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Zi Shang An / WES

Zi Shang An, Active Character


but those letters, they're all strewn across your bedroom floor
such beautiful words, but you just can't remember who they're for

Name Zǐ Shāng Ān, occasionally Euphémie An
Passport G27087159, issued in Shanghai, China
Residence Creuse, France
Birth 12 December, 1972 in Yongding, Fujian province of China
Demographics Chinese muggleborn witch
Marital Status single

Patronus Demoiselle crane
Wand Register 8 ½" Chinese plum, bai ze wing feather, pliant; right-hand wielding
Amortentia Plum blossom, rice wine ferment, mountain air
Pet Wàng Chén, an Abraxan winged horse

Occupation Accredited magiphilologist, Wizarding Expedition Society
Work Experience Equestrian caretaker, Beauxbâtons; Archivist and Assistant, WES
Education Advanced Degree in Magiphilology with distinction '97, Massachusetts Institute of Magical Scholarship
Proficient Languages Mandarin, English, French, Spanish, Gobbledegook, Giantese, some Mermish

Francis Friis, ex-fiancé
Gemma Batsu, friend
Aidan Sullivan, friend
Reiner Liebhart, friend

by your window there's a picture filled with strangers
always looking down on you

Played By: Everevna