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 #359  by fizzing-whizbee
The Meet & Greet forum and our welcome back threads got me thinking about how much I hate when people are like "what are your hobbies?" because I almost never know what to say. I have a whole lot of hobbies, but most of them are difficult to explain to other people. The Vault especially ("I pretend to be a wizard on the internet!") though thankfully if I start with things like roleplaying and Dungeons & Dragons and things like that it's easier to move into "...and I do online roleplaying, too."

A lot of stuff though it just feels weird to explain. Cooking doesn't really feel like a hobby because I don't really do it to have fun, but I have fun while I'm doing it. I also do a lot of decorating my planner with washi tape and stickers, but that's kind of a weird one too because the primary reason my planner exists is to, like, keep track of my work and school schedules? It's kind of weird.

Anyway, I'm wondering -- what do you do when you're not on the Vault? And also, how do you explain those hobbies to other people? Do you have any hobbies that are just super difficult to explain to people?
 #394  by TyrellRose
I hear you @tundratown on the whole "how do I explain roleplaying" to other people. I usually go for "I do collaborative story telling in a round robin style online" and hopefully they don't push the issue......

As for my own hobbies, I actually really enjoy origami. I'm slowly teaching myself more designs, but right now I can do a crane fairly quickly, as well as an owl and a swan. And a few others I've only made once.

I used to be really into being a fish mommy. I considered that a hobby at one point, when I still had my betta fish. Unfortunately, that was like... 3 years ago and I haven't had the money to get another one. Maybe once I get my own apartment I'll pick it up again. That was another fun one to explain to people - "Yeah so I actually find having a fish and taking care of a fish really fun." BUT IT WAS FUN! Especially picking out decorations and graduating to real plants and pieces of driftwood and making a more natural habitat... there I go again with my fish mommy ways
 #1286  by Airyotz
When I explain roleplaying to most people, they just look at me like I suddenly grew a third eye or something. Though some of my hobbies that I enjoy doing happen to be writing stories like fan fiction, or fiction in general. I love crocheting though I only know one type of stitch. I taught myself how to knit which is just annoying in the beginning because I already forgot how to start it. Going for walks and playing with my dog are some other random hobbies I have as well as playing video games.
 #2516  by Jason
Similar to @tundratown, I usually lead with Dungeons & Dragons as most folks have at least got a bit of name recognition there, follow up with “reading” and “video games”

There was a time when I was a bit self-conscious and shy about being a nerd, but man, nowadays being a bit nerdy is almost hip, and so much more accepted thanks, i think, to a lot of the movies of the past two decades. (Oh god, it’s been like 20 years since comic book movies stared having the capability to be regularly good...)
 #2532  by Sammy
My main hobbies outside of Vault are 1) reading, which is pretty straightforward, and 2) genealogy, which is not. When I tell people that I'm into ancestry and doing my family tree it usually gets 1 of 2 reactions: either their eyes glaze over, or they say "oh that's so unique and interesting, tell me about how you got into it" and then after about 5 minutes of talking about it their eyes glaze over.

I'm really passionately into it, and could easily give an hour presentation (hell, probably even longer)off the cuff about my tree. But no one else ever cares about your personal family tree. Sometimes even my family gets tired of hearing about it, so I ration how much I tell them at a time. Other people that share the hobby are mostly retirees, and I'm definitely not, so I also tend to get weird looks/reactions from other researchers". But yeah, there's not really anyone that I know IRL or online that I can just get together with and chat about my tree like I want to.

As for Vault, I don't really tend to tell people about it. It's something I do for me, and I don't really feel like I need to talk about it with my IRL friends because this community is so great, so I don't see the need to share. Also because I know most people won't understand it. I have a friend that does D&D and other similar things so they kind of get it. But it's not like we talk about it. I did have an IRL friend in high school that I introduced to the Vault and they joined up for a few years back circa 2009. But we haven't been in touch in years.
 #5694  by Maki
My hobbies: drawing, writing and walking while listening to music blasting in my ears ( trust me i know. Not safe. Om counting 20 times ive bearly missed a car? But i just cant walk without it. Your all free to call me an idiot.)

Other than that...
Netflix and fanfiction is my jazz.

Im full of passion due to me creating and working with all my characters for years. And like you all when I go into " omg my character did this." Mode i get the oddest looks. I normally only tell the closest people to me about them though, as I write and rp for me and to have fun with other rpers only.

From time to time I meet other people who talk about rp then bring it up. Since ive lost my job (relocation) ive been more and more into rp. Its not that I didnt have the time... I still wrote. But between work and other things, as well as a crappy computer virus killing my laptop... I kinda drifted.

Did I mention I loved crime shows?
 #6187  by Kay
I record podcasts. Honestly, unless talking with my wife, co-host or very close friends I don't really talk about it. Podcast aren't very hard to explain, but it usually remains pretty abstract for people.

D&D, I really don't mind bringing up, people are usually very responsive and curious about that one which I appreciate since if allows me to tell them how awesome it is. I'm with you @Jason I think it is kinda cool to be nerdy or so I'm told by my students.
 #6204  by Eridanus
Fanfiction reading and writing is relatively easy.... Once a colleague of mine turned out to be an avid fanfic reader, and she was very disappointed that I write gen :) (She prefers slash. )

Walking with my dog is understandable. Running, not so much. ("Who forces you to run? I don't even run to catch a bus! " ) Also, the dog in question is getting old and not much of a runner anymore: ( I still adore her.

Swimming, only in natural water. I don't at all from mid-autumn to late spring, I get claustrophobic in pools. But I love cross swimming events when there's one. (The traditional Balaton lake cross swimming is 5,2 km and I've done that seven tumes now. Also, dragged my mom along, and she at her age of 58 beat me by half a minute. But she's a teacher and now the kids expect her to swim again, so swim she does :) )

And... Pole dancing. How do I start? :D
I'm not athletic, absolutely not flexible, and neirher exactly sensual. But I love having a self powered merry-go-round at home, and defying gravity. How I explain : pole dance as sexual teasing has only a few decades of history. The first tree-climbing mammal is dated 70 million years ago. That's the instinct.
 #16261  by Vyreia
Why did I never reply to this? My hobbies aren't extremely exciting, but I think they can be!

Writing, obviously! I really enjoy roleplaying, of course, but I am currently writing my own book (I say that but it's been a long project. I particularly like writing drama, fantasy, romance, crime, and I really want to delve into some sci-fi. I have a weird urge to write some androids or steam powered automic robots. And at the same time I also want to do some Steampunk stuff? I've never really written it but I've always loved the fashion and the music and damn, it's just so cool.

I love to doodle. It's not a massive hobby, but I do it a lot in my spare time or during work - often I just draw in bic pens, usually characters I have or other people's characters. Every now and then I'll draw in pencil, but then I need to put more effort in because I have the ability to erase my many mistakes of human anatomy.

I enjoy horse-riding! I own two big chunk cobs called Gypsy and Harley, and I love riding them through the nearby forests. They're not really show horses, but they're nice and chilled, and especially nice for riding at the beach!

Other than that, I'm a bit of a no-lifer :')
 #34865  by Morgana
I am little bored.Besides being on her with you wonderful people. Chatting it up with silly conversation on discords. I like to a read books. I plan to do couple things this year I have not done before that is I want to learn how to play piano.

That is I enjoy horseback riding too. Though I do not own a horse I know how to ride. That is English style riding. I would like to do more advance riding. I got beginner part but I want to go further then I have. I became rather good that is skill. The horse I ridden I have to say was magnificent he was American quarter horse. But sadly the person who ran it decide that should not be anymore classes.

Then there painting I want to get into that as well. I did that school but never went back into it because there had work and not the time to do it.