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 #23346  by Cristopher Arundael
Seeking: Professional Network & Fans, Hogwarts Alumni, Personal Connections
Having grown up in Waddlestone Village, U.K. as the middle of a set of triplets, Cristopher was a Hogwartian Gryffindor between 1989–1996. Well-received for his humour and gallant demeanour, he enjoyed a successful social life, a less prominent academic career, a brief stint as part-time sales clerk with Dominic Maestro's Music Shop, and a slightly longer stint as house team Beater in his final year. He procured post-graduation employment with the Owl Post Courier Service, transferring to London headquarters after destruction of the Waddlestone Village branch in the War. After the war, he and his older triplet, Lorelai, were drafted as substitute players for Montrose Magpies before their promotion in 2001. Since then, the twins' unflappable rapport with one another in snatching points from opponent teams have lent them the nickname of "Twin Thieves".
I don't typically like to stipulate specific categories of social relationships, so this isn't going to be like that. Instead, I'll provide some ideas as to how your character could fit into Cristopher's history and life; you are welcome to surprise me with something I haven't thought of.

I envision Cris to have a fairly robust network in the International and British Quidditch League, but also surrounding connections such as in the media, business endorsements, or upperclassmen attending social events. He could be a familiar amongst St. Mungo's Hospital staff due to sports-related injuries. He and his sister likely accumulated some fans and a healthy dose of anti-fans. He would have some former colleagues that he remains friendly with. Cris deeply appreciated his school career, is fiercely loyal to Gryffindor house, and thus is likely relatively active in the Hogwarts alumni network. He may be on good terms with some of his former and current Professors, as he semi-regularly donates financially to Hogwarts and particularly to furtherance of Gryffindor house. I'd like to see some former romantic connections from school and in the recent 2-3 years that he has been single. These could have ended well or poorly. I am also open to current romantic connections, but prefer to develop these organically. Something that most will not know of Cristopher is the tale of his father's death, or rather, presumed death. He will know some British MoM employees who are involved in any capacity with restoration efforts after the War, due to failed attempts to understand what happened to his muggleborn father. He may have had some contact with detectives or private investigators.
I love fast-paced and two-way plotting, being surprised, and organic character development. Hit me up with whatever you got.
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 #23353  by Sebastian Murphy

Sebastian is not a private investigator or detective, but he went to Hogwarts as a Hufflepuff and he works at the Daily Prophet now. He would be interested in doing a story/taking photographs with a Quidditch Player. He also loves Quidditch and plays on his team in Golden Era for Hufflepuff. Keeper. We can plot something up if you'd like.
 #23355  by Vyreia

Here are some characters I think would be cool to plot with:

Cecile Delaurier - She's a Hitwitch who's tired of some corrupted methods in the Ministry, so has started going a bit rogue, so it could be cool for her to get involve with finding Christopher's father's body

Viola York - I literally offer her for everything as a past love interest because errr she's that girl. She used to be a Gryffindor but I believe she's a couple of years older. She's always fun though!

Hera Cleary - She used to be an avid Quidditch player in school and did want to take it to a professional level, but was forced out of it by her family - it may have been a secret thing they did together in the past? Or perhaps she still secretly wants to be a player but is too tied up with her business and family

Roger Donoghue - He's a sleazy reporter, what can I say? He can report all the juicy gossip on Christopher for you

Golden Professors - I have both Dora Watson who is a sweetheart darling sugarplum mother-type, and then I have Dolores Umbridge who is not so much those things

Astrid Iver - I'm going to throw her out there too. She's a high-society aristocrat who loves sports and runs gambling rings around them - she may watch from private booths, so it would be cool if she introduced Cris to even more private events. Who knows what might happen there!
 #23357  by Everevna
You guys make me so happy!!!!11!1

So @Sebastian Murphy and Cris are quite a few years apart, but I like the idea of that Cristopher possibly meets him when visiting Hogwarts in... let's say 2001. Perhaps they then now reencounter one another for an interview?

@Cecile Delaurier would be perfect for that plot!. Spoiler alert: Henry Arundael isn't actually dead, but nobody knows that. Or maybe Cecile is slowly beginning to know this from digging around in old records. I wonder what would she do with that information...

@Hera Cleary would be a lovely friend for Cristopher. He would absolutely have loved to play with her back when they were in school, but I imagine he would still be happy to take her out to play even nowadays. He'd want to teach her kids to play. And he'll probably keep hinting that she could totally go pro.

Definitely would be on good terms with @Dora Watson. Definitely holds a deep seated burning grudge for @Dolores Umbridge who, as far as Cris is concerned, ruined his final year of school. Definitely would find @Roger Donoghue a nuisance or an amusement depending on what Roger dishes on him; we can work this out more.

Cris is a little wary of these rich married women, but he'd probably be very polite with @Astrid Iver and probably secretly thinks she's really hot. I'd say the ball is in Astrid's court here as to what she wants to do with Cris. I'm all game.

Lastly, I feel like it's a little far-fetched to think that @Viola York would have been interested in a boy so much younger... Unless you reckon otherwise?
 #23403  by Rokuro no Batsu
In my list:

@Mark Binx A 6th year? Ravenclaw, though not very energetic is known for hanging with the wrong group and very smart, so much so many come to him for homework help of class tutoring.

@Prudence Binx Or in Golden 'Prudence Batsu' Is the prankster of the Slytherin house, along with my other character @Yukiko Binx . Yukiko's the follower, Prudence the ring leader.

There also the cocky @Dillian Smith , who is currently working on a way to take down the pink blob a notch with Prudence. He's into sports though, which is why I mention him here.

And obviously.... @Severus Snape is mine. We all know his history. ;)

I have a few more but their either international and not in England in golden or born much later on. If you want information on them don't be afraid to pm me. :D
 #23627  by TyrellRose
Hey there!

Although she's from across the pond, @Artemis Browning is a well-known broom racer with a penchant for death-defying stunts! She's pretty well known on the circuit and would likely have traveled to Europe for tournaments and while it's a different sport, I'm sure they might have come across each other (maybe competing for a broom company sponsorship? oooooOOOOOoOOOOooooooOOOOOOO) She's also only a year older than him ;)

@Lucia Flores Medina is probably a fan and considering she's had extreme luck with meeting her idols lately, she's an old hat at meeting famous people now. She's cheery, happy-go-lucky, and best of all, 100% single.

An odd one, but @Percy Weasley was a couple of years above him in Gryffindor and now works at the Ministry (albeit not entirely in a restoration role). It might be interesting to see how they interact given that Percy continued to work at the Ministry during the war.
 #23696  by Everevna
I definitely think Cristopher would have tried to chummy it up with @Mark Binx just for the sake of having someone's homework to copy, and he would likely have be familiar with @Prudence Binx and @Yukiko Binx as fellow mischief makers. I think @Prudence Binx and he might've butt heads, but ultimately graduated with a mutual respect for that they care deeply for their own and would go to the end of the world to protect their family and friends.

Also, ugh, @Severus Snape. Cris: /thumbs down/

I love the idea of that @Artemis Browning and Cristopher might have competed at some point for a sponsorship. Cris would want it for the income; Artemis could want it for any reason. That should be a lot of fun! I can picture a love-hate relationship type with rivalry in the mix. Cris would never tell her that he admires her guts.

I am not sure how to have @Lucia Flores Medina meet Cris just yet, but we're definitely going to have to keep this in mind. Likewise, @Percy Weasley would be an interesting connection since Cris was on good terms with Percy's twin(s) brother(s). Perhaps he might have asked that Percy pull some strings or prompt someone in a relevant role to look into Henry Arundael's disappearance!