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 #37185  by Elaine Howell
Elaine Howell

Profile here.

Hey everyone! Bringing Elaine back and looking for friends!

Marauder era: 1st Year at Chicago Academy of Wizardry
Golden era: Healer at St Mungo's
Reformation era: Senior Healer (left position at French Ministry of Magic in Healer Liaison within past 2 years)
Legacy era: Senior Healer

Elaine is a muggleborn witch who was imprisoned and tortured during the wizarding war, and has recently returned to the wizarding world, when she discovered that the daughter she adopted is a witch! Since returning, she discovered that the fiancee she had thought dead was actually alive and her life has been... a whirlwind!
  • Elaine is looking for friends, particularly in Oxford or amongst St Mungo's employees.
  • She was a student at CAW during the Marauder era so would like some school friends.
  • She grew up in France, so possibly some friends there?
  • Elaine has been without her fiancee for 5? years now and has returned to find that she's married, so she's trying to get back in the dating scene! Some failed blind dates would be wonderful. EDIT: I should probably add that she's gay.
  • Any patient/medical threads are also up for grabs!
Reply here, or send me a message :)
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 #37191  by Ejder

I'd like to offer two patients for you! First, Dino O'Sullivan, who might get injured doing something stupid cos that's how he rolls, and then Nikau Harrison, who might be injured in the line of duty as he's an Auror.

Also she's a bit young to have very serious interactions with him, but a band that's starting to get really popular in Marauders is Wyvern of Wye, and I play the guitarist Can Zerdali. Maybe Elaine is a fan? Or maybe she prefers the all-girl band The Platonics?
 #37196  by Ejder
That sounds good! In case you're interested in reaching out to them, the Platonics are in play at this moment! There's Jezeviel Degraph (Kay), Xenia Sweeney (Tee), and Carmen Martinez (Alatariel).

As for Wyvern of Wye, currently in play are Can, Angus Bell (Kai), and Syd Harley (Ever). I'd love to have Elaine come to a show! Maybe she gets to meet the band and talks to Can for a bit?

As for Dino and Nikau, I'm more than glad to throw either of them into a thread with Elaine! Maybe Nikau and her can commiserate on their terrible dating life lmao.
 #37204  by TyrellRose
Cat!!!! It's so good to see you back!

Lesse.... I have Lindsay Barton who's about 8 years younger than Elaine but also gay and could use a blind date or two (especially since she's starting to crush on a straight girl).

Clint Connor may have been one of her teachers at CAW. He's a half giant with a huge heart and would have been the nurturing type.

Apollo Browning is a healer working at Golden Wing Hospice in San Francisco but perhaps they met/meet at a conference?

Finally, a long shot option Carter Whittaker is five years younger than her, raised in Switzerland, and didn't start at CAW until he was 15 after transferring from Beauxbatons (and then he dropped out in March of his senior year) but it's an option haha... although he is currently incarcerated. The timeline might not fit but I figured I'd throw him in here.
 #37248  by melmaid
Hi Cat!

I have a fellow healer from St. Mungo's to offer: Thelma! Bit of a backstory: she is a Gryffindor alumnus from the Marauder's era and fought in both wizarding wars as an Order of the Phoenix member. As a healer, she was never on the front lines but had to watch many of her friends fall along the way. Saying that, she isn't the best healer around, but she's very passionate about what she does and just really wants to help everyone!!!

Elaine and Thelma would be long-time co-workers as both are healers from Golden Era to Legacy Era.

Apart from that, I also have Bellamy who is a French junior auror who just transferred to the British Ministry of Magic. He'd probably find himself in a pickle and would end up in St. Mungo's on the occasion. He'd probably talk Elaine's ear off if he ever found out that she was also French.
 #37335  by Jessica Teale
Hey Cat!

I have Jessica here to offer you - she's an intern healer at St Mungo's in Golden, and a Healer in Reformation - but she's also Muggleborn and during the war she was able to flee and go into hiding abroad. Perhaps Elaine was a mentor to her, I imagine Jess would have looked up to her a lot as they would have had a lot in common.

Happy to RP anytime, hit me up!
 #37346  by Elaine Howell
Hey Tee! It's good to be back! Let's see... I think I'd love to explore Elaine as a child/student, so how about we set up a thread at CAW in the marauder era, if that works for your timeline? And let's go with a blind date thread with Lindsay and Elaine. Have you seen 'Love is Blind'? I just imagine Elaine being like Jessica, "but she's 8 years younger than me!" We can revisit some of the other ideas in the future?

Melmaid - hello! Happy to run with both Bellamy and Thelma! Which one would you rather do first? :)

Hey Susan! Absolutely happy for Elaine to be a mentor to Jessica, although Elaine has only just recently returned to St Mungo's since the war. Perhaps they've been working different shifts/different floors and they only just bump into each? Jess would likely have thought Elaine to have been dead, following the war.