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 #23779  by Aidan Sullivan
I am looking for people to RP with Aidan. I've been away from the Vault for some time and am hoping to swing back into things.

Aidan was born in the early 70s and I'm looking for Golden and Reformation RP mostly. In Golden he is currently a Seeker for the Wimbourne Wasps after having transferred from the Ballycastle Bats some years back. He's a pretty light-hearted guy and isn't going to pretend he doesn't like living like a rock star. Currently he is living in Dorchester trying to find new ways to go down as one of the best Seekers in quidditch history.

Quidditch: Like I said, Aidan is currently a Seeker for the Wasps, so I'd love some RP with other major people in the sphere, going doubly so for teammates.

Friends: Aidan wasn't always this famous figure. He was at Hogwarts from 1984-1991 as a Slytherin, so I'd love to explore his past a bit and see what friends he's managed to maintain.

Socialites: I'd like to do some RP with other public figures. There's probably some level of overlap that could see Aidan with all manner of other celebrities and I think that could be fun to try out.
 #23781  by Everevna
May I offer as a potential friend Zi Shang, my WES magiphilologist? She's not famous, and really is a bit of a nomad, but I have an idea as to how they'd met if you'd like to hear me out. In Golden Era, Zi Shang was living in USA in pursuit of higher education (leading to her current job as a magiphilologist). She was actually at some point then engaged to an up-and-rising broom racer. That relationship did not work out, but it is possible that Aidan and Francis knew each other through their careers, perhaps both were in some advertisements together at some point? We can discuss more about what kind of person Francis is like, but Aidan may like Zi Shang enough to remain friends after she broke off the engagement and moved to France.

Another person I could offer you is Cristopher, who eventually became a Professional Beater for Montrose Magpies in Reformation. Assuming we find some way he could have encountered Aidan in Golden Era, Cris would've loved an autograph and any advice about how to 'make it big'.
 #23862  by Vyreia
Hiya Specs!

I know we're currently in a thread, but I thought I'd drop some other characters for you too!

Hera Cleary: She's Hera York in Golden, but she's around the same age and was extremely interested in Quidditch. Unfortunately, her family stopped her from pursuing a career in it, but she maybe would have known Aidan from school and secretly practised or spent time on the pitch with him? Could be fun!

Astrid Iver: She's only active Reformation, but she's a notorious socialite and aristocrat, very involved in any gambling rings surrounding sport. Who knows, maybe she has a huge bet on Aidan that he comes out of retirement and hence tries to convince him to do so, all so she can win? Who knows hahaha!

I have a couple of other socialites, like Ciceron & Viola York, which are active in both golden and reformation. They're pretty flexible and can be thrown anywhere to be honest.