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 #25532  by Maisah Pineblood
Maisah Pineblood

Blessed Isis
I'm wanting to find staff and students to thread with; Maisah is an advanced student in Golden, and a Runes and Glyphs Professor in Reformation
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Runes Enthusiasts
I thought it might be good if she was involved with the Artisan Guild or the Wizarding Expedition Society regarding this
I also had a thought that she could coerce with other education facilities and do international teacher conferences

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Maisah is part of the LGBTQ+ community, so I feel it would be good to get some connections this way as she will likely have a hard time. Specifically in Golden when she has not come to full terms with her feelings.
 #25585  by Maisah Pineblood
@Mia Groeneveld This could be really fun! I bet Maisah would be very interested in her Parslemouth ability if she found out about it. We could do a thread of them in Golden!

@Alexandra McKinney That sounds like a really interesting job title, so I think Maisah would want to learn about Alexandra's experiences. Maisah doesn't particularly label herself specifically; she just knows how she feels, so maybe they can both relate to each other with that?
 #26032  by Lea Speyer
I've got Lea! She's a rune translator with the Egyptian Ministry. She might have participated in some workshops at Blessed Isis in Reformation. I gotta check her school information, but they might have been in Blessed Isis at the same time.
 #26337  by Freja Ostberg
Hey! I have Freja here who is a Seventh Year Hufflepuff! She's spending this summer trying to travel to as many places as possible so could perhaps meet Maisah in Egypt? Also, Freja is two years younger than Maisah so perhaps could have remembered her pre-transition? Freja is bisexual too so is also part of the LGBT community! She could perhaps help Maisah in trying to come to terms with her feelings.