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Profiles of characters with first names that start with F - H.
 #88  by Hazel Kessler
[charactercard]Hazel Kessler|Witch|March 3rd, 1980|Reformation|England|London, England|Department of Magical Education – Education Welfare Officer[/charactercard]

Concept: A young Witch who tries to remain kind and pure in a world that is very much the opposite.
Other Eras & Jobs: Golden Era – 4th Year Hufflepuff
Legacy Era - Department of Magical Education - Education Welfare Officer

Appearance: She’s a petite young woman with a skinny, boyish figure without many curves. Hazel’s skin is pale, freckled, and she has dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. She has a very modest, girly fashion sense, opting for natural makeup, and pretty skirts and dresses.
Ethnicity: White British
Personality: There is not a bad bone in Hazel’s body. She has empathy for others, sometimes to the point where she will cry when she sees a loved one cry, and she’ll go out of her way to help others before herself. She’s honest, which makes her a terrible secret keeper and liar. Hazel is also very sensitive, and doesn’t have much self confidence. She is hardworking and conscientious, and cares a huge amount about her work.

Backstory: Hazel had a rocky upbringing. Her parents relationship didn’t last long, and her mother never was able to keep a stable job and didn’t have much money, so Hazel grew up in poverty – the main stable figure in her life was her older sister.

Hogwarts was a fairly tumultuous time for Hazel – she happened to be in the same year as Harry Potter, and experienced the second war as a student. It was a shock to her system, but it did make her more resilient – going through Hogwarts turned her from a sensitive little child to a much stronger young woman.

She retook her final year to get her N.E.W.T qualifications, before joining the Ministry of Magic as an intern. She remained passionate about education, and found her niche within the Ministry fairly easily. Her own background and upbringing inspired her to work to help students from disadvantaged backgrounds attend Hogwarts and receive a good education.
Recent History: Hazel now lives in a flat in London that she shares with her sister, and she is doing very well career-wise. She loves this job, and wants to progress in this career, still working in education. She is also getting over a recent breakup, and has found her own feet as a single person again.
Current Goals: To successfully complete her current case, which is to secure further financing for a student’s school supplies.

Hobbies: Wizard’s Chess, Exploding Snap, reading, writing in her journal.
Loyalties: Her family, the Ministry of Magic, her friends.
Mental Strengths: Compassion, empathy, honesty, loyalty.
Mental Weaknesses: Insecurity, easily persuaded by others, tendency to overthink, trust issues in relationships.
Magical Strengths: Charms, affinity with animals.
Magical Weaknesses: Potions, transfiguration.

Strongest Childhood Memory: Her sister being excited after Hazel accidentally performed magic for the first time at age eight.
Secret They'll Never Tell: The crush she has on a colleague of hers.

Pets: A fluffy white cat, called Lux.
Wand: Willow wood, core of unicorn hair, 10 and ¾ inches, slightly yielding.
Boggart: An extremely large spider.
Prized Possession: Her old journals, that she has kept ever since she could write.