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 #32494  by Ejder
Seeking coworkers, friends, flings
Dino is a laidback, easygoing kind of guy who is very approachable, loves having fun, and really, really loves sports. He is an oceanographer for the Wizarding Expedition, and has traveled the world.
I'm looking for characters to fill the following roles:
  • Friends: These can be pretty much within five to ten years of his age. He graduated from Gryffindor in 1997, so there's bound to be a lot of people to interact with. It would be great to find friends he has in Golden era, too. He's a very approachable, fun-loving guy, and he does a lot of sports, so there's a lot of possibilities to meet people there.
  • Coworkers: Anyone who works for the Wizarding Expedition Society, or near a coastline.
  • Flings: Dino has had quite a few casual relationships with other men. He hasn't been in anything long term.
If you are at all interested in having your character fill any of those roles, feel free to leave a reply down below and I will contact you to discuss details and start a thread!
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 #32497  by TyrellRose
Yay! So happy Dino's around! I have four characters to offer:

Eden and Fiona are his coworkers in the WES. Eden is a herbologist from America who does quite a bit of traveling and is... not quite so easygoing, but loves to have fun and is approachable but has a bit of an abrasive side. She's also a "tree-hugging" environmental activist. Fiona, on the other hand, is a very laidback Inuit cultural consultant and public speaker. She likely would be involved any time Dino entered Arctic waters in Canada to ensure his team is culturally aware.

I also have Delyse, a Caribbean mermaid who has started cooperating with the WES. She'd have some interesting things to tell him, I'm sure.

Finally, Apollo could be a potential fling if Dino ever found himself in San Francisco. He's a junior healer there and is pretty laidback and easygoing, despite coming from a high profile family. If Dino associates with Apollo, he'd likely also end up coming across his twin sister Artemis, since Apollo and Artemis share just about everything with each other.

Hope this helps!
 #32540  by Ejder

Eden and Fiona both seem really cool! I imagine Dino would have met Fiona while he was working in Alaska, maybe she was there? He could have been around the north of Canada too, I guess, if he was following the killer whales there. I'm most interested in Eden, though. I feel like Dino would absolutely love to work in Hawaii, and I'm pretty sure he must have at some point, or maybe he will in the future! I don't know if the WES has an LGBT employee association, but if they do, maybe they know each other through there? I feel like they would get along rather well!

I'd love to have Dino interact with Delyse! I remember from your app that she is falling in love with a WES member. Maybe it's Dino? Or maybe it's someone Dino knows?

As for Apollo, Dino's definetely interested in having a fling with him, but I think it could have been over a year ago? I'm not so sure how much he'd 'associate' with him, though, as like I said Dino does things mostly casually, but if they met outside of a bar, maybe doing sports or something, then maybe they'd be acquainted enough outside of the uh, dalliance for Dino to have met Artemis?
 #32584  by Elise Pelletier
As well as working on playing Iguana (I am getting there, my creative juices just seem to be a bit slow right now!) I have some other possible connections for Dino.

I've got Elise here, who is a Deep Sea Magizoologist for the WES, so they could know each other from work and may overlap in certain areas! I think they're around the same age as well, though Elise went to Beauxbatons.

Then, I have a possible friend for Dino in Reese Killigrew - she's also a 7th Year Gryffindor in Golden Era, and she's a Broom Racer in Reformation, I think they would have had a lot in common as they'd both have been sporty, Reese was also outgoing and adventurous, didn't take much seriously unless it was Quidditch.

I also have Caitlin Westcott-Fisher, who is in the same Hogwarts year but in Ravenclaw, and she is a Professional Duelist in Reformation. She would have had some classes with Dino too so they'd definitely have known each other. She was also into other sports as well as duelling.
 #32595  by Ejder
No worries with the juices, we can't always be 100%!

I love all these possible connections! I think Dino and Elise should do the prompt I received in my app!
★ Rumour has it there's a rogue group of mermaids terrorizing a pod of manatees! That's sure to affect the manatee population. Is there anything you can do about it?
I think Reese would have been good friends with Dino, they would have hung out for sure! Plotting to be had here.

As for Caitlin, I'd looooove to have her and Dino duel for fun at some point! I can't guarantee he's any good, but I'm pretty sure he'd be down for it.