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Profiles of characters with first names that start with A.
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 #27173  by Alun Reese
Alun Iwan Reese
Now don’t you understand I’m never changing who I am
The Inventor
Birthdate: April 20, 1961
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Place of Birth: Swansea, Wales
Nationality: Welsh
Current Residence: Swansea, Wales

School Attended: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, class of 1979
Certifications: N/A
Financial Position: Middle Class
Languages Spoken: English, Welsh

Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Brown, short
Eyes: Brown
Distinguishing Traits: Wears glasses

Father: Iwan Reese, b. 1932 (Deceased)
Mother: Medea Reese (nee Carter), b. 1932 (Librarian)

Wife: Meiriona Davies
Children: Nerys Reese, Iwan Reese, Bronwyn Reese

Pets: Newt (Screech Owl)

Species: Human
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Father's Blood Status: Muggle
Mother's Blood Status: Muggle
Wand: 9” Willow, Unicorn Tail Hair
Patronus: Screech Owl

+ Creative, Loyal, Intelligent
- Unfocused, Unreliable, Scatterbrained
Zodiac: Taurus
Celtic Tree: The Observer
Temperament: Phlegmatic
Enneagram: The Peacemaker
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
Boggart: His children dead
Loyalties: His family
Interests: Inventing, Writing
Talents: Inventing
Notable Possessions: His toolkit

Happiest Memory: The birth of his eldest child
Worst Memory: Learning that his wife was dead
Accomplishments: Successfully raising three children alone
Important Life Events: WIP

Era Information
Marauder: Hogwarts 7th Year, Ravenclaw
Golden: Editor, Sparklight Publishing
Reformation: Editor, Sparklight Publishing
Legacy: Columnist, Magical Hobbyist Magazine

Template Credit: Tee
Character PB:Kirby Morrow
Lyrics Credit: It’s Time - Imagine Dragons
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