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Profiles of characters with first names that start with F - H.
 #65  by Florian Dahl
This bio is just a copy and paste of my application until I have time for better

NAME: Florian Windel Dahl
DATE OF BIRTH: July 1, 1963
PRIMARY ERA: Reformation Era
CURRENT RESIDENCE: Schwarzwald Germany
OCCUPATION: Vender at the Black Forest Market

What is the concept for your character?
Florian owns a tent stand at the Schwarzwald Market run by Odis Meyers. He sells organic materials used for potions, wands, medicines and the like. Although he does have plants he is mostly known for his magical creature materials such as blood, teeth, scales, hair and the like, particularly those that need to be obtained illegally.

Tall, lanky, shoulder length curly brown hair, blue eyes, hooked nose, often wears his glasses. His hands and wrists are badly scarred from from too many interactions with the teeth, claws, venom and poisons of certain magical plants and creatures. He use to wear gloves to cover them, but after enough years he eventually got use to them, and didn't mind the occasional odd glance they received from others.

What was the past like?
Florian grew up in England. His father was a German immigrant and his mother was British. Although his parents argued about whether he should attend Drumstrange as his father had, or Hogwarts, his mothers school they eventually decided on Howarts where he was sorted in Ravenclaw. His parents ran a number of boarding houses through out his life which were located any where from Scotland, England, Ireland, or Wales. The most they had at one time was three which could be traveled to easily from anyone location. These were usually located in heavily muggle populated areas and were meant as safe houses for magical travelers when living in or visiting these areas. Rather than resenting the constant moving about Florian enjoyed the changes of scenery, and the many people he would meet. This sewed the seeds in his mind that living a very settled life was not for him, and one that allowed travel was a plus. The only trouble was that his parents place as it turned out was really a hideout for wizards and witches wanted by the law.

During the first war against Voldemort the boarding house was used a great deal by Voldemort's supporters and death eaters, and it eventually lead to his parents arrest. Although they managed to get out of serving time they ended up taking Florian out of Hogwarts and transferring him to Drumstrang for his last two years. Although sad to not see his friends he was happy to dodge the questions about why his parents were arrested for "allegedly" helping death eaters and he was curious about a new school. Unfortunately the transfer did not reflect well on his grades, which is why such things are usually not recommended. That mixed with the excitement of being in a new country, new school, new people to meet... but he did finish with just passing grades.

With money saved from working for his parents Florian traveled a bit with friends when he first finished school. Eventually he ran into an old acquaintance from the boarding house days who told the teenager he could offer him a job working at his position supplies store house. This is of course what eventually lead him to his current profession.

What is the present like?
He is very happy with where he is and enjoys the protection the market offers someone dealing with black market items. He likes being thought of as one of the best, and jealously protects the identity of his suppliers. He considers his life to be going very well, but he is always cautions of the people he is surrounded by. He knows they can be oh so charming one minute, and then have a wand pressed into your throat the next.

He is quite excited to be living in Germany since it's where his father was from, and being that he is half German himself. Trouble is as much as he would like to simply blend in his fluency in the language is rather lacking, and his pronunciation of the words is only slightly better than the average Englishman most days.

How did they get where they are now?
Eventually taking the risk of working for himself Florian began to establish himself as a wizard who could get his hands on anything and everything where magical creatures were concerned. He built up many connections with black market groups in various countries which he pulled from on a regular basis. Needing a more permanent place where he could set up shop he decided to take up an offer made to him by Odis Meyer who ran the amazing Black Forest Market in Germany. This is where we find him today.

What does your character think their strongest and weakest traits are?
Strongest: He sees himself as being very good at finding multiple resources, and making a lot of different connections in his business.

Weakest: Wile he enjoys friendship he tends to keep them at a superficial level because you never know when someone will vanish on you, or you will be forced to vanish on them, or worse if they betray you. Although he is aware he does this he is also aware that have a few more relationships on a deeper level could be a great benefit, but he seems unable to take the steps to do it.

[question=What is their current goal]
His goal is to truly be the best there is, and eventually set up shops at different locations around the world that he can enter and exit as easily as his parents did with their boarding houses.