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 #18200  by Daphne Koenig
 25 Sep 2018, 01:25
“Though she be but little, she is fierce.”
William Shakespeare
Full Name: Daphne Koenig
Nickname: Daffodil, Daph
Birth Date: 2 August 1899
Birthplace: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Ethnicity: Caucasian/White
Nationality: American
  • Native: English
Species: Witch
Blood Heritage: Half-blood[
  • Father's Blood Heritage: Half-blood[
  • Mother's Blood Heritage: Half-blood
Education: A small local schoolhouse in rural Nebraska
Wand hand: Right
Patronus: Lioness
Boggart: An audience watching her
Father:Ferdinand Koenig [b. 1874] Farmer; Rural Nebraska
Mother: Helene (nee Zwicker) Koenig [b. 1873] Homemaker, Rural Nebraska
  • Philomena Koenig [b. 1901]
  • Phebe Koenig [b. 1901]
  • Alfons Koenig [b. 1906]
  • Harriet Doran, Manager, Merlin's Nightclub; New York City, New York
Strongest Traits:
Weakest Traits:
Current Goals:
Favourite Foods:
Favourite Drinks:
Favourite Ice-cream Flavour:
Favourite Books:
Favourite Colour:
In Daphne's humble opinion, her loyalty is her strongest trait. She is fiercely loyal to her family, though she left home at a young age to make her own way. She is fiercely loyal to the Merlin's Nightclub manager, Harriet, who Daphne views as her biggest champion. And she is fiercely loyal to Merlin's, and would be totally willing to 'go down with the ship' if it came to that. She defends her loyalties fiercely, and with the fearlessness of a sheltered girl raised to be a headstrong force of nature.

Her worst trait is her naivety, which she admits. Growing up on a secluded farm, where her main interactions with the outside world was the small area school where she was taught both mundane and magical subjects, Daphne was largely removed from society until she was 16. Even now, ten years after leaving home for New York, she is too quick to trust and not the best judge of character.
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'2"

Daphne is short and thin, with few defined curves. Her youthful appearance means she is often taken for years younger than her years. She carries herself well, with good posture and a strong body left over from her years working on her family's farm.

Daphne has a "face fit for the stage" with a square jaw round face, clear skin and large features. Her big eyes are brown, fanned by long lashes, and hooded by thin, but dark, brows. Her nose is well apportioned for her face, sitting wide and slightly down turned above full lips.

Her dark hair is kept short and well styled, and her clothes are always impeccably clean and well kept. Her fashion sense is simplistic, after growing up on a secluded farm where her only knowledge of the trends were out of date catalogs. She compensates for her unfashionable youth in her adulthood by keeping up on the latest trends, but still struggles with style occasionally.
Daphne was born the oldest child of Austrian immigrants to the United States. Shortly after the birth of her brother Alfons, her family relocated from their farm in Michigan to rural Nebraska where Daphne spent the majority of her childhood.

When she was five Daphne's father took her to the St. Louis World's Fair. She was young, but the "big city" made it's impression on young Daphne and the sights were her motivating force for moving away from home on her own until the day she stepped foot in New York City. This was only further spurned by her teacher at the local rural magical "school". The teacher was a retired performer from New York city, who regaled the young Daphne with tales of the big city lights.

She spent most of her childhood and adolescence helping around the family farm and learning the meager magic the local wizards could teach her. She was disconnected from much of the world until the age of 16, when she set off on her own to make it big.

Daphne knew before she left home that she had a talent for singing and music. However, she realized quickly after arriving that talent couldn't override crippling stage fright. She nearly threw up the second she got within a 10ft radius of the spotlight. Dismayed, but not discouraged, Daphne picked up work in "the biz" wherever she could.

A few years after her arrival in the big city, the manager of Merlin's Nightclub, Harriet Doran, found her working as an assistant for a drunk and utterly useless stage manager in another night club in New York City. Harriet 'saved' her and gave her a job as stage manager at Merlin's. Daphne thinks of Harriet as not only her personal Knight in Shining Armor for that, but as her champion because Harriet still feeds into young Daphne's dreams of becoming a star on the stage (which will never happen because of the vomit-inducing stage fright).

Daphne is undyingly loyal to both Harriet and Merlin's, where she continues to rule the stage with an iron fist from behind the scenes.

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