A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #12040  by Guthmarr
Location: A fairly ordinary tavern • Date: July 2

This was not going the way it should. His head was feeling hot, and his vision swimming. Guthmarr shook himself and tossed another back. It was just the heat. It was a muggy evening after all. Innkeeper didn't know a cooling charm from a hearthstarter it seemed.

But why wasn't she affected by the heat? Stupid giantess, pounding drinks back just to show off. He'd bet his axe on this! What kind of Norseman was he, getting beat by a half-giant from...from.... nowhere probably. "Stupibish..." the Dane mumbled as his eighth drink dribbled down his chin.
 #12043  by Alfhildr
This was nothing. Alfhildr had drank far more than this with her father's men, and had never had a problem. The Dane didn't seem to be having as much luck, though, she noticed as she downed her ninth drink. After everything he had done to her, though, she was glad to have something she was better at, even if it was only thanks to her large physique and giant blood.

"You don't look well," she pointed out, arching an eyebrow at him. All around them, men were cheering them on, but she only had eyes for the Dane who had destroyed her sword when she had first met him. "Do you concede?" She picked up her tenth tankard, raising it to him before starting to drink.
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Guthmarr shot the cocky bitch a scowl. It took him longer to reach tankard ten than she did, which only enraged him further. He reached for his eleventh, only for his fingers to grab at the wooden table. His red eyes narrowed as he fumbled for the tankard, slopping a little on the table as his fingers finally locked around the handle.

The Dane tried to do two things at once. He wanted - no had - to show her that his proud Nordic capacity was just the same - no, better - than her stupid giant's blood, and began chugging the tankard faster than before. He was also infuriated by her stupid calmness and her stupid little man-voice and her stupid jeering. He would finish the tankard and throw it at her face. But he needed to stand up for that. Get up, show her he was more intimidating. Show her that he was better.

He was barely out of his seat when he began coughing. The tankard fell from his hand, and he stumbled backwards, trying to clear his lungs of liquid. The chair toppled over, and he went with it, his heavy frame crushing the poorly-made furniture with an ugly crack. The Dane was out cold.
 #12056  by Alfhildr
Alfhildr paused, her eleventh tankard halfway to her mouth as she watched the show unfold in front of her. Humans had such a low tolerance, and it amused her. She leaned back in her chair, smirking. It was almost pitiful, him trying to drink faster and faster. She wasn't sure what he was doing when he began to rise, but what followed would likely be a memory she would return to time and time again.

She set down her tankard, rising from her chair and walking around the table, crouching down beside him. "I suppose this is your concession, then?" she asked. It was a rhetorical question, given that he was unconscious. "Let's get him out of here, boys. Preserve his dignity." She wasn't that cruel, even if this was one of the highlights of her life. For years to come, she would boast of the time she bested a Dane in a drinking challenge. The men in her father's company helped her tug the man to one of the rooms in the tavern.

A short time later, she was sitting in a chair next to the bed the Dane lay in, still passed out cold. She felt it was her duty to at least see to it that he awoke.
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Hours after that, a loud moan signified the Dane's return to consciousness. Guthmarr pried open his eyes to a blinding light that seared into his head. His lids snapped shut with a groan of pain.
 #12119  by Alfhildr
Alfhildr had started to doze off, but the moment she heard the loud groan, she instantly snapped awake. The half giant looked over at the Dane, a smirk turning up the corners of her lips. "Welcome back," she said, chuckling. "Feel any better?"
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A loud and unpleasant voice rang in his ears and Guthmarr let out another groan. "What the devil did you do to me, witch?" He refused to open his eyes, not only because of the lamplight near his face, but also to avoid the reality that he was at a she-giant's mercy.
 #12216  by Alfhildr
"Best you at a drinking challenge," was the dry response. Alfhildr knew she would never stop holding that over him. "You did admirably, but it seems my giant's blood gave me quite the advantage. Don't fret, the barmaids didn't laugh... too much." Oh, this was too much; she could barely hold back the laughter.
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Bested him? "You poisoned me, you bitch," Guthmarr mumbled, rolling over in a valiant effort to ignore his enemy. She probably bought off the barmaids, too. As soon as this piercing headache and nausea went away he'd get out of this town and as far away from the drunken giantess as he could.
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"I did no such thing," Alfhildr countered, rising and simply walking to the other side of the room where another chair rested. "You were the one who insisted you could out-drink me. I merely proved you wrong." She pretended to think for a moment. "Although I must say, you put up a valiant effort. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough. Shame, really. I'm not sure I wanted to be known as the woman who out-drank a Dane."
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Guthmarr managed a vindictive chuckle. He turned his haggard face back to the giantess. "You know all the men in the city are going to try to get you drunk know, don't you? And then they'll see just how much of a giantess you really are." His red eyes drifted downward with a knowing leer.
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Alfhildr's eyes narrowed and she crossed her arms in front of her. If this was how he wanted to play it, then fine. "And all of the women are going to laugh when they see you. They'll tell stories of the man who couldn't hold his mead," she retorted.

Turning on her heels, she began striding out of the room. "In fact, I'll go start spreading those stories now." It felt good to win.