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Shiro Takayama
“They say the passage of time will heal all wounds, but the greater the loss, the deeper the cut and the more difficult the process to become whole again. The pain may fade, but scars serve as a reminder of our suffering and make the bearer all the more resolved never to be wounded again. So as time moves along we get lost in distractions, act out in frustration, react with aggression, give in to anger, and all the while we plot and plan as we wait to grow stronger, and before we know it,he time passes. We are healed. Ready to begin anew. ”
- Klause, The originals.
  • FULL NAME:Shiro Nakamura Takayama
    KNOWN AS: Oyassan
    BIRTHDATE: 12th of October, 1979
    BIRTHPLACE:Setsugaya, Tokyo,Japan.
    CHILDHOOD HOME: Tokyo, Japan
    CURRENT RESIDENCE: Shinjuku Toyko,Japan
    BLOOD STATUS:Prueblood
    ETHNICITY: Japanese
    NATIONALITY: Japanese
    -Heavy smoker/drinks some
    -Albino (hidden with charms)
    -Traumatic Brain Injury
    -Vision (wears glasses in legacy)
    -Chronic pain
    -Problems Regulating body temperature
    -Feeling more tired than usual
    -Getting frustrated or overwhelmed easily
    -Doing things without stopping to think
    -Having trouble concentrating, remembering, or focusing on tasks
    FINANCIAL STATUS:Rich, by very illegal methods
    His loyalty is foremost to his daughter, who he would happily give his life for. It’s his men who have his second attention however, focusing on the Yakuza and making sure his men are doing what they are told - and taken care of. Most notable is his clients, whom he takes seriously. During his time with them it has been shown they are his full focus - even when it comes to his men. He expects the same with him, expecting them to understand the clients are giving them their share of the money earned.
    First and foremost his daughter will always come first. Then his men.
    LIFE PHILOSOPHY: “I wasn't meant to live this life. So I'll take one day at a time and focus on my goals, my revenge, and my daughter until my time finally comes to an end like it was meant to all those years ago.”
    ROMANCE PHILOSOPHY: "A relationship is a partnership, not something of a romance."
    EDUCATION: Mahoutokoro drop out
    N.E.W.T.S QUALIFICATIONS: Dropped out as soon as he became of age. Even if he got these...He didn't officially obtain them.
    PETS: None.
    PATRONUS: A fennec fox
    BOGGART: His daughter dead in his arms.
    MIRROR OF ERISED:His grave behind him, filled. reminding him there is finally peace with death.

What do you want to see?


  • MOTHER: Sakura Takayama, 40; Japanese Pureblood - Housewife
    FATHER: Sadao Takayama, 38; Japanese Pureblood - Private Doctor
    ADOPTIVE FATHER: Yoru Nakamura,Vampire; Japanese Pureblood - Oyassan before him
    DAUGHTER: Miyuki Batsu, 6; Japanese Pureblood - Child


  • Standing 4'9, Shiro naturally is an albino with silverish white hair an very pale blue eyes. His skin is almost snow white and he keeps his nails long and in the shape of claws that is 9 times out of 10 hidden under a pair of black gloves. He has a baby face, his skin smooth and looking untouched until he takes off his shirt and then you see the scars left by his father hidden under tattoos. That doesn't mean he's always sporting silver hair, sometimes charming both his hair and his eyes in order to blend in when he's doing something that he doesn't what brought to public attention. When he's doing this his eyes are black and his hair a jet black.
    He's a fan of dark clothing when he's not wearing his white trench coat, often wearing silk black dress shirts to hide his scars from the public and classy dress pants. When he exits the house he is normally sporting a long trenchcoat that holds his katana in a special pocket. If he's lounging around his house or spending time with his daughter he'll wear a light sweater and casual slacks, often rolling up the sleeves when he is in his own home.


  • They say that your surroundings as a child make your personality. This has proven the case for Mr Takayama who is by definition a documented proven sociopathic person within his organization - a trait that is shared by most of his adopted family, though they unlike him seem to be more genetically connected to the social disorder rather than trauma created. Cold and calculating Shiro can be seen as a callus person, a snobby person...someone who thinks he’s both always right and above the rest of the people around him in terms of mental capacity and seems to have no ability to connect with anyone in a meaningful way and or make any personal relationships. His marriage to his husband is even one of power and convenience, the two being the highest ranking in the yakuza. His plans and reasons are better than others for the mere fact that his plans are the right plans and the others have holes. He’s ocd, making sure everything is right and in place before he or his men are ordered to step forward and has no problem putting him and his men in dangerous situations. His logic to this is simple: They signed up to do the yakuza’s bidding and they knew the risk. He treats all ‘partnership’ parties the same way, as they have chosen to do business with them understanding the risks they have signed up for.

    Prone to self worth issues and the belief he does not matter in the world, it’s only his need for revenge that seems to keep him moving. This has been seen on a few occasions when he’s put himself in front of an attack believing that his life is not near as worthy as his men who were meant to be on this earth. While his men disagree, they don’t speak up given his other trait of cold temperament and ability to kill with no remorse. He’s the guy who barks the orders...and you're the guy who doesn’t ask questions.

    Unlike most documented cases however he does not take either pleasure or pain from doing this, the actions seemingly being just as disconnected as his personal relationships. He’s not a family person, take out his daughter who seems to be the only exception and most are sure that’s only due to the fact she is his biological daughter a fact proven from birth due to her having his rare inherited albino traits. To her he is the doting father who gifts her with anything she wants to make up for the fact he rarely gets to spend time with her due to his job and travel needs.

    Strong and dependable, Shiro is someone you can call on to handle a problem if you are on his client list. With his men he is self-sacrificing, often taking a hit for his men when they are on a job or using his life as protection of a clients life.
    Prone to anger self-worthlessness is a slight issue. Shiro is willing to throw his life away at any time if the situation deems worth of it. His temperament coming with a calmness that is like ice he is also unpredicable and will kill with no sign of remorse for the person he has just killed.
    TALENTS: Revenge, Marital arts, strategy, swordplay.
    INTERESTS: Work, Revenge, spending time with his kid, Drinking, smoking.
    PROFICIENT LANGUAGES: Japanese, English, Korean, Chinese.
    FAVOURITE MOVIES: Has never had any time to sit and watch one, nor has no interest.
    FAVOURITE BOOKS: Whatever book as information on whatever case he's on.
    FAVOURITE COLOURS:Black, Grey, Dark blue.
    FAVOURITE FOODS: Onigiri, Japanese food, Chinese food.
    FAVOURITE DRINKS: Bourbon, water and tea.
    His car- Classic Japanese brand
    His katana, passed down to him by Yoru Nakamura
    HAPPIEST MEMORY: every time he holds his daughter.
    WORST MEMORY: Finding out Yoru, the only man who earned the title as a father in his eyes had died protecting the Batsu's.
    -Not killing his girlfriend when she said she'd treat her daughter like his father did him.
    -Not being there to Back up Yoru when he died.
    -Finding Prudence Batsu
    -Surviving the streets
    -Never leaving a case unfinished
    -His fighting skills

  • Born the 12’th of October in 1979 to his father Sadao Takayama and his mother, Mr. Takayama wasn’t a welcomed birth within the family, his father never having wanted kids and being genetically set to have social disorders of the extreme kind his childhood also wasn’t very kind. He wasn’t the kid who had all the toy’s he wanted, private tutors or anything close to a proper room. He was given poor treatment by his father, treatment his mother tried to stop only to get it turned on her. This was all normal to him however, until he was 11 and his mother talked his father into letting him go to school as Mahou. He isn’t sure what was the reasoning but he does dimly remember her saying something along the lines of ‘It’ll be our own little vacation,’ A mother's final attempt to save what she thought might be the last innocents of her child.

    What innocents she thought there was had been hollowed out years ago leaving a shell, and that shell turned into confusion and hate when he entered school. Both scared and confused he started to realize his family wasn’t normal, no one was scared to talk to their friends and gossip about their summers. Talks of mothers apple pie and bento’s were coming from all corners, confusion slowly turned into anger. Naturally there was no trust with him, and any friendships were at first ended within minutes of meeting him - until he figured out the game. Anger alone would do nothing, he needed to be able to mingle as best he could with society if he was going to make it and suddenly he had more than a few ‘friendships’ pop up.

    His grades always made top grade, the child wanting to prove to his father and those who doubted him that they were wrong. When he turned 12 and the train stopped at his station for home he didn’t go home. He wasn’t sure if the streets chose him or he chose the streets but he knew one thing, he wasn’t going back home. It was on the streets he traveled all over the world - once he’d gotten bored with Japan and it was in that same summer he met Yoru Nakamura, a well known Yakuza lord of the Nakamura-shi mahou de Yakuza. Rumors had been going around the streets the Hojo clan had been driven out by the man’s father years ago, the father passing and thus passing it down to Nakamura Yoru who in turn had been picking up kids from the street to build a more ‘hardened’ army. With no where to go and the promise of power and revenge he took the branding and joined in the ranks.

    And climb the ranks fast he did, the yakuza having switched to muggle means for security reasons made it quite easy for him to get up the ranks. He started with the lower ranks, beating the levels out and reaching it to the top of the newbie ranks - undocumented yakuza but yakuza none the less. He’d reach un-official ko-bun rank kicking the prier man out of his ranking by the time he was 15, One would think that this would have been hard for someone like him. That he’d not want to inflict pain when he’d once been the victim but to him and his unattached personality it was actually quite and easy thing to slip into. It was almost a high at the start, for once he wasn’t on the other end of it. His grades would stay at the top of the class until he was in his 5th year, seeing school as useless with all his personal cash flow coming in from his ‘summer job’. It was then they dropped, causing great concern from his teachers, concerns that were probably mailed to Sadao, then to Yoru after his official adoption. No one ever brought it to his attention.

    It was the summer of 96’ that changed everything, Genesis Batsu a school friend of Yoru’s had been mixing with the Chinese Triad. While the Yakuza had always been as war with the other organization, the issues before had always been over territory. Genesis changed this between 95’ and 96’, making it a personal protection job using his family money to fund it. In the summer of 96’ Yoru had been checking in on the family when the Chinese triad attacked the Batsu household and ‘killed’ Yoru along with the rest of the family. Shiro who had walked into the scene managed to as orders dictated re-locate Prudence Batsu and Drake Smith. The rest were lost and time went on with Shiro now 17 and a drop out from Mahou. He took his position of Oya-bun the same year.

    In the early 2000’s the names of the family came back up, and he caught up with the Binx family that had information on the family. With payment from them to get her back he managed to track her down and get her back - Drake Smith having been killed during his time at the Binxs due to the boy not liking Prudence’s ‘vampire situation.’ He left England, returning to Japan with the job completed..with one last fight with Genesis giving him the brain injury that would affect him his entire life when the family he’d deserted, deserted him.

    Only working with the Binx’s and protecting the targets only seemed to put his organization back into the light of the Triad, and news came that Yoru had not been killed only turned. A rescue mission was planned and Yoru re-joined the ranks, as the official Yakuza vampire. Now due to his planning and working with a group in England, he is working on ways to take down the triad once and for all due to them making themselves a personal problem.

    He only hopes his ministry father will keep his nose out of it.

S O U N D B I T E S & Q U O T E S
  • "important quotes from threads"
    [list]Shiro Takayama
-"You get my boss killed, Have me protect your English kin and pop back up? Are you kidding me?!"
-"Keep you apologise for your family. Regret isn't in my world."
-"Don't need money Mr. Batsu. I need my sanity."
-"Michelle Binx, close member to Prudence, Genesis, Mark Green....Ambrose noble....Went to school and Hogwarts and was in the same house as Prudence until she transferred to Mahoutokoro. "/ don't ever accuse him of being unable to track someone...
-"That I don't know, I refuse to send my 'co workers' out on suicide runs."
-"I can keep my men in check, fear is a powerful weapon. As long as you can keep yours. In short, I agree with everything that you've said."

Hey liar, hey liar!
I’m tired, so tired


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Pet peeves
  • People getting personal who he doesn't know
  • Loud rooms
  • Bringing up the past
  • For some reason he really just doesn't like a door that squeaks.
  • The color pink (Deals with it for his daughter's room only)
  • Challenging his authority, should you be working for or with him.
  • Threats directed at his clients.
Brownie points
  • Having Green tea on hand
  • His daughter liking you
  • Business deals that help his cause
  • Respect in general
  • TBA
Character song 1:

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Takayama manor- London

Head Of House:
Shiro Takayama

Miyuki Takayama
Hiro Kawasaki and Daughter
Cairo Binx - moving in soon
routated members of the Nakamura-shi Yakuza

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