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Profiles of characters with first names that start with F - H.
 #23889  by Helena Sun

“ from my window
there’s a lighthouse
some nights you are the lighthouse
some nights the sea
what this means is that I don’t know
desire other than the need
to be shattered & rebuilt ”

-ocean vuong

    NAME Helena Iris Sun
    RESIDENCE London, England, United Kingdom
    BIRTH 18th March 1980 in London, England, United Kingdom
    DEMOGRAPHICS Chinese-Japanese half-blood witch
        i. Assistant Photojournalist, The Daily Prophet(1997-2001)
        ii. Journalist, The Daily Prophet(2001-present)
    EDUCATION Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry 1997 Ravenclaw alumni
    ALLIANCES The Daily Prophet, Dumbledore's Army

    STRENGTHS Intelligent, intuitive, sensitive, observant
    WEAKNESSES Aloof, reclusive, self-destructive, selfish
    HOBBIES Visiting art galleries, reading, star-gazing, sleeping
    INTEREST Film photography, classical music, astrology
    PATRONUS Silver fox (Vulpes vulpes)
    WAND 11 1/2" plum, kistune hair, and pliant
    AMORTENTIA Sakura, seamist, green tea, plum wine, osmanthus
    BOGGART Heartbreak
    ERISED Owning a cottage by the sea
    ASTROLOGY Pisces
    MORAL ALIGNMENT Chaotic Neutral


        history of magic
        magical theory


        Naoko Watanabe, mother
        Ming Yu Sun, father
        Sen Watanabe-Bouvier, cousin
        Evelyn Winters, boss
        Arnaud Lacroix, colleauge/fling
        Rian Mac Bradaigh, ex-boyfriend