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 #125  by Kit Harper
NAME: Christopher (Kit) Harper
DATE OF BIRTH: October 1st 1974
PRIMARY ERA: Reformation
OCCUPATION: Investigative Reporter for the Daily Prophet

Kit is an investigative reporter for the Daily Prophet with a focus on crime stories. He also does some freelance writing and won't give up on a story once he has an idea in his head. Often making a nuisance of himself he will track down leads with the persistence of a hound bothering ministry workers and alleged crime bosses alike. He as a crusader's attitude about his job, believing that bringing to light the truths of many stories is his public duty.

Description: Dark blond, green eyes, tall, medium build. Usually can be found wearing jeans with a collared shirt and sports jacket.

The Past:
Kit was born into a muggle family and knew nothing of the magical world until the letter arrived from Hogwarts. At first his parents resisted sending him fearing it was some frightening devil worshiping cult trying to drag away their son and brain wash him... But then they received a visit from the priest from the local Anglican church they attend who revealed he was in fact also a wizard, had attended Hogwarts as a boy, and when he assured them it was in fact merely a school that would teach their son how to use his magical gifts, and not a school of satanic worship they relented. Kit was always a hard worker, but not particularly talented when it came to performing magic. But he was always an avid reader and loved to write. During his school days he developed a keen sense of justice and fair play, always sticking up for those who were picked on or mistreated. He fully embraced the magical workld had ideas about becoming a politician, or an auror, to right the wrongs he saw, but seeing that many of the decent politicians never got far enough if they wouldn't compromise turned him off that path, and as for auror well... his offensive and defensive spells were strongly lacking. After reading an article exposing a corrupt Ministry Worker the idea came to him that perhaps through his writing he could help fight crime by bringing the public’s attention to it. And so he applied at the Daily Prophet as an intern and the rest is history.

The Rise and Fall of Voldemort:
When Voldemort came into power and took over the Ministry Kit was one of the many muggle born that was captured and interrogated under the new belief that there was no such thing as a muggle born wizard. He survived the experience but it did make him very distrustful of the ministry in general. He had seen it at it's worst as far as corruption was concerned and he became determined to expose it whenever he saw it slip in the future.

The Present:
At the moment Kit lives in London, writing articles for the Daily Prophet and a few magazines on the side. He has become very interested in the fact that with the rise of Voldemort the Ministry of Magic was too distracted with this to pay attention to other areas where the magical world was seeing a rise in crime. His articles are not just about local crime but as it pertains to the wizarding world in Europe in general. His plan at the moment is to start getting better inside sources both in the ministry and in the criminal world.

How he got where he is now:
Kit rose up through the ranks over time because of his hard work and tenacity. The trouble is the very thing that helped him to get a good job as a reporter would also cause him to get into trouble with his bosses, especially when they received angry letter from important people threatening to sue the paper over their reporters words, or constant harassment. Threats of being assigned to writing articles for the cooking page have kept him from crossing the line too many times in the past, but his ambitions are growing...

Current goal
To become a famous reporter through bringing to light criminal organizations that are slipping through the system and forcing them to be brought to justice.

GOLDEN: In the Golden era Kit is a seventh year Hufflepuff student at Hogwarts.