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 #36838  by Rosamaria Flores
Rosamaria Elena Flores
Name: Rosamaria Elena Flores
Date of Birth: September 8, 1992
Ethnicity: Mexican
Nationality: Mexican; American
Type: Muggleborn Witch
Archetype: The Hero

Eras: Reformation (child), Legacy
Employer: Dos Sillas Mexican Restaurant
Position: Sous Chef
Spoken Languages: English, Spanish
Current Residence: El Paso, Texas

Basic Psyche
Hobbies: Cooking, Gardening
Loyalties: Her family
Mental Strengths: Strong, Ambitious
Mental Weaknesses: Stubborn, Hides Emotion

Personality: Workaholic
Current Goals: Earn the head chef position at her job.

Backstory: Rosamaria was an anchor baby in the early 90s. Her parents came to the United States illegally when her mother was pregnant with her; they were escaping the violence due to the cartel and knew that it would be much safer in the US to raise a family. She works incredibly hard to make money to support her parents and family, and really could use some time off, but making her take it would be almost impossible.
Recent History: It has been hard, but Rosamaria has helped her parents obtain citizenship.

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