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 #126  by Kristoph Meyer
It's so cold out here in your wilderness
I want you to be my keeper
But not if you are so reckless
Name: Kristoph Ernest Meyer
Also Known As: Kris
Birthdate: January 12th, 1974
Alma mater: Durmstrang
Current residence: Schloss Schwarzer Bär, Schwarzwald
Playby: James Franco


  • Anastasia Katoracov • Mother of their daughter, Ylenia
  • Odis Meyer • Father | Owner of the Schwarzwald Market
Primary Era
  • Once upon a time he was the wayward son of the overbearing father, Odis Meyer, family responsibilities and expectations tore him away from his life of travelling to see him return to the market. It was time for him to 'learn' the ropes and start to understand what it means to be a Meyer. Months under the guidance of his father didn't make it an easy transition, especially when no one really knew of his existence in the world that his father worked in. In time he came to be friends with children of other formidable father's and that was when he came to meet one Anastasia Katoracov.

    It was a meeting that would later result in a small bundle of joy, Ylenia. The pregnancy was unexpected and at first terrified at the prospect of being a young father when his daughter arrived into the world, Kristoph took to fatherhood well. Unfortunately, his relationship with Anastasia has hit the buffers and Kristoph doesn't quite no what to do. He his committed to stay by her side, and offer the support that she doesn't seem so pleased to receive. Time will tell if they will go back to how they were or if the arrival of Ylenia has irreparably altered their relationship for good.

    As for the market, and working in his father's shadow. The responsibility of being a father, has compelled him to work harder and to build a better relationship with his own father.
What Do They Look Like
  • What do they look like]Very much like his father, when he was a younger man, according to his mother. Though from several years of travelling his skin has taken a bit more of a darker hue, his hair more tousled and choice of clothing whilst smart isn’t as neat and particular as his father. Much to the consternation of his father