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 #25927  by Arty Blackwell
Blackwell, ArtemyantFull Name: Artemyant Blackwell
Artemyant Blackwell is a Vampire born in August of 972 to pureblood wizards and had a twin brother who was killed by their father at the age of 15. When Artemyant is 24 he gets turned into a Vampire by a Ramada Vampire named Andoniana. He's only 7 when his abusive father kills his mother. Separated from his aunts and uncles until the age of 15 he didn't have much in the way of family.

When he was 23 he met a woman named Guinevere and they had a son named Thomas.When Artemyant was 24 he killed his abusive father after being turned. At the age of 18 Thomas had a daughter and a son and at the age of 20 his father turned him into a Vampire. When Thomas's kids grew up and had children he than had turned them keeping the Blackwell name going on for many generations.

Now living in Wiltshire, England Artemyant is living with Thomas and one of his sired Vampires Caleb and Caleb's children Amelia and Alexander Blackwell.
Looking For:
Children, Grandchildren, Great-Grandchildren,Twin Brother Arthur Blackwell(Founder Era), Father (Founder, Victorian)
Sired Vampires
Caleb Blackwell, Amelia Blackwell, Alexander Blackwell
Other family (maybe they tried to find Artemyant and his twin Arthur before his death at 15)
Other Vampires

And anyone else you can think of. We can discuss. Open for plotting