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Profiles of characters with first names that start with I - K.
 #102  by Ileana Saguna
[charactercard]Ileana Saguna|Witch|June 20th, 1972|Reformation|Romania|Germany|Owner of Aphrodite Cosmetics, a stall at Schwarzald Market[/charactercard]

[question=What is the concept for your character]A highly skilled Witch who has discovered her flair for business through life as a vendor at Schwarzald Market – though she does have a strong penchant for the dark arts.[/question]

[question=What does your character look like]Ileana has pale skin, and stark contrasting dark brown hair which she has cropped to just below chin length and a fringe. She has sharp features, and blue eyes. To Ileana, appearance is everything. She never goes out in public without looking her very best – she wears her signature dark red lip colour, and the best clothes she can get hold of.[/question]

[question=Where can we find your character when their story first begins]Ileana is living in Germany, and running her stall at Schwarzald Market – while continuously working on developing new products and improving as much as she can.[/question]

[question=What was life like for your character one year before their primary era]A year ago, Ileana had just moved to Germany and started selling her own products at Schwarzald, so it was a lot of big changes happening at once.[/question]

[question=Who is someone from your characters past who influenced who they are today]Her father. Ileana never knew her mother and knows very little about her to this day, and her father’s unconventional methods of raising a child has strongly shaped her personality today.[/question]

[question=What does your character think their strongest and weakest traits are]Ileana thinks that her strongest traits are her magical talent and knowledge, in particular her skill with Herbology and Potions, and her ability to manipulate situations to get ahead. Her weakest traits would be her lack of empathy, and lack of any kind of sense of right or wrong.[/question]

[question=What is something your character wants but does not have]People she can trust.[/question]

[question=What are their current short term and long term goals]Ileana’s current short term goal is to perfect the spell and recipe for that new skin tone adapting blush she’s working on.

Her long term goal is to eventually launch Aphrodite Cosmetics as it’s own global business.[/question]

[question=What is your character doing now to work toward their goals]She’s trying to focus on making more valuable contacts around the market. After all, it is all about who you know.[/question]

[question=What other eras will they be active in and what will their job be in each era]Golden – Greenhouse Attendant at Dumitrescu Greenery[/question]