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Shiro Takayama
“They say the passage of time will heal all wounds, but the greater the loss, the deeper the cut and the more difficult the process to become whole again. The pain may fade, but scars serve as a reminder of our suffering and make the bearer all the more resolved never to be wounded again. So as time moves along we get lost in distractions, act out in frustration, react with aggression, give in to anger, and all the while we plot and plan as we wait to grow stronger, and before we know it,he time passes. We are healed. Ready to begin anew. ”
- Klause, The originals.
  • FULL NAME:Shiro Nakamura Takayama
    KNOWN AS: Oyassan
    BIRTHDATE: 12th of October, 1979
    BIRTHPLACE:Setsugaya, Tokyo,Japan.
    CHILDHOOD HOME: Tokyo, Japan
    CURRENT RESIDENCE: Shinjuku Toyko,Japan
    BLOOD STATUS:Prueblood
    ETHNICITY: Japanese
    NATIONALITY: Japanese
    -Heavy smoker/drinks some
    -Albino (hidden with charms)
    -Traumatic Brain Injury
    -Vision (wears glasses in legacy)
    -Chronic pain
    -Problems Regulating body temperature
    -Feeling more tired than usual
    -Getting frustrated or overwhelmed easily
    -Doing things without stopping to think
    -Having trouble concentrating, remembering, or focusing on tasks
    FINANCIAL STATUS:Rich, by very illegal methods
    His loyalty is foremost to his daughter, who he would happily give his life for. It’s his men who have his second attention however, focusing on the Yakuza and making sure his men are doing what they are told - and taken care of. Most notable is his clients, whom he takes seriously. During his time with them it has been shown they are his full focus - even when it comes to his men. He expects the same with him, expecting them to understand the clients are giving them their share of the money earned.
    First and foremost his daughter will always come first. Then his men.
    LIFE PHILOSOPHY: “I wasn't meant to live this life. So I'll take one day at a time and focus on my goals, my revenge, and my daughter until my time finally comes to an end like it was meant to all those years ago.”
    ROMANCE PHILOSOPHY: "A relationship is a partnership, not something of a romance."
    EDUCATION: Mahoutokoro drop out
    N.E.W.T.S QUALIFICATIONS: Dropped out as soon as he became of age. Even if he got these...He didn't officially obtain them.
    PETS: None.
    PATRONUS: A fennec fox
    BOGGART: His daughter dead in his arms.
    MIRROR OF ERISED:His grave behind him, filled. reminding him there is finally peace with death.

What do you want to see?


  • MOTHER: Sakura Takayama, 40; Japanese Pureblood - Housewife
    FATHER: Sadao Takayama, 38; Japanese Pureblood - Private Doctor
    ADOPTIVE FATHER: Yoru Nakamura,Vampire; Japanese Pureblood - Oyassan before him
    DAUGHTER: Miyuki Batsu, 6; Japanese Pureblood - Child


  • Standing 4'9, Shiro naturally is an albino with silverish white hair an very pale blue eyes. His skin is almost snow white and he keeps his nails long and in the shape of claws that is 9 times out of 10 hidden under a pair of black gloves. He has a baby face, his skin smooth and looking untouched until he takes off his shirt and then you see the scars left by his father hidden under tattoos. That doesn't mean he's always sporting silver hair, sometimes charming both his hair and his eyes in order to blend in when he's doing something that he doesn't what brought to public attention. When he's doing this his eyes are black and his hair a jet black.
    He's a fan of dark clothing when he's not wearing his white trench coat, often wearing silk black dress shirts to hide his scars from the public and classy dress pants. When he exits the house he is normally sporting a long trenchcoat that holds his katana in a special pocket. If he's lounging around his house or spending time with his daughter he'll wear a light sweater and casual slacks, often rolling up the sleeves when he is in his own home.


  • Cold and calculating, Shiro is known as someone who does not let anyone get close to him. Those who are close to him know the reason for this is a result of his past experience with the humankind. Those who don't know him personally tend to describe him as a prude with a sarcastic mouth and gutsy attitude...if not a bit creepy.
    He's not a stranger to danger, though also doesn't seem to recognize it. He'll put himself in front of one of his men to protect them - this stemming from his mental understanding he wasn't meant to live and they hold more importance in the world than he. Though this isn't agreed with...his men know they have no power to order him around...and for good reason.
    He's not seen as a kind yakuza boss, demanding his men do what is asked of them and not ask questions. His calm temperament hiding his twisted and killer personality from most of the public. His men know different, they know he'll kill a man in cold blood. They know he has no issue with even killing them...sometimes in an artistic way...other times with that cold, emotionless expression on his doll-like face. He's driven by revenge, the only thing keeping him sane.
    His daughter, husband and adoptive father seem to be the only people safe from this personality.

    Strong and dependable, Shiro is someone you can call on to handle a problem if you are on his client list. With his men he is self-sacrificing, often taking a hit for his men when they are on a job or using his life as protection of a clients life.
    Prone to anger self-worthlessness is a slight issue. Shiro is willing to throw his life away at any time if the situation deems worth of it. His temperament coming with a calmness that is like ice he is also unpredicable and will kill with no sign of remorse for the person he has just killed.
    TALENTS: Revenge, Marital arts, strategy, swordplay.
    INTERESTS: Work, Revenge, spending time with his kid, Drinking, smoking.
    PROFICIENT LANGUAGES: Japanese, English, Korean, Chinese.
    FAVOURITE MOVIES: Has never had any time to sit and watch one, nor has no interest.
    FAVOURITE BOOKS: Whatever book as information on whatever case he's on.
    FAVOURITE COLOURS:Black, Grey, Dark blue.
    FAVOURITE FOODS: Onigiri, Japanese food, Chinese food.
    FAVOURITE DRINKS: Bourbon, water and tea.
    His car- Classic Japanese brand
    His katana, passed down to him by Yoru Nakamura
    HAPPIEST MEMORY: every time he holds his daughter.
    WORST MEMORY: Finding out Yoru, the only man who earned the title as a father in his eyes had died protecting the Batsu's.
    -Not killing his girlfriend when she said she'd treat her daughter like his father did him.
    -Not being there to Back up Yoru when he died.
    -Finding Prudence Batsu
    -Surviving the streets
    -Never leaving a case unfinished
    -His fighting skills

  • Born into the Takayama Family, a family of pureblood Japanese wizards he was not a welcomed birth in the least. His father had never wanted kids, and tried to get his with to abort the child a few times only for her to go through with the birth. Ironically, due to the love he had for his wife he never took it out on her and instead turned it onto the innocent child she had birthed. She tried to best to calm the man down, claiming as a doctor he should treat the child well only to get it turned on her once which caused her to back down. He was never given a proper room, never given proper food and usually ended up being the mans target of agression when stress took the man over. Shiro grew up knowing no different.
    As the years went on verble turned to physical, By the time this was happening he had stopped fighting back...but the anger was only growing. He had used books as a way to escape his world, reading about potions and charms and well...anything he could get his hands on. As his letter came in the owl mail, his father didn't want to send him off; but his mother in a last ditch effort to save her son convinced him that during the school year they would count it as their vacation alone but together. His father fell for it and he was sent off to Mahoutokoro, a shy kid at this point.
    He didn't know to talk to people, and after thinking about everyting that had gone on in his life...to see all these people happy upset him. That anger that had been growing was not showing itself, and not in good ways. He was getting in troouble with his bouts of anger. Letters were getting sent back home, letters he had to take responcibility for when he went home for the first summer. He didn't speak to his father, he just took it...but this time he was just counting the days until he was once again free of his home. He entered the next year changed more so than usual, colder...meaner but calmer. He had learned the hard way anger did nothing. He didn't talk to anyone, he did his studies and went about his days going through the motions of what a good student is soppose to do.
    That summer...
    He didn't go home. He walked off that train. Down the street...turned at the corner and was never to be seen by his family again. He didn't know if the streets had chosen him, or if he chose the streets. But, it was a lot better then going back to that place he called hell. He roamed the streets, getting what he could and finding random unused houses to sleep in until the next school years started. His grades always being the talk of the school, seeing as he was in advanced classes he managed to make a couple of 'friends'. They called him friend, he called them people who kept him from totally sticking out. They knew nothing about his time on the streets or his past, they thought he lived in a great home and was a 'pureblood' just like them. He didn't need them getting close.
    That summer he chose to travel out of Japan, see the world. Maybe do something new for once, and that was how he met Sarah; a girl who went to hogwarts. A ravenclaw to be exact. She and him bonded, the first person who he actually was starting to genuinly like. She found out about his street life and told his parents who attempted to take him in, only...he didn't want that anymore. He didn't want that fairytail lifestyle of family and warmth, it only reminded him of what he should have had by now and by that summer he was gone. They owled and talked but he had gone his own way and she seemed to understand that. It was in that same summer that he found Yoru Nakamura, a well dressed man who wouldn't take no as a proper response when he offered Shiro dinner. He said he was Yakuza and wanted to offer Shiro not a home...but a job. Shiro took it with a grain of salt but...it held his interest. He accepted and soon met all the rest of the 'boys', The boy's saying they saw the fire in his eyes that apparently Yoru did.
    It started off with coffee runs, and it wasn't long until school started back up. Now in his forth year, his grades were still the talk of the school and his friends were becoming more distant. They apparently didn't like the change in young Takayama. School went on as usual, only it didn't. He was seen as untouchable, the dark one...the one who was unreachable. He didn't mind, he did his work and went back to the boys when summer came around again. Coffee runs turned to torture, something anyone else who knew him would think wouldn't have flew with him but...in reality it was a high, he wasn't the one being hurt. He was doing the hurting, and that was intoxifiying to him. Yoru saw it, he saw the passion in the boy's soul and started grooming him to take over. He was making money, real money. He went into school with new robes, new clothes and a new outlook on life- he was done being angry. He wanted revenge.
    His grades started slipping. No longer seen as top student, he was passing but just that. He left school that year not caring about his final report card. Trouble was brewing in England, Sarah coming to mind. The only real thing that was still pure in his mind. He kept updates, owled her everday. Trouble was also brewing in his group, seeing him becoming as advanced as he was...members of the group started trying to fight him for his title only to get wiped out one by one, they might be yakuza...but they didn't have his need for revenge. turning into the 5th year his interest in school was all but gone as his grades went from passing to utter failure and all attempts from the teachers to get him back on track was met with utter failure in itself. He entered the next summer only concerned with his job in the Yakuza and making sure Sarah was alright. Trouble seemed to be getting worse in England at this point and war was being talked about. It was around this same time Genesis Batsu contacted Yoru, concerned for his family as he had angered the magical version of the triad.
    School that year wasn't really even school. It was a place to hang out when he really wanted to be making money with the boys and Yoru, but concern was growing for Sarah in england and his owls started to get more and more rapid. That summer the situation with the Batsu's also his their high. In one summer the Batsu's were taken out, along with Yoru and many of the boy's he had met. He was in situation repair, making sure the remaining Batsu's were either taken in by other people or sent off to other countries with fake names. In his final year of school he dropped out, to take care of the Yakuza's accounts only to find out war was indeed breaking out in hogwarts. He tried to come to Sarah's aid only to be turned back at the doors. Her death with Yoru's combined took the last bit of light that seemed to be in his soul. He was not fully fueled by revenge and revenge along, not letting anyone get close or in his way.That was until his girlfriend dropped his daughter off as his door...
    6 years later
    News travels through the grapevine about old names popping up, The Batsu's. A case he thought was closed in 1996 was becoming an issue once again. He travelled to England in order to try to track down those who knew the Batsu's all those years ago and managed to locate the Binx's, family friends of the family. Mark Green, now Binx gave him the information he needed just as Genesis chose to pop back up- now a vampire. The two agreed to work together once Shiro had gotten over his anger for Genesis causing Yoru's death.
    Prudence and Drake soon popped up, Drake trying to regain his singing career had outed him and Prudence sending out an owl had outed her. They got to Drake in time, but Prudence had become a vampire after she was attacked in her home in russia. It was around this time information came to him about his father...and a possible lead to find his father seemed to be in his grasp. He had made a plan with an underground club owner that he and Shiro knew slightly to have Genesis charm the person who might know his father. Only after being cornered in a room with Mark and Genesis where they forced him to relive his first 11 years he not only left the case but changed the plan to him being the one who would charm the woman. Benji somehow managed to get him back on the case.
    After his case was done, and the Binx’s and Batsu’s out of the image he went back to Japan...with the White monkeys targeting them.
S O U N D B I T E S & Q U O T E S
  • "important quotes from threads"
    [list]Shiro Takayama
-"You get my boss killed, Have me protect your English kin and pop back up? Are you kidding me?!"
-"Keep you apologise for your family. Regret isn't in my world."
-"Don't need money Mr. Batsu. I need my sanity."
-"Michelle Binx, close member to Prudence, Genesis, Mark Green....Ambrose noble....Went to school and Hogwarts and was in the same house as Prudence until she transferred to Mahoutokoro. "/ don't ever accuse him of being unable to track someone...
-"That I don't know, I refuse to send my 'co workers' out on suicide runs."
-"I can keep my men in check, fear is a powerful weapon. As long as you can keep yours. In short, I agree with everything that you've said."

Hey liar, hey liar!
I’m tired, so tired


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Pet peeves
  • People getting personal who he doesn't know
  • Loud rooms
  • Bringing up the past
  • For some reason he really just doesn't like a door that squeaks.
  • The color pink (Deals with it for his daughter's room only)
  • Challenging his authority, should you be working for or with him.
  • Threats directed at his clients.
Brownie points
  • Having Green tea on hand
  • His daughter liking you
  • Business deals that help his cause
  • Respect in general
  • TBA
Character song 1:

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Takayama manor- London

Head Of House:
Shiro Takayama

Miyuki Takayama
Hiro Kawasaki and Daughter
Cairo Binx - moving in soon
routated members of the Nakamura-shi Yakuza

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