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 #133  by Marcus Reef
[charactercard]Marcus Reef|Wizard|September 1st 1970|Reformation|England|London|Watchdogs Security[/charactercard]

[question=What is the concept for your character]Marcus Reef is a fun loving jokster but also posseses the ability to take things seriously when they really matter.[/question]
[question=What other eras will they be active in and what will their job be in each era]Golden, Security for Cleary Imports and Exports[/question]

[instructions]Use the space below to describe your character using full paragraphs and at least TEN sentences of any length. You may write in any tense you would like, but must include information on what your character is like and where their story begins.[/instructions]

Marcus lost his mother, who was of African decent, to a stray killing spell when he was five years old. His father, who was German and English, did his best to raise his son, but he was often absent from the family home as the years went by. Marcus attended Hogwarts as a child and was sorted into Gryffindor where he did quite well and made any friends.

Marcus' father worked for the notorious Cleary family, and was eventually arrested on murder charges and sentenced to a twenty year stint in Azkaban prison. And so, the age of 16, Marcus found himself with out a father, and with a home he could not afford alone. But as fate would have it his father's employers, the Cleary family, offered him a job, which he took and worked for a wile. But one day when he was twenty Hugh Cleary, who had broken ties with his family and their business, offered him a job working for him as security for his budding new Imports and Exports business!

Marcus worked for Cleary Company for many years, but when the head of security, Ivan Ramazanov, left to start his own business, Watchdogs Security, he decided to go with him as the security team had become like family.

At the moment he has been assigned to watch Viola York, who is greatl hated by Watchdogs as she killed two of their own. Her claim for the kills is that she was under the influence of a potion, but Marcus, along with most of security, doesn't buy it. Under the guidance of Kyle Bowden he and others are currently involved in a plot to make Viola pay for her crimes, even if she is under the protection of Nathan Iver...