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Profiles of characters with first names that start with W - Z.
 #368  by Zeke Warren
Ezekiel Luke Warren
And I don’t want the world to see me ‘cause I don’t think that they’d understand
The Hipster
AKA: Zeke
Birthdate: February 28, 1983
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Place of Birth: Halifax, Nova Scotia
Nationality: Canadian/American
Current Residence: Chicago, Il

School Attended: Chicago Academy of Wizardry, class of 2001
Certifications: Magical History Adept, Occlumency
Financial Position: Middle Class
Languages Spoken: English

Ethnicity: Metis
Hair: Brown, slicked back
Eyes: Grey
Distinguishing Traits: N/A

Father: Alexander Mark Warren, b. 1945 (Educator)
Mother: Celeste Grace Warren (nee Cameron), b. 1946 (Potioneer)
Siblings: Benjamin "Benji" Warren b. 1983 (twin), Isabelle "Izzy" Warren b. 1986, Calliope "Callie" Warren b. 1987, Rebekah "Bekah" Warren b. 1987

P. Grandparents: Owen Warren & Caroline Leary

P. Uncles/Aunts: Frank Warren m. Bertha Crawford, MaryAnn Warren m. Nicholas Solei, Sandra Warren m. Justin Green, Anthony Warren m. Oliver Sanders, Arthur Warren m. Lily Jenson

P. Cousins: Carrie Warren m. Ashton Whetter, Justin Warren m. Tiana Blake, Vivian Warren, Charlotte Solei, William Solei, Emma Solei, Neil Solei, Elizabeth Green, Daniel Warren, Jack Warren

M. Grandparents: Lucas Cameron & Cassiopeia Mathews

M. Aunt: Selene Cameron m. Richard Lewis

M. Cousin: Camilla Lewis

Species: Human
Blood Status: Mixed Blood
Father's Blood Status: Mixed Blood
Mother's Blood Status: Mixed Blood
Wand: 8” Ash, Phoenix feather
Patronus: Owl

+ Intelligent, Hardworking, Heart of gold
- Prone to jealousy, Awkward, Shy
Zodiac: Pisces
Celtic Tree: The Enchanter
Temperament: Melancholic
Enneagram: The Individualist
Boggart: Snake
Loyalties: His family, Jaime
Interests: History, Politics, Arithmancy
Talents: Academics, Photographic memory
Notable Possessions: His uncle’s favourite book

Happiest Memory: Meeting Jaime
Worst Memory: Finding out his uncle was in a coma
Accomplishments: Graduating school
Important Life Events: WIP

Era Information
Reformation: Shop Clerk, By the Book, Constellation Plaza Mall
Legacy: Records Room Attendant, ABM

Template Credit: Tee
Character PB: Richard Harmon
Lyrics Credit: Iris - Goo Goo Dolls
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