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 #20784  by Vinda Rosier
NAME: Vinda Rosier
DATE OF BIRTH: 1 March 1900
EMPLOYER: Aristocrat

PRIMARY ERA: Expedition


Concept: Vinda Rosier is a dedicated follower of Grindelwald. A French pureblood witch from a prominent family, Rosier has long detested non–magiques because of an incident in her family's history. Forced to give up their ancestral lands near Compiegne during World War I to preserve the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy, the Rosiers relocated to Paris. This left a burning hatred in Vinda's father, Richard, which was passed on to his children, particularly his eldest daughter. Now Vinda is deeply committed to bringing about Grindelwald's vision for the future, to the point of being even more anti-Muggle than her master.

Appearance: Rosier is a slim, attractive woman with pale skin, dark hair, and cold green eyes. She is always elegantly dressed in the most expensive fashions of the time, favoring dark colors such as black and green.
Ethnicity: French Caucasian
Personality: Vinda is cold, calculating, and utterly devoted to Grindelwald's ideals of magical superiority. She can be charming and charismatic when trying to convert other wizards to Grindelwald's cause.

Backstory: Rosier grew up in a family of wealthy pureblood wizards in the countryside of France. Her family's traditional estates encompassed acres of lush property near Compiegne. Some Rosiers even mingled with the courts of French royalty before the Statute of Secrecy came into effect during the reign of the Sun King. Resentful at their loss of position within French society, the Rosiers became embittered against both the statute and the French Ministry of Magic. This hatred became even more pronounced when the fighting during the Great War approached their estates, causing the Ministry to ask them to relocate to protect the secrecy of the wizarding world. Richard Rosier, Vinda's father, was incensed and his hatred influenced his daughter's outlook. Indulged in everything she wanted and heavily prejudiced against non–magiques, Vinda was predisposed to be charmed by Grindelwald's message after he fled from England. She met the dark wizard at a secret party of aristocratic purebloods in 1922. She was an eager volunteer for some of Grindelwald's attacks on aurors and non–magiques during the early 1920s, cementing her position within his followers.

Recent History: In 1925, Vinda Rosier has joined Grindelwald's cause and is laying the groundwork for his movement in France and continental Europe. Vinda is an important part of the dark wizard's network, and a charismatic spokeswoman for his ideals among her fellow purebloods. She is not part of his plans in the United States and is not aware of the significance Grindelwald attaches to obscurials.

Current Goals: Vinda Rosier wants political and societal power. Like all of Grindelwald's followers, she wants to be at the top of a pureblood aristocracy that dominates both the magical and non-magical world. Vinda is also deeply interested in learning dark and forbidden magic to increase her own personal power and has helped Grindelwald with some of his research into particularly dangerous and destructive spells.

In the short term, Vinda is focused on recruiting more followers to Grindelwald's cause. She attends parties and secret meetings in France to attract purebloods to Grindelwald's message of freedom. While she might be cold and arrogant, the witch is attractive and can be charming when the situation calls for it. She also is quite good at discovering old prejudices among her peers and stoking those animosities for Grindelwald's benefit. Vinda's long-term goals are similar to Grindelwald's, although maybe even more extreme. She wants wizards to rule over the entire world -- a world she envisions being populated exclusively by magical beings.

Hobbies:Vinda enjoys tea, wine, and other fine beverages and food. She is a connoisseur of fashion and architecture. She spends a great deal of her time researching dark magic on behalf of Grindelwald, including some spells that are beyond her ability to perform.
Loyalties:She is extremely loyal to Grindelwald, her family, and the idea of pureblood supremacy.
Magical Strengths: Vinda is an exceptionally powerful practitioner of the dark arts, including a variety of curses and rituals. She is also very good at charming and controlling persistent tea pots.
Magical Weaknesses:Rosier pays little attention to magic that doesn't further Grindelwald's goals or her own personal power.

Secret They'll Never Tell:Vinda Rosier is secretly afraid of non-magique technology. Her brief glimpse at the power of Muggle weapons during the First World War frightened her more than she will ever admit, even to herself. Although she frequently expounds on the inferiority of non-magical people, she is also baffled by their inventions and afraid of the potential for science to eclipse magic.