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“The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other's life. Rarely do members of one family grow up under the same roof."

I caught a chill
And it's still frozen on my skin

  • FULL NAME:Mark Green Binx
    KNOWN AS:Mark

    BIRTHDATE: April 16th 1980
    BIRTHPLACE:London, England
    CHILDHOOD HOME:London,England
    CURRENT RESIDENCE:London, England (Binx manor)
    BLOOD STATUS:Pureblood
    -Disabled(blind)/ Uses charmed glasses to see
    -Addiction to soda or anything sweet
    -Is either very healthy or when sick tends to get really sick

    L-Married to Raven Martin

    His loyalty is primely focused on his family and no one else unless you count his job. While he'll let someone talk about their problems for hours on end with him, he is not one to risk anything by protecting said person should they get in trouble when he is not around.

    Are his family, his cildren and his job. If he's focused on anything that he deems important it will be his books or the current potion he is working on.

    LIFE PHILOSOPHY: “I learned a long time ago, Blood doesn't mean family. It's the people who care about you that makes family.”
    ROMANCE PHILOSOPHY: "Is like walking on ice, and trusting her not to break it beneath your feet."

    EDUCATION:Hogwarts, class of 97
    EXTRACURRICULAR QUALIFICATIONS: Potions and history of Magic
    N.E.W.T.S QUALIFICATIONS:Charms. Defense Against the Dark Arts. Potions. Transfiguration. Astronomy. History of Magic. Divination.
    IQ Score: 140
    PETS: A black, very picky Kitten (hardly bonds with anyone other than him and Benji Binx)
    PATRONUS:A Raven
    BOGGART:Being desserted.
    MIRROR OF ERISED:His family behind him laughing, together.

And there's an old man sitting on the throne that's saying that I probably shouldn't be so mean
  • ADOPTIVE FATHER:Seth Binx, DECEASED, Englis/Pure -Unknown
    MOTHER: Sarah Green, 42; English Pureblood - Housewife
    FATHER: Sam Green, 45; English Pureblood - Ministry worker

I don't want to live
To waste another day
Underneath the shadow of mistakes I made

  • Standing 5'8, with green milky eyes caused by chemical damage Mark has semi long brown hair that reaches to his shoulders and tanned skin that tends to appear smudgy and pale when sick. His nails are usually prime and proper, as one who doesn't take care of themselves is seen as improper. Though not into fighting like the rest of his family he has taken up working out to keep his body toned and muscled to a respectable point. When blind he was a big fan of flannel shirt and jeans, liking how the material felt on his body however after gaining his sight back he switched to dress shirts and proper slacks. He is usually seen with his charmed glasses on, or his walking cane when lounging around the house due to the irritation the glasses cause his eyes. He is a fan of dark clothing, often wearing dark blue or black shirt and always black slacks. He's a fan of neckless's, and while he change them out from time to time he tends to mainly wear a neckless given to him by his brother on his first christmas there which is a ravenclaw seal in pure gold.

I don't want to live
To waste another day


  • "There is no need to fight all the time."

    Softly spoken and polite, Mark is not an open book to anyone but the closest people in the family. Withdrawn for many years he is not one to make himself the center of attention, and will often have his nose in a book to keep others from conversing with him. A kind man he is known to step into a sitaution when someone is in trouble or getting bullied, and is known to sit and let someone tell him their problems for hours on end if only to help them. He is not a fan of violence due to his past, and will walk away from a situation he feels is going to get violent. If he's not the target he will take the target with him in order to stop it from happening if he can. He unlike the rest of his family is not into drinking, which is also linked to his past. He finds people who drink get out of control and even violent, thus seeing no point in it. He is a big fan of numbers and information, cradeling his job as if it were his own child.

    That doesn't mean he wont stand up if he has to, or can't walk away from a situation. Skilled in magic he will try to take care of the sitaution with little damage by using his wand to do the talking. This is usually when someone has insulted his family, not really him. During his childhood he showed signs of being able to lash out in anger, showing when cornered he is one to strike when needed. Signs of angry depression was also seen turning this time period.
Leaving pieces of me behind
And I feel like I'm breaking inside

    Dependable and smart, He is someone to go to if you can't figure out a problem and in school was the main go to for people who didn't understand a subject. He is a strong willed young man who would help anyone he could.

    Prone to depression and hopelessness, most people find him fragil when stress gets to him or he cant mentally handle a situation. He's one to stand behind someone when personally attacked and does tend to latch onto his brother for emotional support.

    TALENTS:Working with numbers, Charms, Potions.
    INTERESTS: Work, reading, writing, Numbers, Potions.
    PROFICIENT LANGUAGES: Japanese, English, French.
    FAVOURITE MOVIES: Due to his blindness, movies were never his thing.
    FAVOURITE BOOKS: Potions for the centuries, Medical uses of potions, Charmed reasons and many more.
    FAVOURITE COLOURS:Black, Grey, Dark blue and silver.
    FAVOURITE FOODS: Skinless chicken, Salads, Tuna
    FAVOURITE DRINKS: Coke, Pepsi, Orange crush, Grape soda...basically soda.
    Ravenclaw pendent- given to him by his brother
    Charmed glasses-the only thing giving him sight.

    HAPPIEST MEMORY: Seth and Benji Binx telling him he mattered.
    WORST MEMORY: His father taking his sight.
    -Running when the Batsu family was killed.
    -Focusing so much on finding Prue that he ignored his brothers fears of him abandoning him.

    -Finding Prudence Batsu
    -Finding trust after Sam
    -No longer being a victim

I won't be the last one in line
I finally figured out what's mine


  • Born in April of 1980, Mark Binx was originally Mark Green. Born to the Green family of Sarah and Sam Green he was a very welcomed little boy to a loving mother...and a booze loving father. His mother a stay at home house wife and his father a Ministry offical in the london branch, who would come home at night and get drunk he wasn't a spoiled child. His father seemed to have just enough money for his habit and the bills that kept them housed. For four years it was a happy home, his mother coddling him whenever she could. As he turned four it seemed like the anger that was directed at his mother turned onto him, his father starting to beat him instead of her...or both depending on when she wanted to try to step in. He got his first dose of magic when he turned 8, sending his father flying which only angered the man more that night.

    Starting school he was a timid young man, not really being around anyone but his parents for most of his life he didn't know how to talk to people and the idea of doing so scared him. He was put into Ravenclaw house, even though his reading ability and understanding of magic was below what the rest of the kids were. It was his second year, still struggling that he met Prudence Batsu. A young Slytherin she seemed interested in him and took him under her wing, teaching him more about reading then anyone else ever had. He seemed to excel in school after this, finding that he was one of the rare people in the world who had a photographic memory. He loved books, and started to bury himself in them. Only at the end of the year getting jumpy and defensive towards everyone around him as the stress of going home started getting to him. He became snappy and irritable.

    That summer there was talk of Sam not picking up a bottle and he hoped that his life there would change only for Sam to go back on his word and continue the issue at hand. He was glad when that summer ended and he was sent back off to school. That school year he talked to the headmaster about staying there for the holidays because his fmaily was going to be going on 'buisness trips' that year during the holidays. The headmaster agreed, and he stayed in hogwarts that year instead of going home for family holiday. Prudence started becoming increasingly annoying, as did Michelle who was now joining in on the situations and two others. He tried to stay in the library and away from the group, and for the most part managed it unless one of them were brave enough to come into the library and pull him out. That summer was no different and he was now counting the days before school started back up.

    This year he changed everyone, tired of feeling alone he started to find Prudence, Michelle and the others instead and while he still always had a book in his hands...he wasn't totally ignoring them like he was in the past. Prudence and him got closer and as did him and Michelle. His grades were kept up and once again when the school was about to break for summer he became irritable and snappy, after the year of him being happy to be around them this rose red flags. His father got the owl that summer that Genesis Batsu with the help of the Takayama's were trying to take Mark from his family. While the had no proof of what was going on that didn't mean Mark didn't pay for the attempt and he started counting the hours until school started. That summer his father blinded him, making a point of assuring he would never 'see' his happy new life.

    Prudence jumped him as he got off the train that year along with Michelle and the gang, that year his friends didn't seem to want to leave him alone at all. He didn't know it then but each and every one of them were becoming protective of him, and making sure he was not troubled by anyone in the school. His grades always the best he started trying to get Prue to study as well, hogwarts becoming darker at this point as the Dark lord was making himself known slowly to the population of England he used his books to ignore all the worry abound him. Prudence who was worried about taking the Dark mark, had been adopted by Genesis the summer before and boasting about her new home life. This caused Mark to waver away from her and the group as he used his books for a reason not to think about his home life. By the end of the school year the two came to and understanding that everything was ok, even though to Mark it was far from.

    War. While Genesis was still on courts with his father, war was being talked about at hogwarts. Times were getting darker and it was becoming obvious that war was on the brink. People walked with fear that year, well other than many of the Slytherins who were from pureblood family's and all for the dark lord. The headmaster was killed, Dementors in the school a year before. Cedric killed a year before that. All of these things seemed to be coming to a head and not in a pretty way. He stayed in his books, only to find out that...Genesis was winning the case and that summer he was at the Batsu's as the offical adoption papers got processed.

    He'd never see the papers, and it wasn't because of his blindness. He'd never see or be around them again until six years later because one evening while the family was lounging around the house they were attacked. Luke and Shawn Smith, new inlaws were killed as well as he knew...also was Genesis as well as Prue and Drake. He escaped from the floo and ended up in a coffee shop in London Shaken and alone, only to run into Nathan and Johnny Binx who were family friends of the Batsu Family. He was taken into their home where Seth Binx, a man who had just lost a member of his family was wanting to adopt and snatched him up. A timid person once again...it took time but he started warming up to him and the mans son Benji, only for Seth to go missing months later and leaving him and Benji alone in the house they had. Benji moved him and Mark back into Bixn manor where Mark seemed to latch onto Benji who really didn't mind it, in fact Benji liked the fact not only was he alone after his fathers dissapearence but he had someone to protect.

    6 years later

    Shiro Takayama was brought in by Michelle Binx who informed them that Prue, Drake and Gemma were indeed still alive. Just laying low or under new names to protect themselves from the gang...that Genesis had apparently made enemy's of. This created the first crack, as Mark became both obbessed with finding Prue but also scared that Gemma would try to take his brother away from him, the two having been in a relationship before the attack. Benji assured him that would not be the case and he seemed to calm down for the time being. Until Genesis showed up, claiming that if Mark had died by Sam's hands...at least it wouldn't have been his.

    He pulled what others now call a 'Mark' and ran, Benji finding him and talking him down...only to unknowingly reveal he was afraid Genesis would take his place. Something Mark assured him would not happen. With Gemma back into the picture the three have started to fix the old house that Seth left them when he vanished so they can move into it.

When you're still carrying the past
You can't erase, separate
Cigarette in my hand,
Hope you all understand

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