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 #36065  by Masayo Okada
Hey everyone! This is Arsene's New Character #1 — Masayo!

She is a very fun gal and enjoys all the fun things Tokyo and Japan as a whole likes to offer. Masayo works at the Japanese Ministry in the mysterious Department Four. Some of her hobbies include gaming, karaoke, and hitting up ramen shops in Ogikubo. She's also obsessed with New Japan Pro Wrestling.

What I'm looking for is equally strange friends, gaming friends, and Ministry workers from around the world. Masayo knows English and Japanese. Let me know if you wanna be friends with this little ball of energy!
 #36163  by Sadao Takayama
i have Markus Green, English man who travels a bit maybe he’s in Japan for once?

Obviously I have Japanese characters, however, I don’t see them interacting in a nice way as most if not all are polar opposites of normal society in any country much less mindful Japan. Your more than free to give me an idea if you want them brought out though.
 #36473  by Astoria Greengrass
Astoria would love more gal pals to socialize with. Perhaps she could show Masayo around London or run into her at the Japanese Ministry of Magic. She’s a memo taker ( glorified admin) for various members of the Wizengamot so perhaps she tagged along to assist with an important meeting there? Feel free to PM me if you want to plot.