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It was raining, pouring, even. The rumble of clouds and horses remained in the distance, and whilst patrons went for cover in the local caverns, and maids pulled in cloths and fabrics to dry...Attorsceatha bared the cold. The nights were growing longer, the days colder, everything seeming more grey.

And if that was not enough, his nightmares grew violent. Ever since travelling to the beast's cave, a dragon as many called it, he had been struck with pains of the past. Those who fell around him, people who deserted their comrades for the sake of their pitiful lives...those who stole gold from the dead. It was not a sight he wished to see. And now travelling heralds were speaking of such things like they were to be celebrated. Spreading word of fortunes from stealing dragon eggs...what fool would go back?

Perhaps he would...only if he was able to lift the damn thing. He couldn't do it alone. Perhaps there would be hopefuls willing to drag his slowing body along so he could have a share in profit.

What did it matter? He was growing old, and had already lost the joy and happiness in his life. So, he continued to pick herbs and roots for his potions, allowing himself to be drenched in the cold and the wet, up to the knees in muggy water.

Things just weren't the same since she passed on...
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Summer was slowly making way for autumn, but the skies still opened to cast their watery judgement upon the earth. Ermentrude was soaked, but she felt no cold. She hadn't for nearly sixty years. She would not die from a little water and wind. She would not come down with an illness that would steal her youth from her. Not anymore. She pushed on. She'd left the shelter of the hut whose owner she had feasted on these last few days to replenish her trading herbs, a little dampness would not deter her now.

The waters level had risen artificially from the rain, leaving the fields Ermentrude had been frequenting in search of herbs these last few months waterlogged. With a sigh, Ermentrude scoured the banks looking for anything usable among the patches she knew of. She hadn't found much before she heard a splashing in the muggy water. Suddenly alert, Ermentrude glanced around her. There was no on in her immediate vicinity, which wasn't odd. It had been several decades, but she was still getting used to the range of her hearing.

Drifting down the banks in search of the noise's source, she finally spotted a figure hunched over in the water in the distance. He appeared to have had the same idea as she. Ermentrude's eyebrow quirked in curiosity. What was a mortal doing out in this weather? Did he have no sense of self preservation? If she hadn't just fed, this man would be easy enough pickings from the looks of it as waterlogged and cold as he was.

She approached slowly from behind, keeping her presence concealed until she was close enough to not have to raise her voice over the sound of falling rain hitting the water's surface. "There is a better batch of that herb in the grove a few yards to your left" She said calmly, inspecting the bush in which he was rummaging and finding it lacking.
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Attorsceatha jumped at the voice over the rain. The first thought came to his head of a distressed spirit or an angry passerby, but the words spoken were far too passive for that. Carefully, he turned, making sure to keep his balance as he looked over at the unknown figure. A woman, stood out in the rain like this? Shouldn't she be tucking her kids into layers of cloths whilst making a broth of animal bones? That's what he would do if he was a woman; it's what he wanted his wife to do - stay safe, stay out of the cold, stay alive.

Attor pursed his lips at her words, glancing to the bush a few yards out, and already spotting the first clues of herbs and vegetation hidden in its depths. He looked back to her, glancing over her before humming in a gruff manner. "Thank you." He said simply, about to take a step toward it, but soon paused.

"Are you any good in the study of plants aside from how to harvest?"
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Ermentrude watched him carefully, "I know enough." She knew some of the practical applications of most of the herbs she collected and sold. She knew what a high quality herb looked like, in contrast with poor quality. She knew the smells and shapes and the best growing locations for her products. Like she knew that the herb he had just been rooting around for grew better in the damp soil farther up shore than it did right at the water's edge. But she was no healer, or witch. She could not combine what she collected in a concoction fit for anything. But she was well versed in the study of plants. "Why?"
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Attor pressed his lips together, taking a breath.

"My wife...I lost her...or more, she has lost herself. She is asleep, but alive...I am spending all my coins and ingredients trying to keep her alive despite her constant sleep." He fell silent for a long time, swallowing thickly. "I need a way to bring her back to me, and if not...I need a way to take me to her."
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Ermentrude frowned. "If it is a hex that was cast upon her, then I will be no help to you. I have no knowledge of spells." She scratched absently at her arm, conjuring up the potions and herbs she knew that could cause, or cure, such a thing. There were herbs for waking someone from a deep sleep, and those that could ease sleep or even cause it. Never ending sleep, however, was something much more difficult. She had heard of a potion that could end such a thing, but knew nothing of it aside from it's rumored complication. If he had a list of ingredients for such a cure, Ermentrude could be of more use in that regard. But the more obscure and curious concoctions were beyond her.

What hadn't troubled her was his desire to join his wife in her eternal slumber if she could not be cured, Ermentrude understood such a thing well. Joining her husband had been how she was granted an eternal life, after all. If that is his wish, she would help him achieve it if she could. To cause sleeping like he had described, it would only be one thing. If, of course, it was caused by a brew and not a spell. "I might have heard of such a draught, if you knew the cause to be herbal. But I am no witch, sir."
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Attorsceatha looked carefully at her, pursing his lips and nodding.

"I have too...But I have no way to gather the ingredients. It requires things from lands of turmoil where barely nothing grows. Lands rumored far away from here..." He rubbed the back of his neck.

"I have a scroll back at home - I've read it time and time again, hoping I can figure out another method. But it seems to be the only one. Everyone has a different list of ingredients, so I need enough to test the different methods, and I don't have enough gold for those journeys..."

He shook his head.

"It's not at all in my favour..."
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No, it was not in his favor indeed. Ermentrude was capable of traveling to more dangerous lands with greater ease than most, she required far less maintenance than your average mortal and thus room and board were of little concern to her. However, despite her compassion for this man and his plight, she could not work for free. Especially when that work would require travel to foreign, tumultuous lands. Not to mention there were others who depended on her monthly visits to restock supplies.

With only an ounce of hesitation, Ermentrude spoke. "I have heard of a cure for what plagues your wife. But I do not know its ingredients or their quantities. It is too advanced for a mere merchant such as myself. The other, though. The draught to cause such a condition. If you have a list, and could afford my price, I may be able to find at least some of what you seek."
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Attorsceatha inhaled sharply at the prospect of being able to rescue his wife. The chance was slim, very slim. But at this point, he was willing to do anything.

"Tell me. What do you want. Gold? Cattle? Vegetables? Name your price."
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Ermentrude gazed out over the water, thinking. Cattle were of no use to her, as she couldn't consume their meat and she didn't possess the skills for tanning their hides. It was much the same for vegetables. And as she didn't require much, she spent very little. There was a reason so many merchants depended on her supplies - her price was usually a pittance when compared to others and she often dealt in 'favors'.

"Gold. How ever much you can afford. For travel fare." she returned her gaze to him, sizing him up. "And a favor" The crofter she'd been draining over these past few days was reaching his limits. She'd need a replacement shortly.
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Attorsceatha nodded at the agreement of gold, about to explain that his gold was back in his home, but her next words caused him to pause. He blinked, watching her size him up before copying and skimming his eyes over her. He thought he knew what she wanted.

"I uhm...I am loyal to my wife..." He said carefully. "Even as she sleeps."
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Ermentrude chuckled at the thought. "That is not the favor which I require." Though her thoughts were of a predatory nature, and it would certainly satisfy a physical need, she was not someone that found this particular act to be sexual. Not after the way she'd been turned. Speaking of which, "I do not believe my husband would take kindly to my trading herbs for.....those favors." Not that he had much a say in what she did or didn't do these days. He was off gallivanting around on the continent, trying to relive some of his glory days she imagined. "Do you find my terms favorable?"
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Attor bit his lip, running his hand through his shaggy hair for a moment, thinking about the possibilities of what she may want. Not sexual favours - that was good in that respect...but not in every way. He didn't exactly know the risk to evaluate.

"Yes...Okay...I accept." He said carefully.
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Ermentrude smiled at him slowly. "Wonderful." Straightening her skirts, she gazed up at the clouds. The rain was slowing, it would likely stop soon. Which meant sunlight was about to make its return. That wouldn't do. "Come to the crofters cottage, over that ridge there" she pointed back the way she'd come. " After sundown. Bring your list and your gold" and your blood. They could make there trade then. She had a few preparations to make in town, but the sooner she set out the better. The weather wouldn't hold for long, soon there would be snow. And that would make travel too difficult.
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Attorsceatha took a deep breath, sniffling a little. He would have to use some remedies quick to halt the coldness and shivers from overtaking him. But for now, his mind was focused.

"Yes, Miss. I'll be there." He stated with a stern nod, picking the rest of the reeds and herbs and shoving them in his bag before straightening up again and trudging his way out of the swampy area.