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 #132  by Malachi Reis
[charactercard]Malachi Reis|Wizard|October 30 1968|Reformation|Brierfield, Lancashire, England|Gravesend, Kent|Unspeakable at the British MoM, working in the Death Chamber[/charactercard]

[question=What is the concept for your character]Morbid sense of humour, morbid fascination with death, deeply philosophical, agnostic, goes for drinks with his buddies and loves dogs. He will never start a day without a cup of tea.[/question]

[question=What does your character look like]Hair that never stays flat, though that could be better attributed to a perpetual case of bedhead and a tendency to never pick up a comb. Jet black hair yet piercing blue eyes. A perpetually glazed look in his eyes, and a touch duck-footed.[/question]

[question=What is life like in their primary era]Malachi is currently overjoyed at the arrival of a brand-new puppy! He’s still deciding on a name. He’s already got a sheepdog named Bill to patrol the yard, but Bill needed a playmate. How he acquired it is classified, suffice it to say it’s a year-old borzoi. What goes on at work is also classified, though he will freely engage in heavily philosophical existential discussions, no doubt influenced by his work in the Death Chamber. Rather than repulse him, the topic of death has always fascinated him.[/question]

[question=How did they get where they are now]That’s classified information.[/question]

[question=What does your character think their strongest and weakest traits are]Weak: Lack of basic communication skills, difficulty making small-talk. Strong: Meticulous focus and deep thinker.[/question]

[question=What is something your character wants but does not have]An end to the paradox of wanting an answer to the archway and yet wanting to continue his research on it for the rest of his life.[/question]

[question=What is their current short term goal]Work related: [Classified]; Domestic: Name and train the pup.[/question]

[question=What is their current long term goal]Work related: [Classified]; Domestic: Whatever happens, happens. Malchi isn't one to think much on the future outside of work.[/question]

[question=What other eras will they be active in]Legacy, same job.[/question]