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 #174  by Raoul Zimov
“Life doesn’t get easier or more forgiving, we get stronger and more resilient.”
Steve Maraboli
Full Name: Raoul Nicostrato Acerbi Zimov
Nickname: Ral
Birth Date: 13 September 1987
Birthplace: Chicago, US
Ethnicity: Caucasian/White
Nationality: Italian-American

Species: Wizard
Blood Heritage: Half-Blood
  • Father's Blood Heritage: Half-Blood
    Mother's Blood Heritage: Muggleborn
Education:Chicago Academy of Wizardry
  • Class of: 2005
Wand hand: Right
Patronus: Golden Retriever
Amortentia: Grass and leather
Father: Aldo Acerbi [b. 1965 - d. 1992]
Mother: Gaia (nee Pickens) Acerbi [b. 1966 - d. 1992]
  • Eufemia Bellona Acerbi [b. 1990 - d. 1992]
Adopted Father: Vasiliy Zimov [b. 1959], Magical Law Enforcement, Chicago
Adopted Mother: Costanza Orsini-Zimov, Magical Customs Commissioner [b. 1963]

Talents: Riding a Broom, doing stupid things that get him in trouble
Interests: Broom Racing,
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'7"
Ral is what many would consider “swarthy”. His coloring is, for the most part, dark: his skin olive toned, and hair nearly black. However his eyes, though narrow and hooded by dark, thick brows, are a pale green. Only fourteen and already shaving, Ral’s Italian heritage runs thick in his veins. His jaw is square, and his nose straight with a prominent bridge - enough that it might be called a “roman nose”.
Still growing at what seems to be an inch per month, Ral currently stands at 5’7” - though by the end of the semester he will surely be taller. Ral has always been thin, though his build could be more accurately described as “athletic”. He styles his short hair with gel daily and is most comfortable in a t-shirt and basketball shorts

While she loves to laugh, and has a nice smile with straight, white teeth, her scowl is legendary and a much more familiar expression to her facial muscles.
Ral’s strongest traits are his perseverance and resilience. Orphaned at the age of five, and raised in the system until he was eleven, Ral has tried to keep his experiences from fundamentally changing him from the happy boy he was in his first years. He is still positive, and optimistic, dead-set on wrenching every ounce of joy out of his life regardless of his bad childhood. However, he is prone to outbursts of anger in the face of loss or grief. Additionally, he still has abandonment issues that have, until recently, gone unaddressed. Progress has been made to help him cope, but these traits are among those that Raoul hates most about himself.
Also listed among his worst traits would be his competitive nature, hating to lose more than almost anything in the world. This drives him to instigate competitions where there otherwise isn’t one, and react badly when he finds himself in the losing position. He is also capable of the normal petulance one expects from a teenager when things don’t go his way. This has simmered since coming to live with his adoptive parent, but it flairs every once and awhile.
Timeline: Reformation Era
Occupation: Freshman at Chicago Academy of Wizardry
Residence: Chicago, US
Timeline: Legacy Era
Occupation: Seeker for the Montrose Mongooses
Residence: Edinburgh, Scotland
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