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Sleep Help

Binxyboo, Active Player

I usually have restless nights a lot, and have trouble falling asleep (she says while writing this at 2:34am >.<).

I can never find anything that works with a restless night, but listening to rain sounds to help me drift off usually works.

I was wondering if anyone else has tips or routines for falling asleep, or getting a good night’s rest?

Maybe this can help anyone else who has the same problems too :D
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Re: Sleep Help

Everevna, Active Player

I really recommend doing a face sheet mask. This typically forces you to lie down and relax your facial muscles for at least 15 minutes, which I found to be really helpful to wind down. I imagine an eye mask that forces you to shut your eyes for 15 minutes will have the same effect.
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Re: Sleep Help

Vyreia, Active Player

Rainy mood is always a winner for me, but I'm sure you already know about the phone/web app if you know you like rain sounds.

I would also recommend turning off any digital devices an hour before you go to bed e.g. the tv, phone, laptop. OR, if you must use them, lower the brightness and turn off the blue light (many phones have a blue light setting that you can turn on or off, and you can adjust the colours on a laptop and TV). Blue light has been proven to cause additional brain activity, so turning it off when you are thinking of going to sleep can help to wind your brain down easier.

Read books - like physical books - or use a kindle that does the above. Reading on laptop screens and phone screens can cause strain.

Drink chamomile tea, hot chocolate or horlicks (this stuff works miracles).

When I have a rough night, I use a hot water bottle/hot bean bag - the extra warmth adds comfort and it legit helps me to relax.

Have a nightly routine; set a time to start dimming lights and turning things off, wear comfortable slippers and dressing gown. You can legit start tricking your brain into getting into a sleepy mindset just by sticking to the routine.

These are what help me anyway!
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Re: Sleep Help

Maki, Active Player

I'm the same way, I have trouble getting to slep daily [ and if I go to sleep before 2 I don't hear my alarm for work which doesn't help matters].

This week I started my diet/10000 step a day goal. (Bad knee might mess that part up a bit...) However, I found I fell asleep much better with low calories and 5 miles of walking. I know this doesn't work for everyone...and it's hard to do that with kids, but that's the only thing that's really worked with me.

Might I add I'm bi-polar depressive which might be why it's harder for me.

I'll also give another idea adding onto Vy's, sometimes sleepytime tea helps me get to sleep. It's a mix of chamomile and another soothing tea. It's worth a shot! :)

Anyway...those are the only things I can suggest.

Hope you sleep better soon!
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Re: Sleep Help

Binxyboo, Active Player

Definitely gonna try one of those masks! I had one free in a monthly beauty box and loved it, so definitely need more and to do one before bed.

Just downloaded rainy mood lol I usually use an app called relax meditation, but I wouldn’t mind trying a new one.

OMG I used to drink horlicks! Well I say used to drink it, I bought it one time lol but I would always try and pinch my mum’s when I was younger, and if I ever managed to get some i’d be so chuffed because I was drinking a ‘grown up’ drink lol! I’ll get some more of that, I’m not a big fan of teas

Maki! I actually do find when I get to go to the gym I do get more tired! But I end up falling asleep in brook’s bed while I’m getting her down for the night, and then i’ve Napped at bloody 6pm *head. Desk*

it has been the school holidays this past fortnight, so I’ve been really lazy and not got to walk much to anywhere, Brook’s been poorly so we haven’t gone out most the holidays. But hopefully once I’m back into my active routine when she goes back to school next week, i’ll get Some better nights sleep in