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 #9173  by Prudence Binx
“Don't p!ss off the diabolical ones.”
- Katherin Pierce, TVD.
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  • FULL NAME: Prudence Ainsworth Batsu nee Binx (was Smith until 2002)
    KNOWN AS: Prue

    CURRENT AGE: turned at age 22
    BIRTHDATE: 12th of October, 1980
    BIRTHPLACE:London, England
    CHILDHOOD HOME: Tokyo, Japan
    CURRENT RESIDENCE: London, England

    RACE: Half English, Half Italian
    BLOOD STATUS: Pureblooded until April 12th 2002 (turned)
    ETHNICITY: English
    NATIONALITY: Japanese and English
    HEALTH STATUS: Heavy drinker/smoker...but kinda immortal so healthy.
    G/R:Married to Drake Smith until May 15th 2002
    L:Married to Dexon Binx

    It might be plain and simple to say that her loyalty lies with her friends and family and no one else, however, this was proven wrong at the end of may when her father walked out on her for the second time. Showing her habit to hold a grudge it became very aware that her loyalties lie with those who are loyal to her.

    First and foremost her brother and her husband will always be her first priority, however, she does put the rest of her family and job on this list as well.

    LIFE PHILOSOPHY: “Vampires are monsters? No honey, Just like us...human or vampire or not...one is only a monster when they no longer have anything to live for.”
    ROMANCE PHILOSOPHY: "If you have to lie to keep it alive? It's time to move on."

    EDUCATION: Hogwarts, 1992, Slytherin
    N.E.W.T.S QUALIFICATIONS: Dropped out before these could be given due to her family's murder.
    PETS: A black cat name Negan
    WAND HAND: Use to be her left hand
    WAND: Vampire.
    PATRONUS: Vampire
    BOGGART: Years into the future, her alone with no one beside her.
    MIRROR OF ERISED: All her family behind her, finally happy and laughing with her.

And there's an old man sitting on the throne that's saying that I probably shouldn't be so mean
  • ADOPTIVE FATHER: Genesis Batsu, Vampire, Japanese - No job
    MOTHER: Sarah Ainsworth, DECEASED; Italian Pureblood - Housewife, aristocrat
    FATHER: Mark Ainsworth, DECEASED; English Pureblood - Death-eater
    HALF-BROTHER Damon Ainsworth, 17; English/Italian Halfblood - Hogwarts student, Slytherin
    HUSBAND Dexon Binx, Vampire; English - Bouncer at the Blue lagoon
    FATHER IN-LAW Nathanial Binx, Vampire; English - Barkeep at the Blue lagoon

    Michelle Binx, Vampire; English - Barkeep at the Blue lagoon
    Mark Binx, 22, English Pureblood - Accountant at the Blue lagoon
    Benji Binx, 39; English Pureblooe - Accountant at the Blue lagoon

And there's an old man sitting on the throne that's saying I should probably keep my pretty mouth shut
  • Standing 5’2, Prue is a petite woman who wears a perfect size two. Her pale olive skin almost seems to glow and her long brown hair seems to flow down her slim waist. She has dark brown eye's with a golden tint in them when she is in vamp mode, and usually is wearing eyeliner 24/7 unless sleeping. Her nails are usually trimmed and perfect unless in one of her rare depressions. She is a big fan of fashion and her closet is probably as big as your room just to house it. She loves cozy sweaters and sexy little shirts. Half of her closet also seems to be black and purple dresses made of pure silk. Her boot collection seems to be growing by the day as well. Makeup is another big area for her, having a collection of makeup that would make any girl squeal with delight. She tends to favor the dark Green and Black colors of eyeshadow and nail colors also seem to match this color code. Every now and then you'll see a purple or dark blue on her nails and eyes.
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  • "Oh Honey, I always get what I want."

    Seen as stuck up and even a bit of a brat, she uses this to hide the fact she fears to be alone and unimportant. Manipulative and sassy she is one who a lot of people would love punching into next week. A bit vain, she always has to look and be perfect. However, under all of this, she has a heart of gold and would do anything for her friends and family if they needed her to. Even to the point of killing for them. She tends to be protective of those she sees as 'her people' and tends to be a bit nosy about what they're doing when she isn't around. Relationships aren't much different, as she likes to have control of it at all times and will make it clear to say, partner, she always gets what she wants. Nothing more nothing less. That being said, her protective nature even comes out here because...only she can boss them around. anyone else tries it they find that out the hard way. While she's not big on jealousy, she is big on holding a grudge...sometimes holding one for years on end. Revenge...well...She's a master at that as well.
I'm headed straight for the castle
They've got the kingdom locked up

    A master of plotting and revenge...as well as flirting her strengths seem to blend right in with messing with a person's mental state. However, she's also known for being dependable and caring to those few people who she deems worthy of recieving it.

    Like two sides of the coin, she is prone to anger and revenge if her trust is broken, often holding a grudge for years once someone has proved unworthy of her kindness. She often hides her hurt and pain through said anger, not letting go of it until she feels she's righted the situation.

    TALENTS: Plotting, Nail art, Revenge, fashion.
    INTERESTS: Nail art, glam mags, plotting, drinking, smoking, dancing etc.
    PROFICIENT LANGUAGES: English, Japanese and some Korean.

    FAVOURITE MOVIES: Pureblood before turned...so...she wasn't really into watching anything related to muggles.
    FAVOURITE BOOKS: Glam mags, her plotting book.
    FAVOURITE COLOURS: Green, Purple, Black, Grey, and Royal Blue.

    FAVOURITE FOODS: Blood. But will munch down on Italian food from time to time.
    FAVOURITE DRINKS: Bourbon, Fire Whiskey, Vodka, Beer...Basically anything intoxifying...

    NOTABLE POSSESSIONS: Batsu Pendant left by her father, Plotting book, Silk Dresses.

    HAPPIEST MEMORY: Reuniting with her friends and family.
    WORST MEMORY: She has two: Being ripped apart by vampires before being turned/Watching that door close as her father walked out again.
    -Killing Drake Smith
    -Not protecting Mark the night of the attack

    -Countless plots
    -Taking out one of the leaders of the White monkeys
    -Finding love after Drake
    -Not killing to feed
Oh, all of these minutes passing, sick of feeling used
If you wanna break these walls down, you're gonna get bruised


  • Born into the house of Ainsworth, She was brought up as a proper little pureblood witch in a family that was loyal to the dark lord. Her childhood was one of delight, always getting what she wanted which in reality is why she's as spoiled as she is today. Her mother was one to dote on her, often making her favorite snacks and reading her all the fairytales that the wizarding world held. She had her first burst of magic when she was 6 years old when she accidentally sent the family dog into a bush across the backyard. Her father was pleased, but not pleased; not knowing how to punish your child for something that she didn't even mean to do in the first place...but not appreciating it was his wife's dog that ended up being her first target.

    The family being Slytherin generation after generation, she was told as she turned 11 and got on the Hogwarts express that she was to be in that house. Lucky for her..and him the hat only took one second to place her in the house he had wanted her in. From the start she wasn't a follower, often darting away from the Malfoy gang as they already had there precious leader. That's when she saw Michelle, a girl in her year who seemed to be one for trouble but...no real thought behind it. She saw potential. She befriended the girl and soon more followed. With the rumors of the chamber of secrets being open, her group paid no mind as they were all purebloods- Even Mark Green who was the only one not in her house she had recruited. They did, however, enjoy watching the terror that spread across the group that was at risk and many plots went down. Grades really weren't a thing with her- much to her father's dismay. With the chamber closed she returned home that summer to tutors to make sure it didn't happen again, something that she really did not enjoy.

    Summer turned to fall and with fall came rumors of a criminal, who was part of the Black family escaping. Her father kept her from going out and even walked her to the train, much to her dismay as her friends seemed to find it amusing. Dementors now roamed Hogwarts, making even her group on edge. She'd become protective of them all, even making it so they stayed clear of trouble to keep them out of harms way- girl liked her plotting abilitys...but dementors were even past her level grade of things to irritate. She started having a few boyfriends and such, but nothing too serious. It was around this time rumors of the Dark Lord started to rise, her father a loyal follower giddy with the possibility although the rumors were weak...talk of her taking the dark mark started to also rise. For some reason, the idea of joining the group when of age didn't sit well which her which shocked even her being that her family was followers and she was all for blood purity. That summer she met Genesis Batsu while in town an odd man...he caught her interest. Probably due to his odd features and his job with DADA, the two talked...and trust was formed.

    Right before the next year, she confided in him that her father was trying to make her take the mark, which seemed to not sit well with him either. She got a copy of the adoption papers in an OWL that year and being Prue Bragged about it. Mark seemed to pull away from her, the boy known for his unsocial habits really didn't seem to like talking about his family. Something she was just not noticing, she just didn't know why. The Triwizard tournament didn't even enter her train of thought other than the fact she thought it was quite silly to have at her school, knowing that someone had died during the last ones. When the Hufflepuff boy ended up being killed during them and the Dark Lord confirmed to be active she realized she narrowly escaped the mark. She and Mark got closer as she toned down the talk about her new father and by the end of the year she started to have a sneaking feeling all was not good at his home. She talked to her friend Yukiko about it, who had a father within Ministry walls. That summer was a rare one for her, she seemed to be consumed with worry for her friend...a feeling that was unlike her.

    School itself just got more and more annoying to her as more rules were put up on the walls, apparently...The school had hired a Ministry worker as the new DADA teacher. A teacher who was now getting in her way, when she wanted to sneak around and cause trouble. Though the woman favored Slytherin house, she also didn't like children acting up. Michelle, Yukiko, and Apophis found her terrorizing Potter funny and while she found it amusing the woman ruining every idea she had kinda trumped that. Halfway into the year, she got an owl confirming her deepest fears about Mark Green, Genesis trying to ease her fears by assuring that he was fighting the case to get him with Yukiko's father helping him. She became more protective of him than ever before, informing the rest of the group of the news they too seemed to think the same way. She wanted to kidnap him that year after summer rolled around but was warned by her father it would blow his case away. She had signed a contract with her aunt for a record deal, the two becoming big names within the summer and met Drake Smith who she had fallen in love with. With permission, a wedding was done right before she went into school.

    With danger brewing, Genesis was tempted not to put her in school however, She told him that she needed to see Mark Green. He reluctantly agreed and she hopped on the train, delighted with the news that Genesis had won the case and that summer Mark would be going home with her for his first summer in their family. The castle was dark, heavy hearts all over as people started to realize that things were changing for the worst. The young Slytherin group seemed to not be part of this as while Prue wasn't wanting to join the dark lord's army...she was for his goals. Something he hadn't let Genesis know for the sake of not allowing him to disown her. She and Mark went off on the train that year, Mark now legal and a graduated wizard.

    She would not be returning to school the next year.

    In the summer of 1996, The Batsu family was attacked by the white monkeys which were the Magical equivalent of the muggle Triad after her father had run their name in the mud after not doing his part of a deal he had made with them. He had gone to the Magical Yakuza led by Yoru Nakamura in an attempt to get help, but the help had come too late. Late one night Shawn Smith, Luke Smith and a member of the Yakuza were killed in a night raid by the White monkeys. She'd hidden in a closet, only to be found by Shiro Takayama: The next one to take the title of Oyassan. Drake Smith and she were given fake names and sent off to other countries while Mark ended up escaping.


    6 years later:

    Getting restless, she sent out an owl to Michelle that unknown to her had been tracked. She and her friend Anne were attacked a day later, Prudence blocking most of the doors and windows only to forget the windows in the back room which were still wide open. As the vampires made their way in, she and Anne ran to the back room only to find some had already made their way in. She tried to protect Anne but was jumped herself and deemed useless as they tore Anne apart before they made it to her. Barbas, The twins, Dexon and a couple other members of the Binx family along with Michelle had gotten her owl and made it just in time to see the killing of her friend, bearly making it to her in time. Half dead on the floor, Barbas tried to get a reaction from her only to get none and allowing Michelle to turn her in order to save her life.

    She was happy to see that Drake was alive and healthy. Only he wasn't the same Drake anymore, he had changed and become cold to her due to her change. As time went on he started getting abusive with his words only to end up slapping her in front of Nathan Binx. He was killed by her weeks later, it becomes known he still loved her but had become scared of vampires as a whole and took it out the wrong way on her. She fell into major depression, not caring about anything but her fashion and when she was going to get her next meal or her next swim in the lake. Around this time, Mark and Genesis who she found out was also a vampire cornered Shiro Takayama causing a mental break down. Her need for inhuman revenge kicked in and she made it a point to inform them that Shiro was an important part of keeping them safe. Benji managed to get Shiro back on the case, Genesis walked out furthering her into her already a massive depression.

    Dexon Binx, who had slept with Prue a couple times started poking around. Wondering why she was no longer around or if she was...locked up in her room. He was getting annoyed at the fact he couldn't get his fix of her, the two of them seem to have an unnatural attraction for one another since they had first laid eyes on one another. Through Gemma and Barbas working together and informing him of the changes that had happened, he started trying to force his way in, forcing her to rejoin the world of the living and not stay in the world of the past. The two grew closer and by 2015 they were married.

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"You shut that door behind you, you also shut the door into my life. Into Marks life and everyone else's."
"I think...our relationship ended when I became vampire chow." She said. "
"I'm a sarcastic prick who has to have her way in a relationship. No one wants that."


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