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 #25742  by Eva Corolla
 12 May 2019, 13:46
Seeking Friends/Enemies/Co-workers
Hiya, this is Eva - first year Slytherin in Golden Era, who dropped out after her O.W.Ls as her singing career took off and she got signed with Occult Records as a pop artist. Her 'persona' is very much a sweet, relatable good girl, her actual personality is not that, and she does have a mean streak. I'm basically looking for anyone who may know her, and any type of plot!
I'm looking for characters to fill the following roles:
  • Friends: Possibly people she knew from Hogwarts before dropping out - I'm interested in playing her in Golden as well, so any fellow first years? She obviously would have been a member of the Frog Choir while at school. Possibly also friends now, people she'd have met in her industry?
  • Coworkers: Anyone else who works for Occult Records, or perhaps any press or PR that would cross her professionally.
  • Enemies: She isn't afraid to hurt anyone or step on anyone's toes to get herself ahead, so I imagine she'd have a few enemies. Having some who knew what she was really like at Hogwarts before she became famous would be interesting, perhaps someone she was mean to in school gives an interview on her and tries to damage her reputation?
If you are at all interested in having your character fill any of those roles, feel free to leave a reply down below and I will contact you to discuss details and start a thread!
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