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 #26059  by Leontine Oaks
Seeking Coworkers/Friends
Leo is a reporter who is growing rather cynical of the American political landscape. She is dying to make friends, but doesn't quite seem to know how! Wasn't it easier in school when the people in your class were your friends?
I'm looking for characters to fill the following roles:
  • Ex-Husband: Just putting it out there. They divorced a year ago so maybe they are ready to try to have a civil conversation?
  • Coworkers: Journalists and pr people! Leo needs to share her frustrations with someone! Or maybe your character is an idealist who will find a way to motivate her?
  • Politicians: Leo will not be kind to you or give you a free pass, she is there to find the truth and when she does she will expose it.
If you are at all interested in having your character fill any of those roles, feel free to leave a reply down below and I will contact you to discuss details and start a thread!
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