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Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.
Norman Cousins
Full Name at Birth: Ermentrude Osbjörnsdotter
Aliases: Ermentrude of Rouen, Erme Osbourne, Erméline d'Auber
Birth Date: 8 May 913
Birthplace: Rouen, Duchy of Normandy, Kingdom of Francia
Ethnicity: Caucasian/White
Nationality: French
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
  • Native: Norman-French
  • Fluent: Old-Norse, Old-English, French, English, Italian, Romanian
Species: Vampire - Fleur du Sang
Death Date: 30 September 935
Age at Death: 22
Sire: Arnþórr Blodhammar
Bloodline Abilities: Illusion Casting, Thought Perception, Teleportation
Basic Abilities: Enhanced Senses; Increased Resilience
Blood Heritage: Muggle

Father: Ásbjörn Grimulfson [b. 867 - d. 935] - Viking Raider and Herb Merchant - Rouen, Francia
Mother: Hiltrude of Rouen [b. 892 - d. 922] - Homemaker; Rouen, Francia
  • Godobald Osbjörnson [b. 915 - d. 973]
  • Fulbert Osbjörnson [b. 917 - d. 963]
  • Odulf Osbjörnson [b. 919 - d. 960]
  • Rotrude Osbjörnsdotter [b.922 - d. 975]
  • Grimulf Ásbjörnson [b.889 - d. 926]
  • Guðrún Ásbjörnsdotter [b. 892 - d. 910]
  • Ragnfríðr Ásbjörnsdotter [b. 895 - d. 908]
Husband/Sire: Arnþórr "Blodhammar" Gunnarson (aka Arne Gunnarson, Arnold Oswald) [b. 833 - d. 861] - Vampire drifter


Talents: Herbology, herbal medicine, meddling in the lives of others
Interests: The lives of others are like her own personal soap operas

Ermentrude’s opinion is that her kindness is her strongest trait. She has always been a kind soul, more likely to find good in everyone than bad. Generally she acts out of well-meaning and good intentions, even if it doesn’t appear that way.

Her worst trait, in her humble opinion, is her flightiness. She has a tendency to bore easily and leave things half-finished. However, her intrusiveness is probably her real worst trait - though Ermentrude would likely name it a positive. Thanks to an understanding that all life is fleeting, social boundaries that would exist for normal mortals have slipped over the course of her long life. She asks intimate, personal, and sometimes offensive questions to strangers, and butts in situations where she doesn’t belong with frequency. Thanks to her long and perpetual life she treats social interactions like a game, one she can always pick up and restart if things don’t go as intended.
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'2"
Ermentrude looks the same as she has for the past thousand years. Though her hair style may change, and the clothes she wears update with the times, she still looks like the twenty-two year old French maiden she was when she died. Her golden hair is styled long, reaching past her shoulders. With a square jaw, and pouty lips that made her the envy of all the girls in Rouen, Ermentrude has a classic beauty. Her large eyes are pale blue under arched brows that are several shades darker than her hair.

Though at 5’2” she is short by modern standards, she is of average height for the time she lived. She is slim, and and well dressed, making a concious effort to follow the fashion trends as they change and alter her wardrobe accordingly lest she look like a grandmother in a twenty-something body. Clothes are one of the few things she does spend money on, and her taste has always been expensive.
Ermentrude was the eldest daughter of 5 children born to a viking raider and local Frankish woman. Her father, Ásbjörn (Osbjörn) Grimulfson was a raider from Denmark who arrived in Rouen in 888. He joined the Viking settlement there where he married the only child of an elderly herb merchant and took over his shop. After the death of his first wife, along with his father-in-law and one daughter, Ásbjörn then remarried to Ermentrude's mother and had five more children.

As the eldest daughter of a prominent merchant in the Norman capital, Ermentrude attracted the attention of many suitors thanks not only to her father’s position but to her renowned beauty. One of those suitors was an eccentric business associate of her father known as Arnþórr. The merchant won Ermentrude over, seducing her before eventually convincing her father to give Ermentrude’s hand in marriage. On their wedding night, Arnþórr turned her against her will with promises of eternity together.

Initially, not much changed for Ermentrude. She lived in Rouen with Arnþórr for a period of time while he ran his business. After several years they left before anyone would notice something was amiss, and moved to Paris. They never stayed in one place too long, so not to arouse suspicion. Prior to becoming a vampire Ermentrude had never left Rouen. She found much more freedom in being a vampire, no longer being under the thumb of her father. Arnþórr was good to her, at least for the first decade or so, and as time passed she found increasing freedom from even him. Arnþórr and Ermentrude lived as husband and wife for fifty years before separating. Over the past thousand years their relationship has changed nearly every other decade. Some years they live like newlyweds, some years they hate each other. But for the last century or so, Ermentrude has refused to take him back citing infidelity, and Arnþórr’s propensity for being a humongous knob.

After over a thousand years of life, Ermentrude is bored. She takes menial jobs in new cities every few years to keep herself entertained. She likes meeting new people, and discovering new places. But after so many years she’s seen most of the world, and she’s found there are finite types of people to meet. She’s become rather jaded over time and struggles with boredom and monotony. To cope she has become a meddler. She meddles in other people’s business like she gets paid to. That’s why she prefers to take bartending positions when they’re available.

When such positions are not available, Ermentrude uses her vast knowledge of herbs and plants and deals in rare herbs around Europe.

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