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Profiles of characters with first names that start with I - K.
 #106  by Ivan Ramazanov
NAME: Ivan Ramazanov
DATE OF BIRTH: October 2nd 1967
PRIMARY ERA: Reformation
OCCUPATION: Head of Security for Cleary Imports and Exports

What is the concept for your character?
Ivan use to work for the Russian Black Market ring owned by Kazimir Dolgorukov. When Nathan Iver took the ring over by force through the murder of Dolgorukov and the cooperation of some of his employees Ivan was one of the former employees who decided to throw in his lot with Cleary Imports and Exports rather than leave or seek revenge.

What does your character look like?
Light hair, blue eyes, usually has a five o'clock shadow. Very tall, broad shouldered, square jaw.

What was the past like?
Whent to Durmstrange as a student, parents died when he was fifteen. He was taken in by an uncle who had little time to give him and mostly left him to his own devices. HE fell in with a bad crowd at school, continued on that path afterwords. HE was very strong, a good fighter, good at offensive spells. He worked for Kazimir Dolgorukov who owned a smuggling ring in Russia. When the Clearys fought with and took over Dolgorukov's ring Ivan decided to join them. He figured that if Nathan Iver was able to defeat Kazmir it was because he was simply superior in strength, cunning, and talent, so why wouldn't he want to work for the best? It was simply evolution. He eventually became friends with Nathan and was one of his most trusted employees in the Russian branch.

What is the present like?
Recently he, along with Caleb Pryer and Perrine Follet (two other employees from the Russian branch) were brought to the London branch of Cleary Imports and Exports when Nathan Iver returned there after having spent years setting up the Russian branch to the Cleary's liking. Even though technically they work for the entire company and are a subordinate to all three of the owners they in fact consider themselves loyal to Nathan first above and beyond the company. Most of the Russian branch feels this way which has caused some strain in the relationship between Nathan and Hugh and Levi, as well as between the Russian employees and the English ones. It does not help that rumor has it Nathan would like the Russian branch as his own private company...

How did they get where they are now?
He was transferred to London when Nathan returned from Russia because Nathan wanted back up for his plans.
 #107  by Ivan Ramazanov
Relationships: Romantic
  • Nadyenka Kirsanova: One year of happiness, one year of fights, arguments, trouble. The one that got away.
  • Hera Cleary: One night stand/affair. Was dating his close friend Egan Cleary at the time. The fantasy
  • CÉCILE Delaurier: Casually dated. Ministry hit-witch and Cleary Company dog do not a lasting couple make.
  • Marzia Bell: affair/hook up. Was engaged to Ciceron York when affair began. The one that never should have been
  • Nicole Martin: Currently dating
Relationships: Work
Hugh Cleary: Owner of Cleary Imports
Levi Perskey: Part Owner of Cleary Imports
Nathan Iver: Owner of Cleary Imports Russia/ Best Friend (but always boss first)
Egan Cleary: Former good friend, over all manger Cleary Imports and Exports England Branch
Simon Cleary: Security under Ivan's command.
Kyle Bowden: Security under Ivan's command.
Perrine Follet: Security under Ivan's command.
Zara Shepard: co-wroker at Cleary Imports and Exports, Personal assistant to Hugh Cleary. Does not get along with or see eye to eye.