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Job Tag Update

Alexandra McKinney, Active Character

Okay, as mentioned on the help channel on discord I am trying to change Alexandra's job information.

I would like to change her tag in Golden from intern to Intelligence Analyst as she has been an intern for many years now.

I'm looking at the Account Update Request form and can't quite figure out which option to pick to update my character's job information.
Correct Roster Information? Would that also change her job tag?
Change Account Information? Seems the only two options are: Change or Correct Account Name \ Mark Character as Deceased or Ghost

Played By: Kay
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Re: Job Tag Update

*Admin Izzy, Administrator

Hi Kay!

Thanks for posting this up in the Help Desk, and thanks for your patience while waiting for an answer.

In this case, you'd want to use the Correct Roster Information option. You should then be able to choose 'Edit Roster Information' and provide all the relevant information related to the change.

Please let us know if you have any more questions,

Admin Izzy