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Profiles of characters with first names that start with Q - S.
 #185  by Reese Killigrew
[charactercard]Reese Alexandra Killigrew|Witch|  July 3rd, 1979|Reformation|England, UK|Salisbury, England|Racer in the International Broom Racers Circuit[/charactercard]

[question=What is the concept for your character]A dynamic young broom racer who is rising up in the leagues, experiencing fame for the first time.[/question]

[question=What does your character look like]Long, thick brown hair that becomes untamable in humidity. Bushy eyebrows. A pointed chin, a strong, angled jaw and a small mouth. Pale skin. Big, warm brown eyes. Reese is short - she has a small frame and bone structure, but she’s muscular, toned and athletic. Her style is sporty and casual, and she has a small tattoo of three birds on the inside of her left wrist.[/question]

[question=What is life like in their primary era]Being an athlete requires commitment and 100% dedication to her sport - much of Reese’s life currently revolves around training, competing and beating her current best score. Her lifestyle is anything but stable - she is constantly traveling, attending races and events across the world. She gives interviews. She sees her friends and family when she can, and she is always out meeting new people.

In the whirlwind that is now Reese’s life, she is trying to stay true to herself.[/question]

[question=How did they get where they are now]Through training, dedication, hard work, natural talent and having boundless amounts of energy. Throughout her entire childhood, Reese never had an off switch. She tore around as a child, leaving a path of destruction wherever she went, her parents frantically doing damage control. By the time she reached Hogwarts age, luckily, she had grown out of this. But she wasn’t completely happy, relaxed or herself unless she was on a broom.

Reese never excelled at academics - she was smart, but her intelligence manifested through her wit and good humour and never extended much to book smarts. Hogwarts, to Reese, wasn’t about good grades. It was about friendship, adventure, Quidditch, spontaneity, and most importantly - the fact that at the end of her seventh year, her tryouts for the International Broom Racing Circuit was successful.

Life in the Circuit wasn’t always easy going. It’s a tough, competitive world, and it has only been after a few years that Reese Killigrew finally feels like she may be getting somewhere.[/question]

[question=What does your character think their strongest and weakest traits are]Reese believes that her strongest trait is her resilience. Her weakest trait is her very short attention span, which gets her into trouble more often than not.[/question]

[question=What is something your character wants but does not have]A love interest.[/question]

[question=What is their current short term goal]To not to make a fool of herself in her upcoming interview on the Wizarding Wireless.[/question]

[question=What is their current long term goal]To be amongst the world top in the Broom Racing circuit.[/question]

[question=What other eras will they be active in]Golden - 3rd Year, going into 4th Year Gryffindor in the fall[/question]