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Inactive Profiles

Nickolas Anpu,


I can't remember how to get a profile moved from the inactive profiles bit. I thought it you had to click the little button on the profile post in the top corner, and request that way, but the profile I'm trying to get moved back to active characters doesn't have a reporting button >.<

this profile: click is what I'm trying to get moved
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Re: Inactive Profiles

Vyreia, Active Player


I've moved the profile to the active area.

Please be aware that the report feature only works for profiles of inactive characters that need moving to the archives. When reactivating a character (using the account update request form), be sure to provide us with a link to any profiles so that we can move them back to active directories.

Thank you!

-Vaultkeeper Vy :)

Re: Inactive Profiles

Nickolas Anpu,

Could someone unlock it please? lol it's currently locked and I can't edit the post >.<

thank you!