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 #212  by Senna Stafford
[charactercard]Senna Mae Stafford|Witch|October 7th, 1973|Reformation|England|England|Auror, British Ministry of Magic[/charactercard]

Concept: A stubborn Auror from a background of poverty and distress, who has forced herself – through her own strength of character - to focus on the light within her.

Other Eras & Jobs: Golden Era – Auror, British Ministry of Magic
Legacy Era – Auror, Mentor in Auror training programme, British Ministry of Magic

Appearance: Tall and skinny, sharp features, and strong jaw. Senna’s posture is immaculate, which makes her ooze an icy confidence that only a highly trained Auror can possess. She has dark brown hair, and hazel eyes which lighten up when she smiles – though she saves this for those close to her. Her clothing style epitomises smart-casual – she likes to look put together at all times, and is most often seen in a skirt and blouse under her robes.
Ethnicity: White British.
Personality: Stubborn, fierce, unyielding. Senna has thick skin, and can often be judgmental and insensitive towards others who don’t. She’s impatient, with a sharp mind and cutting tongue. She has ambition and determination by the tonne, which is how Senna has made it to where she is now, career-wise. Though, buried deep down inside, there is kindness in her. She is fiercely loyal to those she loves, and has a strong sense of justice and pride – she will never let debt go unpaid. If someone does her a favour, she will make sure she repays them.

Backstory: Senna Mae Stafford was the result of two people still stuck in the naivety of youth, eighteen and just finished Hogwarts and moved out of home, to then find themselves unemployed, accidentally pregnant, and their relationships with their family in turmoil. Neither parent was blessed with a life of luxury, so when Senna Mae was born, her life was the opposite of privileged.

Senna’s parents were not meant to be together – after some years of struggling, her father left the family when Senna was five years old. Her mother wanted nothing more to do with him, and out of loyalty, neither did Senna. Most of her childhood was spent as a feral child, roaming the streets, attending Muggle school when she felt like it, living from meal to meal, and intimidating the local kids with the strange, magical things she could do. She was restless, bored, and she caused chaos, committing minor acts of vandalism and theft. Her mother went through numerous boyfriends, both Muggle and Magical alike, though the Muggle ones were never invited back to their apartment. Senna barely remembered the names of most of these men.

Though, she did experience a life changing moment at age nine. Her mother fell pregnant again, and her baby sister was born. This changed something in Senna – she changed from a feral child, to a child rediscovering the kindness and maternal instincts within her, and she vowed to always protect this little girl.

A few years later, Senna’s Hogwarts letter arrived – and with financial support arranged through the Ministry of Magic, and a trunk full of second hand supplies, Senna began her Magical education. She was sorted into Slytherin house, and after the adjustment period in the first few years, Senna eventually settled into the routines of the school. Hogwarts was able to channel her energy, and she discovered that she excelled at magic. In her fifth year, Senna began to realise that her childhood ferociousness and fighting spirit could be put to good use, and she set her sights on becoming an Auror.
Recent History: After a tumultuous training period, and coming close to failure a number of times, Senna Stafford has finally become an established Auror. She worked through some of the toughest times in Wizarding history – the Second Wizarding War. However, she never backed down or shied away from hard work, has been there through all of it, and is now an integral member of the Auror team as they – now three years post-war – continue to put the pieces back together.
Current Goals: To make progress on her current case, so that her boss finally stops breathing down her neck. To eventually learn to trust someone enough to be able to be in a healthy relationship.

Hobbies: Wizard’s Chess, Quidditch, dancing when out at night.
Loyalties: The Ministry of Magic, Slytherin House, her mum and sister.
Mental Strengths: Resilience, ambition, determination, intelligence, level-headedness, loyalty and deep level of caring for those close to her.
Mental Weaknesses: Stubbornness, short temper, insensitivity, bluntness, sarcasm, impatience, distrust of most people.
Magical Strengths: Wandwork, dueling and other forms of magical combat, potion making.
Magical Weaknesses: Divination – Senna has no sign of any inner eye at all.

Strongest Childhood Memory: Holding her baby sister on the day she was born.
Secret They'll Never Tell: She has actually been in contact with her father – they exchange the occasional letter, but she has not yet been to see him.

Pets: A northern white-faced owl, named Peanut.
Wand: Eleven inches, blackthorn wood, core of dragon heartstring, inflexible.
Boggart: Being face to face with multiple dark wizards, without her wand.
Prized Possession: An old photograph taken in St Mungo’s hospital of her as a baby with both of her parents, on the day she was born.