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 #12836  by Hiro Kawazaki
"Whenever he gets low in spirits or confused in his mind, he doesn't feel right until he's had a fight. It doesn't matter whether he wins or not. He feels fine again afterwards. "

Love and the loyalty that's what we stand for
Alienated by society

  • FULL NAME: Hiro Kawazaki
    KNOWN AS:Hiro, Hi-san, Kobun

    BIRTHDATE: December 1st 1974
    CHILDHOOD HOME:Tokyo, Japan
    CURRENT RESIDENCE:Shinjuku Toyko,Japan

    BLOOD STATUS:Pureblood
    -Drinks everyday but lightly
    -smokes veavily

    FINANCIAL STATUS:Wealthy, by illegal ways.

    His loyalty is to his boss and the boy's that work with them, not really giving a crap about anyone else around him unless it's a woman who can't defend herself. He tends to be loyal to his bosses clients when on the case but unless they make a lasting impression that tends to end when the case on hand ends.

    His daughter being the number one on this list, his boss is a close second; the two really like brothers. The boy's making number three on the list and finally the clients followed by friends non-affiliated with his organization.

    LIFE PHILOSOPHY: “God better have mercy on you. You won't get any from me."
    ROMANCE PHILOSOPHY: "Deceiving others. That is what the world calls a romance."

    EDUCATION:Mahoutokoro, Yellow Kitsune drop out.
    N.E.W.T.S QUALIFICATIONS:Charms. Defense Against the Dark Arts. Potions. Transfiguration. Astronomy. History of Magic. Divination.
    PETS: A snow owl, used only for owls...not emotional connection there.
    PATRONUS:Iriomote Cat
    BOGGART:His boss and the boys dead
    MIRROR OF ERISED:Going out fighting like he was trained to do.

All this pressure give me anxiety
Walk slow through the fire
Like, who gon' try us?

  • ADOPTIVE FATHER:Yoru Nakamura, DECEASED; Japanese-pure- Oyassan [ View OOC Note ]

I been at it with my homies, it don't matter, you don't know me
I been rollin' with my team, we the illest on the scene

  • His black hair, usually styled with jell and usually cut at or slightly below his shoulders, he stands 5'4 most people would call him stalky. Years of fighting for his rank in his organization and protecting his boy's leaving him with a nicely toned body that is covered in tattoos ranging from his back and his front with a few on his arms. The most important one, being one of his fallen bosses and it's location is his left arm; right above the wrist. He usually keeps his sleeves rolled up, showing off a few of these. He has one mole on his elbow which was covered by a tattoo in 1994.

    A fan of dark clothing, he is a fan of suits with his undershirts being a silk button-up that is usually a dark tone. Usually a dark blue or red depending on his mood when he leaves the house. He has one of his ears pierced, usually with the jewelry being an earing with the Kanji for 'evil' in it. Nine times out of ten he usually has a knife in his sock and a wand in his belt, keeping it close in case of emergency.

Uhh, devoted to destruction
A full dosage of detrimental dysfunction
I'm, dying slow but the devil tryna rush me


  • "I'm sorry...those are our boy's. No one lays a finger on our boy's."

    Strong and silent he is the one who sits in the corner, hearing your every word and profiling you to the best of his ability. Silently choosing if your worth his time or not. This includes people who he chooses to fight with, as he doesn't like pointless and dare he say childish fights. Respectful to clients, he gets to know them for the cause of his the case and usually forgets about them after unless they have made a lasting impact on him.

    He's a smart man, who likes a challenge. That isn't to say he isn't one to relax from time to time and is capable of making friends should he deem them worthy of that title. He shows respect for everyone who he is around, listening to them before passing judgment and while he's not a joker will even smile as the boys when they manage to say something funny.

    He's a lover of fights, magic and physical alike. Though he prefers to use his fists more than his wand, liking to feel the actual impact of skin on skin and blood on blood. This is probably due to his history of climbing the ranks through violence. He likes to prove himself.

    That doesn't mean he doesn't have a caring side. He protects the boss and boy's with his life and is quiet gentle when it comes to raising his little girl With women, he holds himself like gentlemen and treats them right, though his trust in them is limited. The question is: Are you one of the people cares about?

Used to doing bad now we feel like we just now getting it
Ain't got no other way so we start it and finish it
No pain, no gain

    Strong and dependable with a strong sense of morals, he is the second in command when it comes to the way the yakuza is run. He is one to focus on the rules and regulations.

    A fan of violence, he can be seen as rash and angry at times. He has been accused of being over-protective at times as well, not giving space when asked if it's anyone other than his boss.

    TALENTS:Fist fighting, magical dueling, martial arts, Smooth talking, and swordplay.
    INTERESTS: Fighting, drinking, training.
    PROFICIENT LANGUAGES: Japanese, Korean and Chinese.
    FAVOURITE MOVIES: Pureblood raised, then Yakuza...aka no time or interest.
    FAVOURITE BOOKS: Books don't get you anywhere. Your first do.
    FAVOURITE COLOURS:Black, Dark blue, Dark Grey and silver.
    FAVOURITE FOODS: Niwatori chicken, Onigiri, miso soup.
    FAVOURITE DRINKS:Bourbon, whiskey, water, and Green tea.
    -His knife, given to him by Yoru Nakamura when he made the grade
    -His broom bought with the first money he got.
    -His motorcycle, because...keeping up with Shiro on a broom became a hassle.

    HAPPIEST MEMORY: Getting his butt kicked by Shiro Takayama, at the time...it wasn't a happy one, but now...It represents the first time he met and respected the man he would call the boss.
    WORST MEMORY: finding out Yoru Nakamura was killed on the Batsu case.
    -Not backing up his boss on the night of his death.
    -Sleeping with the woman who birthed his child, he loves his little girl...but wishes it had been another girl. A decent girl.

    -Backing up Shiro on more than on occasion
    -Keeping the kids safe.
    -Getting away from his dark lord loving parents before he got sucked into it.

Never stand down, made our own way
Never going slow, we pick up the pace
This is what we wanted from a young age


  • Born into the up and rising Kawazaki family, one of the few families who were openly death-eaters in Japan his childhood was one of distance when it came to his parents. His parents started trying to groom him at a young age to join them in there and the dark lords cause. While he said nothing to them about it, he didn't like it. Turning eleven, he entered school and met fellow pureblood loyalists who he hung out with to appease his parents.

    This went one for a couple years until he ran away from home, after telling his mother and father just how unhappy he was the idea of following their wonderful dark lord. They didn't follow, disowning him and letting him go at the age of 13 years old. He joined the streets, and this is where his love of fighting grew. Pent-up anger from his parents was what those who tried to rob or claim territory faced. He never left Japan to do this, and it wasn't long until he caught the interest of Yoru Nakamura who got him to join their group.

    He started what he did when he joined the streets, working up the ranks until he was 5th in line for the title of Oyassan when it was time for Yoru to turn over the crown. He had gained respect, and a reputation as someone not to mess with within the group when Shiro Takayama joined their ranks and quickly shot up to number one, something that bothered him immensely. He made it his goal beat Shiro only to get his butt handed to him time and time again. The two gained a mutual respect for one another's skills, bonding and becoming more like brothers than the rest of the group.

    In the summer of 1996, Hiro got the information that Yoru had passed. The ranks turning from Yoru Nakamura to his brother Shiro Takayama. However, to the two grieving was not an option as the case they had been working one...the case involving the Batsu's still needed to be picked up. Together the two hid the rest of the survivors other than Mark Green who ended up escaping and being adopted by the Binx family. It wasn't long after this, Shiro concerned for his friend in England tried to enter the battle of Hogwarts to save said friend only to be turned away. Hiro snuck in, taking charge of the new 'case' and while he took out more than a few death eaters and was injured in the process, his boss's friend ended up being killed in the battle.

    He went to recover, having two paintings of Yoru made. One for the main base and a personal one for his boss. It was after this things went back to normal, case after case...account after account. The only difference has he now had a little girl that he had to take care of and support which wasn't an issue. Being number one after the boss meant you were pretty well set.

    6 Years later:

    As the Batsu files are dusted off due to names popping back up, Hiro was in charge of the accounts and keeping them up to date while he let Shiro take care of the main case. He'd stop in from time to time to get updates when he wasn't making sure the kids of him and Shiro were safe where they were.

    Until the situation started coming to a head, the danger growing. He put people on watch at the house his kid and Shiro's kid were being kept at and went to Japan to join his boss for what might be the final battle against the vampires that threatened now his boss and the Batsu family.

No emotion, that's what business is
S O U N D B I T E S & Q U O T E S

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    • Mark Binx


Lord have mercy on the witnesses


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 #12889  by Hiro Kawazaki
"Because in the end, when you lose somebody, every candle, every prayer is not going to make up for the fact that the only thing you have left is hole in your life where that somebody that you cared about used to be. And a rock."

Name: Nakamura Yoru
House: Yellow Kitsune
Role: Mentor/Father figure

Much like Shiro, Yoru found him on the street...however he didn't come from an abusive home like his current boss. Instead, he was trying to get away from his Dark Lord loving parents. Yoru took him in, showed him the ropes and explained that he liked the kid's energy when it came to tossing fists around. Explaining how the ranks went, Hiro made it his goal to get closer to the boss and did so with ease as he adapted to his new way of life. In Hiro's opinion, it was Yoru that allowed him to find his brother in arms, Yoru who taught him what it was to fight for something and Yoru who gave him the life that today he would never give up. Yoru's death hit him as hard as it did Shiro, the only time he openly allowed himself to be angry was actually right after the man's death when Prue and Drake tried to argue with him about being separated.

"You never told me I was dealing with an angry man in a childs body."

Name: Takayama Shiro
House: Yellow Kitsune-Drop out
Role: Oyabun/leader/Boss
Status: Living

Meeting the boy when Yoru brought him 'home', he wasn't into the kid and in fact saw him as a threat. Something that was proven rightly so as he got his butt handed to him time and time again in an attempt to grow in his rank. This anger, however, turned into massive respect as the two found themselves closer then the rest of the boy's simply because they saw themselves as equals in their abilities. Giving up his right to the throne, he vowed to Shiro he would follow him faithfully when the time came as Shiro vowed that once his time came he'd pass the torch, feeling that no one would ever out beat Hiro. In 1996, Shiro took his rank and Hiro as promised followed faithfully. Becoming Shiro's right-hand man, he became his most trusted friend and family within their organization.

"When we work together as one, you should really be worried. It means none of us like you. Or the boss doesn't. Either way, run."

Group: The boy's
House: Multiple
Role: To him: Family/ to the boss: His responsibilities.
status: Some living/some dead.

Coming from the streets to joining with Yoru and his lot, Hiro has become close with pretty much everyone he's met or worked with within the organization. They have become his family and as second in command, he shares the responsibility to manage and defend them when the situation calls for it. While his boss keeps his distance, he takes it upon himself to makes sure they keep the unity that Yoru created. In the words of Hiro: "We need no weak link in this organization, I don't care if you don't like the new boss. You will respect him. You have a problem with that, there's the door. Watch your back if you walk out of it.". Shiro might call the shots but Hiro seems to be the backbone of keeping everything together.