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 #20888  by Harriet Doran
Location: Lady Madeline Blythe's Home • Date: December 1925
Time of Day: Nighttime • Weather: Snowing

The meal had been delicious, served in many courses with as many utensils. While not used to such frills and tinsels, Harriet was observant and had easily navigated the many rules and manners. Finding the balance between being polite and being herself had been delicate, but quickly enough Harriet had come to realize that she did not care whether or not high society approved of her. Plus, she did get a thrill every time she managed to make dear Lady Blythe blush.

With dinner behind them, the 3 women had moved to the drawing room where they sipped on a sweet digestif. The conversations had been pleasant, Harriet found that she had smiled most of the evening, but at the moment her attention seemed to be elsewhere. She had been eying the piano since they had entered the room, her fingers aching to move along its white and black notes.

Without as much as a word, Harriet took a quick sip of her sweet liquor and made her way to the instrument. "Lady Blythe, would you mind if I played a piece?" She asked as she sat behind the beautiful piano. Her fingers were on the keys as she waited to be given permission to play.
 #20893  by Lady Madeline Blythe
Christmas dinner with Caterina Rothwell had been a tradition for coming up fifteen years. Back when Madeline had first moved into the townhouse from the hotel room she had lived in for the first few years of her life here in America, Caterina's husband had been alive and the Christmas Dinners had been much more extravagant. The man had made the most of his and his wife's reputation and had always made sure to throw the biggest soirees. Caterina had played the diligent wife, because after all she did love her husband, but Madeline had been able to detect how ill-at-ease the woman truly was.

Now years later, with Cat's husband having died nearly six years ago, the Rothwell Dinner Parties no longer existed, and instead Madeline hosted Caterina and together the two woman enjoyed a quiet night hidden behind doors where they could be themselves and not worry about having to please a house full of people.

This year however, Caterina had asked whether she could bring along a plus one, and at first Madeline had protested, but when her friend had told just who she was bringing, Madeline hadn't said no. Having Harriet Doran join them wouldn't be horrible she was sure.

And as it turned out, it hadn't been. After four hours of laughter, good food and swell company, they had retired to the drawing room where they had discussed many array of things. Madeline and Caterina had just finished a heated debate about English politics and were winding down with a small glass of Eaux de vie when Harriet spoke up.

She didn't see why not, though it had been years since somebody had played it and she worried that it was in need of tuning, it would be nice to hear the old thing sing again.

"Not at all, Harriet. Please," She waved her hand at the black, baby grand.
 #20918  by Harriet Doran
Harriet nodded her appreciation as she sat behind the grand piano. Fingers brushing against the beautiful instrument, she looked at her two companions. A world of wealth separated them yet never did they make her feel inferior. This piano though, with its note so luscious she could see her own reflection on them was a world away from the old piano that sat on the stage at Merlin's.

After a brief moment of hesitation, her fingers pressed on a few notes. "Caterina you might remember this one." And with that introduction, she started singing the song she had sang the day she and Caterina had met.
 #20962  by Caterina Rothwell
Caterina did indeed remember the melody Harriet was currently playing across the room. It had inspired Caterina to put together a small gathering for her board members. The night had been one filled with consumption, fulfilled desires and low inhibitions. Cat had learned a lot from her all male board and was planning to using every inch of knowledge to her advantage.

Inviting Harriet to join them tonight had been a last minute decision, one that seemed to pay off. Madeline had been enjoying herself all night, the way Harriet made her friend laugh had made Caterina smile knowingly many, many times. The two woman couldn't be more different, yet they got a long swimmingly, so much that Cat wasn't even sure the two knew it and if the heiress was correct, something more was beginning to blossom between them.

Clutching her drink, Caterina moved from her high wing backed chair and crossed the room to take a seat on the arm of Madeline's identical chair. It wasn't a very ladylike position, but Caterina had never been one to play to much into gender roles when hidden away from prying eyes unlike the woman who sat ramrod straight in the seat below.

Leaning down, she pressed her lips to the shell of Madeline's ear, "She's quite something, isn't she." Cat whispered.
 #21041  by Lady Madeline Blythe
Her eyes on Harriet and the fingers that were playing her piano like she had owned it, Madeline barely registered Caterina sitting next to her until the woman lent down an whispered in her ear. Jumping, she looked up at the auburn hair woman and frowned, though she did lean against her side, enjoying the warmth that radiated from her.

"She is a skilled piano player," Madeline replied, turning back to watch her. Cat let out a low chuckle. "Is she like you?" She asked quietly, eyes tracking the blonde's movements. She felt her cheeks heat up as a not so innocent thought struck her.
 #21114  by Caterina Rothwell
"Like me?" Cat asked in a hushed tone. "What do you--" Ah. Originally Caterina had thought Madeline was asking about Harriet's sexuality, something the auburn haired woman had been wondering herself, but when she looked down to gaze at the English woman, the slight apprehensive look she had on her face told another story.

It really wasn't any of Cat's business, and had Madeline asked her when they had first met Harriet, the woman wouldn't have remained mum but as she watched Madeline watch Harriet, Caterina couldn't stop the small 'yes' that escaped her lips.

Madeline seemed to stiffen in her chair but when Cat leaned down once again and brushed her lips across the woman's forehead, she relaxed ever so slightly. Magic was unknown to Madeline, and Cat didn't blame her for still being afraid.

"She's a good one Maddie."
 #21120  by Harriet Doran
Harriet finished the song with a few fancy notes. She turned towards her friends. Seeing the two sets of eyes on her, their expression not quite fitting given the end of her song Harriet laughed. "Don't let me interrupt. We are among friends." Harriet thought her song had likely ended while the two had shared a tender moment.

"Lady Madeline, I think you will enjoy this one. " She gestured for the woman to join her close to the piano. Harriet had learned this one recently, she would not admit it, but she had actively searched for songs the English woman might have liked in her youth.
 #21123  by Lady Madeline Blythe
So Harriet was a witch, well that made sense. Caterina was one herself and of course she would know others who were just like her because why wouldn't she? It's not like Madeline thought Caterina was only friends with ordinary people like her. Not at all. If anything, Caterina's confirmation made the other women in the room seem even more untouchable. Madeline shifted stiffly in her chair.

She twitched when Harriet called out to her and then gestured for her to join at the piano. She immediately shook her head, "Oh no. I am fine here thank you, Harriet." Madeline felt Caterina shift to her feet and then her drink was pulled from her hand. She made a small noise of indignation at Caterina's boldness.
 #21146  by Caterina Rothwell
Ignoring the displeased look upon Madeline's face, she held onto her hand and pulled the woman until she was on her feet.

"It's Christmas Lady Blythe and for my gift this year, I want to hear you sing," Caterina smiled as she lead Madeline across the room, stopping when she could smooth her free hand across the top of the baby grand. Madeline eyed her suspiciously, but sat next to Harriet anyway.
 #21151  by Harriet Doran
Harriet smiled at her reluctant duet partner. Without hesitation, she played the first few notes of an old English melody.

Careful to keep her eyes on Lady Blythe, Harriet sang the first verse.
 #21155  by Lady Madeline Blythe
It wasn't until Harriet began the the chorus that Madeline joined in. With her eyes closed, and her hands clenched tightly in her lap, she opened her mouth and let the words flow from her.

"If you were the only girl in the world, and I were the only boy, nothing else would matter in the world today, we could go on loving in the same old way--"

Madeline continued singing, not noticing that Harriet had quietened next to her until they finished the first run through and began the first verse once again. Opening her eyes, she stuttered a bit as she turned to gaze at Harriet who was watching her with a look that Madeline couldn't quite make out, but managed to keep up the momentum, her pitch still as perfect as she could make it.

Caterina grinned and then sighed happily next to her. The woman then leaned her upper body against the closed instrument and watched them carefully.
 #21163  by Harriet Doran
Harriet had done her fair share of talent scouting. She had found beautiful voices in a variety of shocking places yet she had never heard one quite like Lady Blythe's. Uncertain when she had stopped singing or why Harriet's mouth opened a few times without letting a sound leave it.

On the last chorus, Harriet finally found the poise to join Madeline. On the last notes, she felt her eyes lock with Madeline's ocean blues. Mesmerized by the moment she remained silent once her fingers had stopped dancing on the notes.
 #21165  by Caterina Rothwell
Hearing the piano rumble smoothly beneath her, the tune muffled by the closed top but not any less beautiful, Caterina watched Madeline with hooded eyes as the English woman lost herself in song. Cat could count on one hand the amount of times she had heard Madeline sing over the years and every single time she felt bewitched by the velvety alto that left the gorgeous mouth Cat knew almost more than her own. Harriet it seemed was equally enthralled.

When the music ended, the last note fading into the warm air that surrounded them, Cat turned her gaze to the blonde woman who was staring at Madeline like she had never seen anything like her before, a feeling Caterina could definitely relate to. Madeline Blythe was like no other and Caterina had been star struck from the very beginning.

"Beautiful as always," Caterina finally spoke, pushing herself into standing position. Madeline seemed to snap out of whatever daze she had found herself in and turned away from Harriet. "Though I have never heard that song before."
 #21167  by Lady Madeline Blythe
Caught in Harriet's gaze, Madeline was unable to tear herself away until Caterina spoke. Almost reluctantly, she turned to look at her friend and then had to take a moment to figure out what she had just said.

"Oh yes. It's called 'I You Were The Only Girl In The World'. It was sung for a revue in London. I've wanted to see it for a long time now." Madeline turned back to Harriet, cheeks a pinkish rouge. "How did you learn this?"
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 #21171  by Harriet Doran
Realizing she had been staring Harriet looked up at Caterina with a gentle smile. The smile widened when Madeline turned back towards her. "Oh, I may have been on the hunt for English tunes since you mentioned singing with your sister," Harriet smirked playfully.