"You mean the day you kissed me?" she asked. It came out harsher than she had intended, and she swallowed. "I didn't think there was much to talk about... we kind of said it all."
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James lifted his head at the sudden change of tone her voice projected. His expression remained neutral as he looked into Lily’s eyes.

“If that is the case, then, why are you avoiding me?”
 #12138  by Lily Evans
Lily watched him carefully, swallowing another lump in her throat. Maybe it had been a mistake, letting him into the compartment. "Because we already talked about it, and because Meiriona Davies was miserable. It wouldn't have been right."
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“Yes, I get that,” he said impatiently,” but I told her what had happened because, as you mentioned, it wouldn’t have been right to keep her in the dark. But that still doesn’t explain why you’ve been avoiding me. I’m not seeing Meiriona anymore.” James nervously wet his lips. “I’m not seeing anyone because there’s only one girl I’m interested in. No matter how hard I try…I can’t get her out of my head.“
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"Maybe I just felt guilty!" she blurted out, louder than she had initially intended to. Lily immediately wrapped her arms around herself, looking down at the floor of the compartment. "I don't know why you have her in your head. If I were you, I would have given up years ago after how she treated you." She blinked back tears, not wanting to cry in front of him.
 #12148  by James Potter
“Guilty? But I was the one who kissed you,” James frowned, watching as Lily cocooned in on herself. “I was the one who pulled you into that broom closet.”

And then the excuses came…

…spouting from her precious lips.

It broke his heart all over again.

“The treatment she gave me was the treatment I deserved. I was overcompensating in trying to get her attention. I was, for argument’s sake, an arse.” James shifted forward in his seat, so he could get closer to Lily. “I wanted to give up on her, but I couldn’t. She keeps me grounded.” He boldly took hold of her hands.

“I love you. I am who I am because of you, Lily Evans. You are every reason, every hope, and every dream I’ve ever had, and no matter what happens to us in the future, every day that we spend together is the greatest day of my life. Whether it’s being your boyfriend, your friend, or that guy you occasional write to once in a while... I will always be yours.”