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 #25702  by Blain Tudor
Whats up everyone!

I have Blain Tudor here looking to make his interest into the wizarding world, An adult in Golden he's already joined the workforce at Knockturn Betting co, opting out of Minsitry work due to his lack of trust in the Ministry. He's a half blood, coming from old tudor blood - though this wouldn't be recognized now, his mothers almost obsessed with the idea. Him not so much. In the company he works as a security guard, moving up in Reformation to debt collector. A hard working man, who is close to what family he has he's seen as dependable - but takes no crap. After all...if he was known for taking crap he wouldn't be a good debt colector would he? He can be a bit of a flirt some say as well...given this limited information - i made him as a primus to devolop him further in play...I am looking for....

Old school friends: Some might be a little bit in harrys time, but not by too many years as he's already in his 20's in golden. I'm looking for slightly older 20-25 for these roles. I would imagine him a -gasp- gryffindor, a bit of Slytherin personality mixed in there. (Bit like Harry ;) )

Enemies: Debt collector, need not say more. That and given hsi short fuse from time to time I'm sure he's rubbed a few people the wrong way.

Work relations: Knockturn betting co' is a big company, and he's a bit of a people person from time to time. Going out for nightcaps sometimes after a long days work. I'm sure he'd know at least a few of the people he'd work with, even consider them friends.


Lovers and the like, this area is well...just that. Ect. Any idea's you would like to play out are welcome!