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Profiles of characters with first names that start with I - K.

Kyle Shaw, Active Character

My Name or Nickname: Connor
OOC Account Name: Dark Lord Connor
Discord Username: Braydon
How I found Vault 713: A roleplay directory
My Previous Roleplaying Experience: 3 years
My Favorite Harry Potter Character: Fred Weasley

NAME: Kyle Shaw
CHARACTER TYPE: Metamorphmagus Wizard
DATE OF BIRTH: April 6, 1979
PRIMARY ERA: Golden era
BIRTH COUNTRY: Godric's Hollow, Britain
CURRENT RESIDENCE: Brooklyn, New York, United States
OCCUPATION: Hogwarts Student (Year 6)

Concept: A young man trying to find his place in the world while wrestling with his unstable metamorphmagus abilities.
Other Eras & Jobs: Reformation Era, Legacy Era/Watchdogs Security Officer, Trainee Auror, British Ministry of Magic

Appearance: A young man of an average height, Kyle may look like a small and unassuming person. However, he actually sports a powerful, slender build which was the result of physical training with his father. His eyes are brown and he has long, spiky black hair that has a couple of white streaks. After his metamorphmagus abilities started occuring during his teenage years, he discovers his female form. His hair is still black with white streaks, but it's long enough to be tied up in a ponytail and the same brown hair, but with a tinge of amber. The female form has a rather voluptuous and buxom figure as well. On a side note, Kyle looks exactly like his sister in his female form as well as his mother when she was in her teen years. In both forms, the young man has a few scars on his face and right arm. Whenever he transforms, Kyle's hair also changes color every time.

When Kyle isn't wearing a school uniform, he wears a pair of black cargo pants and boots. His outfit also includes a form fitting 5.11 black t shirt and fingerless dark blue gloves. To complete the outfit, he wears a dark blue hoodie with white streaks traveling down the sleeves.

Ethnicity: British-Japanese
Personality: When one first meets Kyle, he comes off as a quiet and reserved individual. While not necessarily shy or anti-social, the boy's slow to trust anyone who isn't a family member or a close friend. Another thing to note is that when he sets his mind on a goal, he refuses to give up. Even when it gets too difficult. Kyle's a rather couragous person as well. If someone he knows and trusts is in danger, he would risk his neck to get them out of it. He's also very protective of his family and would resort to lethal force if it's necessary should they be harmed.

Kyle Bell Shaw was born on April 6, 1979 to Takahashi Noriko and James Shaw. His father was a Muggle soldier in the British Royal Army and his mother was an Auror working for the Ministry of Magic. He also had a twin sister called Amber. After the twins were born in Godric's Hollow, England, the family moved to Brooklyn, New York. For the most part, Kyle had a pretty average life. His mother's job kept her away from the house so he didn't see her as often as he would have liked. The only thing that was abnormal was the fact that his hair color seemed to have the habit of changing every so often. Most people never noticed except for his dad, sister and those who pay constant attention to the small details. When Kyle was 7, he expressed the desire to join the military and follow in his dad's footsteps, so he went through an intense training program. He would also take martial arts.

When Kyle was 11, he recieved a letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. His new life shortly began. After getting his equipment, wand, and a pet cat, the boy started his first year at the school. For the next couple of years, Kyle's school life was pretty normal as can be at a wizarding school. He excelled in the Potions classes and discovered that he had a natural talent in broom flying. However, when he was 14, his ordinary wizarding life ended. His metamorphmagus abilities started acting up and more than his hair began to change. He started turning into a girl at random times and the transformation usually lasted for several hours or up to a full day. These changes began when Kyle was home during the summer. Kyle managed to keep the transformations a secret for a couple of weeks, but his sister eventually found out about it. Before returning to Hogwarts, the twins worked out how to keep it a secret from the faculty.

A couple years later, the Triwizard Tournament was introduced to Hogwarts. The next day, he and his sister witnessed the Champions being chosen. After getting over the initial shock of having two Champions from the same school, the twins proceeded to watch the various matches. In between those matches, Kyle would continue to excell in DADA and Potions while dealing with his metamorphmagus problem. He also attempted to work on his trust issues and interact with some of the foreign students. The last Task was the most shocking. At the end of it, one of the Champions, Cedric Diggory was shown to have been killed. Kyle's favorite DADA teacher, Mad-Eye Moody, was revealed to actually be Bsrty Croutch Jr. But what topped it all off, was the revelation that Voldemort was back and ready for blood. After that, Kyle's 5th year was over and summer began once again. On the year 1996, Kyle and his sister began their 6th year at Hogwarts.

Hobbies: Wizard's Chess, going to the range, practicing martial arts, dueling and Quidditch
Loyalties: His family, Dumbledore, Dumbledore's Army, Gryffindor
Mental Strengths: Tenacious, Couragous, Dedicated, Compassionate
Mental Weaknesses: Stubborn, Ruthless, Morally Grey, Slow to Trust
Magical Strengths: Defense Against The Dark Arts and Potions
Magical Weaknesses: Astrology and Divination

Strongest Childhood Memory: Training with his father during the summer

Pets: Sasha, Tortie Cat
Wand: 12 inches, Ebony, Pheonix Feather, Reasonably Supple
Boggart: Failure
Prized Possession: Firebolt Mark 2, Sig Sauer P320 with mounted flashlight

Played By: Dark Lord Connor