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 #26035  by Clint Connor
Seeking Coworkers, Students, Travel Enthusiasts
Meet Clint! He's the Charms professor at CAW, and also loves to travel. He's a half giant, so hes abnormally tall, and he genuinely cares about his students and wants them to succeed!
I'm looking for characters to fill the following roles:
  • Coworkers: Clint works as a teacher at CAW, so he would be familiar with, if not friendly with other teachers there. Or maybe there's a teacher he clashes with?
  • Students: Again, students could either love him for his attempts to genuinely help them, or find him to be too overbearing!
  • Travel Enthusiasts: With summer upon us, Clint's probably going to be traveling around a bit, since he loves to travel. Maybe someone usually ends up on the same island as him?
If you are at all interested in having your character fill any of those roles for Clint, feel free to leave a reply down below and I will contact you to discuss details and start a thread!