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 #27287  by Ritva Valo
Full Name: Ritva Tursastytär Valo
Birth Date: 31 January 1976
Birthplace: Helsinki, Finland
Ethnicity: Caucasian/White
Nationality: Finnish
  • Native: Finnish
    Fluent: English, Swedish
    Conversational: Russian
Species: Witch
Blood Heritage: Half-Blood
  • Father's Blood Heritage: Muggleborn
  • Mother's Blood Heritage: Pureblood
Education: Durmstrang Institute
  • Class of:1993
Wand hand: Right
Father: Seppo Valo [b. 1950 - d. 1976] - Deceased
Mother: Pihla (nee Ukkonen) Aho [b. 1950] - Homemaker; Helsinki, Finland
Step Father: Tursas Aho [b. 1937] - Retired; Helsinki, Finland
Siblings: Friends:
    Talents: Drumming, singing,
    Interests: Music, history
    Favourite Foods:
    Favourite Drinks:
    Favourite Ice-cream Flavour:
    Favourite Books:
    Favourite Colour:
    Like her look, Ritva’s personality is almost dual. Normally, Ritva is smiley, and affable. She is mellow, more thoughtful, and eager to please. When she is in show-mode, made up into almost an exaggerated caricature of her normal self, she is something else entirely. She's still smiley, and light hearted. But with a fierce energy that cannot be contained. She is louder, and bolder. Her show-mode clothes act as an armor that let Ritva loose her inner demoness.
    Hair: Light-brown (Dyed black)
    Eyes: brown
    Height: 5’8”

    Ritva was born with the her father’s mousy light-brown hair and her mother’s muddy eyes. Rather average looking despite her above-average height, Ritva didn’t turn many heads until late adolescence when she discovered the wonders of charms that could dye her hair black, and dramatic makeup that made her features pop. Now in her late twenties, Ritva would have long ago forgotten her natural hair color if not for seeing it reflected in the shade of her brother’s almost daily. And she wears her trademark dark, dramatic makeup more hours in a day than her face is bare.

    With the exception of her makeup, Ritva's everyday style off stage is as understated as her natural look. Choosing to wear muggle attire such as band tees, and jeans when not at work, she looks unassuming by day. Her performance wear, however, is much more attention grabbing - corsets, and ripped tights, and motorcycle boots, all in black and weighed down with as much silver studding as she can manage. Her attire isn’t the only thing that changes from every day to onstage. Ritva carries herself differently before, during, and after a show, she stands straighter and her aura is more imposing when in the show-mode than any other time.
    Ritva was raised by her mother and step-father in a small magical village in Finland. Her biological father, who had been muggleborn, died within months of Ritva's birth. Her mother remarried an older pure-blood man who helped raise Ritva and her elder brother from the time Ritva was eighteen months old. She thinks of her step-father as her dad, but - following her brother’s example - kept the surname of her biological father in a form of ‘protest’ against blood purists in their community. Their father was a muggleborn wizard who married their pureblood mother at a time in their community where anti-muggle and muggleborn sentiments were at an all time low. And the circumstances surrounding Seppo Valo’s death were fishy, at best. The siblings did, however, mutually agree in their teen years to adopt a patronymic middle-name in honor of their beloved step-father.

    Being the daughter of a muggleborn-pureblood union almost kept Ritva out of Durmstrang. It was only her mother’s lineage, and a petition from her step-father, that allowed both Ritva and her brother to attend the famously prejudiced school.

    Though they were always a musical family - their mother enforcing a curriculum of musical classes from an early age, and their step father being a proficient pianist - as another form of protest against the rigidity of their community, Ritva and Tuomi developed a taste for Scandinavian muggle death metal metal music. While at Durmstrang, they accrued a few friends that shared their interest - or, at least, shared their interest in rebelling - and started a band. Though the name started off as a joke, Merlin’s Beard stuck throughout their years at school and into the present. After graduation, Ritva and her brother wanted to leave their community behind. They convinced their band to pack and move to Sweden for a better chance at a record deal. They all found day jobs to make rent, playing gigs to get their name out. Now, almost ten years later, Ritva is still working the same retail job, still trying to get her band to take off.

    Ritva and her band, Merlin’s Beard, just played a big show where a few record execs from England were in the crowd. She’s hoping this might be their big break!

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