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The summer season is now in full swing and we hope you are all as to get back to posting and plotting. Following the excitement and positive feedback from our Creativity Fest, we decided to launch another uplifting and joyful community event! Introducing the...

✿ Share-The-Little-Things Campaign ✿

The world outside this little corner of the internet that we all share has changed so much in the last few months and, for many of us, it has reminded of us of the importance of the little things that bring us joy in everyday life. We want to celebrate and share these little things that spark happiness.

How It Works:
Every Sunday, we will post a theme in this thread. To participate, share a photo of said thing in the event-created Discord channel (#Share-The-Little-Things). This channel can be found under the member lobby under #General-Chat.

★ All images posted to the Discord must follow the current Vault 713 Rules & Guidelines. Any images that don't adhere to the guidelines will be removed from the channel.
★ No themes will require anybody to post pictures of themselves; we have tried to make all themes as inclusive and non-intrusive as possible.
★ Have fun! We'd love everyone to enjoy sharing things that make them and others happy!