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Welcome to Connection Classifieds!This forum is specifically for characters created this season to post and seek out roleplaying partners by looking for friends, family, coworkers, classmates, and any other connections your character might have. If your character was created prior to this season, you are welcome to reply to any classified ad you see to help build more connections for your character!

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 #24841  by Margo Villiers
Seeking Coworkers/Friends
Meet Margo! She's a bookworm, feels like she is the black sheep in her own family, and is lacking in confidence at the moment.

She is a fifth year Ravenclaw in Golden Era, and after graduation she got a job with the Daily Prophet as she thought she wanted to write professionally. As it turned out, journalism was not her thing, she was not talented at all and it went downhill, and she was told to leave the Daily Prophet in early 2003. Now, she has just started a new job with the Ministry of Magic on the Muggle Worthy Excuse Committee.
I'm looking for characters to fill the following roles:
  • Friends/Past Connections: I'm interested in playing her in Golden as well, so anyone at Hogwarts who would have known her and built up a relationship with her over the years!
  • Coworkers: People she'd have known from working for the Daily Prophet, as well as colleagues from the Ministry, she'd probably spend most of her time around people in the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes.
  • Anything else: Please hit me up if you think your character would be a good fit for an ex-partner maybe, or an enemy, or anything else you can think of, as Margo needs all of the connections!
If you are at all interested in having your character fill any of those roles, feel free to leave a reply down below and I will contact you to discuss details and start a thread!
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 #25950  by Arty Blackwell
I have @Ardric Sage . He's a Sixth Year in Golden and a fellow Ravenclaw. Ardric is also the black sheep of his own family and a book lover. Plus she might know him through Tamsin as he's spending a lot of time with Tamsin

Coincidentally Ardric also works for the Ministry but as an Auror. So they could run into each other possibly in the Ministry.