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 #105  by Isabella Rains
[charactercard]Isabella Maria Rains|Werewolf|31st October 1958|Reformation|England|The White Wyvern|Barkeep of The White Wyvern[/charactercard]

[question=What is the concept for your character]A sassy muggle-born witch who was attacked by a werewolf shortly after graduating from Hogwarts. She had always been drawn to nature, mostly plant life, and discovered she had a talent for potion making during her schooling there. Now she uses her herbs and potions to nurture her pack mates back to their proper health, providing it isn't time sensitive or a life threatening illnesses, so they can avoid being subjected to prejudice at St. Mungos. Much to her husband's disapproval, she will also treat any rebel, heathen, or lone wolf that wanders into The White Wyvern seeking her healing touch. When she isn't "playing healer" she is helping her husband run The White Wyvern by serving as Bar Keep. Mixing drinks is easy work compared to mixing potions.[/question]

[question=What does your character look like]Isabella has a soft look about her. She is average height with a curvy build on a fit frame. Natural brunette with cinnamon colored eyes. The only marks on her body are the freckles dusting her shoulders and the scar on her thigh from where she was bit.[/question]

[question=Who is someone from your characters past who influenced who they are today]Her mother made her the woman she is today and her step-father made her the wolf she is now.[/question]

[question=What does your character think their strongest and weakest traits are]Isabella's strongest trait is her femininity. She believes femininity is power and is quite resourceful with it. She uses it to manipulate people to get her way, especially her husband. Loyalty and truthfulness is something of high value to her because she possess those qualities as well. She says what she means and does what she says. She doesn't have time for games...unless she's the one pulling the strings.

Her weakness is that she is a very jealous woman. She is also extremely passionate. This jealousy and passion can sometimes result in a nasty temper. She is incredibly stubborn, highly competitive, and isn't fond of change. Isabella has a soft spot for bad boys.[/question]

[question=What is something your character wants but does not have]A proper herb garden.[/question]

[question=What are their current short term and long term goals]Short Term Goal is to get another cat.
Long Term Goal is to expand the inn so she can have a proper herb garden.[/question]

[question=What is your character doing now to work toward their goals]Isabella is scheming up a plan to approach her husband with an unusual proposition: She'll give him a son in exchange for another cat and for more room to dedicate to her herb garden. While she doesn't particular care to have another child at the moment, more children mean making her husband happy. She'll also have more help to tend to the responsibilities of the keeping up with the inn so she can spend more time in her garden.[/question]

[question=What other eras will they be active in and what will their job be in each era]Marauder Era - 3rd year Slytherin - 13 years old
Golden -Barmaid at The HogsHead Inn - Werewolf - 30 years old
Reformation - Barkeep at The White Wyvern - Werewolf - 37 years old
Legacy -Barkeep at The White Wyvern - Werewolf - 57 years old[/question]


How and when your character was bitten:
Not too long after graduating from Hogwarts, Isabella was bit by her werewolf step-father. Her step-father was a burly muggle man who liked to hunt and would take monthly trips out to the deep woods. He came back from a hunting accident one night with a nasty bite on his arm. A month later he transformed and attacked his wife, Isabella's mother. Hearing her mother's screams, Isabella woke up in the middle of the night and rushed to protect her mother from the big bad wolf. Her mother died from this unfortunate attack and Isabella was left surviving with a bite mark on her thigh. She inherited the curse from her step-father. He took to drinking and became abusive after his wife's death. Isabella on the other hand decided to specialize her talents in medical herbs and potions to make life easier for her and her step-father. She eventually left home to start a new life once she realized her efforts were wasted on the sorry excuse for a man that she called father.

What their first transformation was like:
Lonely and painful. The loneliness hurt more than the pain though.

How their life has changed since becoming a werewolf:
Isabella no longer takes things for granted. She doesn't view the world as "black" and "white" anymore. She doesn't believe there are "good" people and "bad" people. People are just people and wolves will be wolves.

Any restriction to their profession due to being or becoming a werewolf:
Yes. Before becoming a werewolf, Isabella had aspirations to be a healer in St. Mungos. She tried to apply for a job at the hospital, but was denied internship and training. They wouldn't even accept her paper application. Despite her excellent grades from Hogwarts, the letters of recommendations from her old Professors, and the countless of hours she spent pouring over medical text books, she was told that she was too "Unpredictable" and "Unreliable" because she needed to take a week off every month to tend to her...illness. What that really translated to was that they were concerned about her attacking hospital patients and attending staff.