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 #23848  by Oliver Villiers
Seeking Coworkers/Friends
Hello friends! Oliver here is an accountant/businessman from the golden era right through to legacy. He comes from a very successful family and is a hardworking man.
I'm looking for characters to fill the following roles:
  • Friends: I feel like Oliver wouldn't have a whole lot of close friends but would have many acquaintances. His job comes first so I feel like people might find that a bit annoying. Also since he comes from a very wealthy and well-known family he could also have childhood friends and stuff through that.
  • Coworkers: While he is going to end up owning his fathers business in the future he has worked in Occult Records and as a financial advisor in Gringotts so anyone from there would be welcome.
  • Other: If you can think of literally any reason your character and Oliver could be friends then hmu. Also, He was born in September 1974 and was in Slytherin house so if there are any classmates out there let me know!! Romance, friendship, enemies, I'm up for it all! You can also message me on discord, my name is the same as here!
If you are at all interested in having your character fill any of those roles, feel free to leave a reply down below and I will contact you to discuss details and start a thread!
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 #24645  by Senna Stafford
Senna was born in October 1973, so would have been in the year above Oliver, but was also a Slytherin! And I'm pretty open and flexible with her as she isn't tied down to any plots or anything, so would love to do something there!