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 #15397  by Yoru Nakamura

And it is from this world of darkness
Which come the evil, destructive forces of man's nature

  • FULL NAME: Yoru Nakamura/中村夜
    KNOWN AS:Nakamura-san/中村さん
    NICKNAMES: Mura-san/村さん
    CURRENT AGE:Turned at 34 Years old
    BIRTHDATE: April 1st 1962 

    RACE: Vampire
    BLOOD STATUS: Pure until turned
    NATIONALITY: Japanese
    Other than that healthy.
    FINANCIAL STATUS: Very Wealthy, Through Illegal means
    MARITAL STATUS:Single...and not mingling

    LOYALTIES:His boys, His son and the Nakamura-shi Tokyo Yakuza branch
    PRIORITIES: Family
    LIFE PHILOSOPHY: "We can kill you twice before you hit the ground."
    ROMANCE PHILOSOPHY: "A woman tends to kill a mans spirit faster than death itself."

    EDUCATION: Mahoutokoro, Yellow Kitsune; Class of 1980

    PETS: A bat
    PATRONUS: A bat
    BOGGART: His son dead
    AMORTENTIA: Green Tea, ink, blood and his mothers old body spray
    MIRROR OF ERISED: Alive with all his boys still by his side.

My heart is breaking but there's no use crying
What a cyanide surprise you have left for my eyes

Don't mind us we're just spilling our guts
If this is love I don't wanna be loved

  • Standing 5'8, Yoru Nakamura is a well-toned man with skin that is slightly tanned. His hair, black is normally at his shoulders unless he'd in one of his moods and chooses to cut it. As a child, his hair was cut in wacky cuts and abnormal colors from time to time much to his father's dismay but he grew out of this in later years.

    He is a fan of dark clothing, his button-up silk shirts usually halfway unbuttoned to show his six pack and tight to form around his toned arms. when he's on the job or out of the house he prefers high-class slacks, depending on the weather a long leather trenchcoat with a katana hidden in it (a trait he was pleased to see his son adopt). Around the house, he'll relax a bit and wear a pair of shorts or light sweats with a cotton shirt.

    He's a fan of tattoo's his tattoo's covering his arms and back...even his chest. He see's them as a status, most yakuza having some kind of tattoo on their body to show they are loyal to the cause.
You could be the corpse and I could be the killer
If I could be the devil, you could be the sinner


  • "Power comes through ruling with fear, if more understood that? They might have a chance facing me."

    Not a man of words, Yoru is seen as cruel and heartless to many of those around him. Killing with no mercy, he has raised on the blood of his father's enemies, trained how to take them out himself and thus is seen as someone to be feared.

    His cold temperament and ruthlessness have gained him much respect in the criminal underground surrounding Asia.

    To the public, he is respectful but distant. Careful to not create waves even, as the less attention on him and his group the better. His boy's see him as a strict man who has them under his iron will of fear, but also as a man who should they prove useful respects them for their hard work.

    His family tends to see him as a strict but protective father, someone they can go to but also someone they need to prove themselves to as well.
You pollute the room with a filthy tongue
Watch me choke it down so I can throw it up.

    Born and raised to fight and run his father's criminal underbelly, Yoru seems to be a natural born leader who runs with fear. He specializes in Tactics and Strength, making sure his boy's and son is alright. He has a certain unspoken protective quality when it comes to those close to him.
    With the good comes the bad, and while his leading skills and power hungry can be seen as possible strengths he also developed his fathers dislike for outsiders and become close-minded as his father ir not just as rutheless as his old man.

    TALENTS: Killing, Murder, mutilating, Sniping, swordplay, calligraphy, PLaying the guitar, Potions and offensive spells (when alive), Hand to hand combat, Languages.
    INTERESTS: Killing, drinking, smoking, gambling, fighting.
    PROFICIENT LANGUAGES: Japanese(Kansai and Tokyo-ben), Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), Korean, Thai and Vietnamese, Russian, Italian and enough English to get along in England. (fluent in Legacy)

    HAPPIEST MEMORY: His boy's rescuing him.
    WORST MEMORY: Being locked up for six years.
    GREATEST REGRETS: Regrets are for the weak.
    GREATEST ACCOMPLISHMENT: Taking over his father's organization.
    DARKEST SECRETS: That takes six years to fully break the sire bond, while it was weak it still kept him captive.

    Failure find me
    To tie me up now
    'Cause I'm as bad, as bad as it gets
    Failure find me

    H I S T O R Y
    • Born into and raised by his criminal father, he never knew much about his whole family as they had disowned his side of the family when his father not only joined but rose to the rank of oyabun of the Newly renamed Nakamura-shi Toyko Magical Yakuza. All he knew about The rest of the Nakamura's were they were loyal to Ministry standards and saw his father as a disgrace to their name. As his father took this personally, he grew up taking it just as personal and kept his distance from them as well.

      By the age of ten, Yoru was already being trained in full martial arts, swordplay, and languages as well as the torture of prisoners. His father explaining that in their lifestyle a long life was not always assumed and he needed to be ready to take over at any time.

      school for him was much different than it was for anyone else who seemed to walk the halls, while many were worried about meeting their first loves and getting good report cares Yoru, was already focused on playing the game of finding the strongest people to buddy up with. Anyone weak was not worth his time, that was how he met Genesis Batsu. Unknown to him, they were cousins...something that if he had known the friendship probably wouldn't have taken place. However, the two seemed to hit it off and were side by side most days.

      Right after his dropping out in his 6th year due to his father falling deathly ill, his father also passed leaving him to take control of his fathers empire. His training not going to waste he ruled with an iron fist, but was always looking out for new members who might prove useful. That was how he found Hiro Kawazaki, a boy who seemed to love the fight and Shiro Takayama who had a fire that he was just drawn to.

      While Kawazaki turned out just to be another member, Dependable and strong but nothing special...Shiro Takayama seemed to be a powerhouse of rage and power that he was going to use and control to his will, he however soon found himself doing it out of a parental reason. Seeing Shiro as his younger self and it wasn't long before adoption papers were pushed through to make it official. His intuition seemed to prove right, as Shiro seemed unbeatable and rose through the ranks just like he had, as a young man.

      Things were going well until he got a letter from his old buddy Genesis Batsu who seemed to make enemies with the White monkeys; The Magical version of the triad. Genesis has gotten him out of a few troubles...he did feel a duty to pay him back for those times and took on the case. What he didn't know was he would end up captured for six years as a result only to be rescued by none other his son years later.

      Taking the Ministry job as a vampire controller to cover up his part in the organization due to his contacts being either dead or retired, he has used his cover job and decided to make it a positive thing:

      To hunt down and legally kill those who kept him captive as well as to be yet another ministry leak on the Yakuza's behalf.

    By my neck cause I'm a fate worse than death
    S O U N D B I T E S & Q U O T E S
    • "He kills with no mercy, I'd take my warning and get out of here."
      • -- HIRO KAWAZAKI Warning One of the white monkeys that his death was near. (Poor soul did not make it.)

    Sarcasm by Get scared
    C R E D I T S
    • Face claim is Miyavi
      Profile template is by Ever, inspired by Mel and Ant, of Vault 713.
      Sub-headers are lyrics excerpted from Sacrasm by Get Scared.
 #15676  by Yoru Nakamura
Vampire abilities

:Reason for being turned:
Captured by the white monkeys and held captive, he was forced to Drink his sires blood. The idea of turning him was the same reason for turning his childhood schoolmate Genesis Batsu: To use them to kill their family's. Only they had learned from Gen's killing of his own sire and instead kept him captive in an attempt to brainwash him; being trained not to give in to torture they underestimated their enemy and when he was rescued he made it his goal to hunt them down instead.

Bloodline: Fleur du Sang
Status: Going after the coven of his own bloodline known as the 'White monkeys'

Bloodline Abilities: Thought Perception
-Having honed his skills in this during the six years of his captivity, he uses this skill, for the most part, to get into his boy's heads as well as to play around with his prey during torture sessions.

-While he's got more control then most new vampires he does still slip from time to time and see's things he doesn't mean to, and into people, he's not aiming to get into. He's usually silent about this mishap, keeping it to himself.

Basic Ability #1: Increased Speed
-Known for his quick action before, him inheriting this trait did no one any real favors as he now has even more of a speed advantage and doesn't need to use magic to get his point across.

-Sometimes forgets that the Ministry would rather them not use this trait and uses it anyway.

Basic Ability #2: Enhanced Senses
-Takes advantage of the ability to eavesdrop on his prey or track their scent. Will use this trait when hunting for his current meal as well.

 #15677  by Yoru Nakamura
None Vampire skills

Dark arts
Age started: 6 years old
Level: Mastery

Not yet able to use magic outside of school his father found this a bit tricky, however, he got Yoru onto the forbidden books before he even entered school. By the time Yoru entered school and was finally able to pick up his wand, he already basically knew all the spells that could land one in prison. He lost the ability to use this knowledge after he was forced to turn into a vampire in the summer of 1996.

Note: He had never actually used most of them, preferring to kill with blood involved rather than alert the ministry to his ever-growing records of murders. He was known to use crucio and once in awhile the Imperius curse when torturing his prey in protected rooms.

Defensive spells
Age started: 6 years old
Level: Mastery

Trained in killing, his father was also aware the ability to defend yourself was also important. Needless to say he worked with his son on both, and Yoru again lost the ability to even use it once he had been turned into a vampire.

Note: When alive he was seen often using these spells when in the middle of a fight.

Fencing and Kendo
Age started: 4 years old
Level: hanshi/ 8 dan
Original reasoning: Tradition

A master of offensive and defensive skills, Yoru knows his way around a blade to the point of being deadly with even a switch blade. His father got him into Kendo and Fencing training along with training with the dark arts around 4 years old, lessons continuing up until his death. His trenchcoat even has a large pocket that holds one when he exits the house. He continues his training knowing even the best master has someone in the world that is that much better.

Age started: 4 years old
Level: Mastery
Original reasoning: Tradition

The Yakuza coming from the age of the samurai it was and is a tradition for all members to learn the way of the sword. Yoru was no exception, while Kendo has some likeness to it for them Kenjutsu is in a league of its own.

That being said, it's a known fact that one never stops learning it and their swords are treated with just as much care as their hearts because to them their sword is their heart.

Years started: 3 Years old
Level: Black belt
Original Reasoning: Tradition

Details: Also coming from back in the day samurai, Jujutsu is taught to all major players of the group and Yoru started the basics as soon as he could walk. The art its self is used to manipulating the opponent's force against themselves rather than confronting it with one's own force. Typically used when no weapon is at hand he prefers to use his blade more so than his body, but if pushed to do so will use this training to get the upper hand.

Fire arms
Years started: 8 years old
Level: usually perfect aim
Original reasoning: Vampire's on the rise

Just as the samurai's had their swords taken away, the Yakuza also had to update their weapons. While they prefer magic as opposed to their swords and guns, as vampires became a common threat in his father's age (before the white monkeys made it center stage) all members were trained in using a gun as well as the skills they learned for the sake of tradition. Yoru picked up his first gun at the age of 8, learning how to hit his mark by the age of 15. It was years later they became aware this would only injure said vampire...not kill them.
 #15678  by Yoru Nakamura

of crimes


Eiji Kudo-June 13th 1977
Reason: Member of the Nakamura-shi Yakuza it was found out he was leaking information to another opposing yakuza family.

Hajime Yamado- Aug 1st 1977
Reason: Yoru took this one in his own hands when the man drug his father's name into the dirt.

-White monkeys first appear as a threat. The siring of the original white monkeys vampire not yet happened

-Most of these done with the assist of

his father

White monkey's death at his hands*
Lu Bao
Shi Ai
Li Feng
Su Gou
Sui Kong
Ho Jing
Chiu Juan

Kiro Abe - Aug 14th 1978
Reason: Captured by his father, the two tortured and killed him together. reason being for disobediance within the group.

-School cutting his activity short

Moshi Hashimoto- Aug 1st 1979
Reason: Attacking fellow members when a deul was not in progress

Hsi Ming
Kho Mu

Temp partner appointed by his father on the Higarashi Jewel co' account.

-Still in process of editing