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 #24432  by Ardric Sage
Ardric Sage. What to say about him. He's a Pureblood Wizard from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He was a Ravenclaw from years 1990-1996. He was considered a bit of a flirt in school. His parents were Death Eaters and he has been trying to get away from that stigma for years. He even became an Auror in his pull to get away. He's easy to get along with and likes to joke and prank.

Reformation: Age: 24
Hard worker
A flirt
Wants a family and work
Uncle (unknown child name at moment)[/list]

Golden Era: Age: 17
[list]6th year Ravenclaw
Trying to join the Order of the Phoenix to fight against Death Eaters including his parents and sister
Fun loving
Hiding his shame over who his parents are
Trouble maker
Pureblood and a little conceited[/list]

Legacy: Age 44
Ready to settle down and retire
Be a proper father/husband/uncle
Pureblood Parties are now his forte (Likes hosting)[/list]

Anything else I'm open to work with and make some friends

Also I think for Golden Era his Seventh year a Professor from say the Order or something should take him in, As his parents are DE's and he's seen as a traitor not wanting to join and become an Auror, Looking to plot
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 #24644  by Caitlin Westcott-Fisher
I have Caitlin who is also a 6th Year Ravenclaw in Golden, so they'd have been in the same year and house all through school so would know each other! She's quite outgoing and is also into dueling, she's a professional duelist in Reformation.

I also have Reese Killigrew, who is in the same year but in Gryffindor. She's a Quidditch nut and becomes a Broom Racer after Hogwarts.